Steamed Rice Rolls Recipe


Steamed Rice Rolls Recipe


For staying fit, all of us prefer food that has no oil or minimum fats. When taste and health are combined together, a perfect cuisine is made. One of the many options to avoid oil in cooking is to cook food in steam, baking and simply boiling. Here, I am sharing a recipe with you that is cooked in steam and tastes great too. By trying this out, you will surely be satisfied of taste, health and perfect amount of calories.Steamed Rice Rolls Recipe

Preparation time- 24 hours

Cooking time- 1 hour

Servings- for 4 people

Stuff you need for this recipe-

You need 250 gm of Bengal gram pulse, 250 gm of rice, 5 or 6 green chilies, some coriander, turmeric powder( 2 tablespoon), salt ( as per taste), some ginger, red chilly powder (1 tablespoon), coriander powder 92 tablespoons), garlic cloves (7 ) and some cumin seeds.


Soak Bengal gram pulse overnight, and then grind it coarsely in a mixer grinder. Make a fine flour of all the rice with the help of mixer grinder. Now chop the green chilies, fresh coriander leaves, garlic cloves, ginger etc. add these along with salt, cumin seeds and powdered spices to the Bengal gram mixture and mix it properly. So that all the flavors settle inside the pulse.

Now make hard dough from the rice flour and keep it aside for 1 hour. After 1 hour, roll round pancake like structure from the fine dough of rice. In every roll fill the pulse stuffing and make rolls from it. Make sure you close both the ends of the roll properly. After making all the rolls similarly, boil clean and fresh water in a large vessel.

When water rises to boiling temperature, leave all the rolls into it. Put the flame low, and allow these to cook for 10 minutes, and then take these rolls out. Cut into two pieces and serve with dressing and garnishing of your choice.

Serving tip-

Serve this dish with garnishing of curd, fresh coriander and green chilies. You can also garnish it with vegetables of your choice to make it more nutritious.

Health benefits from this recipe-

Rice and pulses are good source of carbohydrates and proteins. All other spices used in this cuisine are also great for improving immunity and maintaining good health.


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