Storage Benches Ideas For Your Home


Storage Benches Ideas For Your Home


Storage Benches Ideas For Your Home - Different Types Of Storage Seating Benches & Tips For Storage Benches » Storage Seating Benches To Spice Up Your Home InteriorsWe all know what a bed is. We also know what a bench is. But none of us are very sure about what a bed bench or a storage bench is! We could have probably seen them in hotels where we keep our bags, sit on it for tying our shoe laces or just repose on them without knowing that these are bed benches…

Bed benches occupy the pride of place in hotel rooms. They are a unique piece of furniture and remain unexplored. A bed bench can come in a variety of shapes and styles and can suit varied needs in your house. They are not only utility pieces of furniture, but are also accent pieces that enhance the elegance of the room.

Here are certain types of bed benches and storage benches and their uses. You can use them at home and create beautiful corners for visitors of just use them as storage benches for storing your shoes or other bric-a-bracs or just use them as a simple bed bench which you put in your bedroom as a versatile furniture.

Wooden Storage Bench

Wooden storage benches are more popular as bed benches as they come with elaborate carvings to create a rich and luxurious feel to the entire room. These bed benches add to the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom. They are good in that they can be kept anywhere in the house.

A variety of designs like a plain storage bench, upholstered storage bench and antique wooden storage benches, painted storage benches etc. are available. According to the general look of your house and the furniture, you can choose the best one that blends with your overall ambience.

Painted storage bed benches are good pieces of furniture in a kid’s room. These bed benches are also known as toy storage benches as they are mostly used for storing toys. The storage area in the bed bench will allow the kids to store their toys inside. As it is a free standing storage area, it is also easy for the kids to pull the toys out and put them back after playing.

Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor storage benches are great for storing outdoor equipments like garden tools and lawn mowers. Based on their size and width, there is no dearth of things you can store inside them. As it is an outdoor item, its best left without upholstery to prevent fading and damage from the sum.

They are also furniture that can enhance the overall attractiveness of the garden. These storage benches also serve as seats and beds where you can repose after gardening or enjoy the stars in the sky on a moon drenched and breezy night.

Shoe Storage Bench

Here’s a bench that can break the monotony of shoe racks or shoe cabinet. For a change, you can install a shoe storage bench in your living room which will be an elegant seat for your guests as well as a great and aesthetic storage space for your footwear.

There are painted ones, antiques and elaborately carved ones as choice. You can also get one custom made to suit the furniture and interiors of your house. This single piece of furniture will be the centre of attraction in the room and the envy of your guests.

Cube storage

Cube storage benches are hugely popular as they can be arranged in a variety of ways. They can be used as a single piece or can be stacked up to form interesting shapes in the house. Cube storage benches are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The oblong shaped ones are good for breaking the monotony of sharp rectangular or square shaped rooms.

They can be shifted around quite easily unlike huge cabinets and can be arranged in a variety of styles to suit your creativity. Cube storage benches have open storage spaces and so can also be used as showcases for displaying curious artefacts. Rectangular storage pieces can double up as benches. There’s no dearth of things you do with cube storages.

Leather Storage benches

Leather is becoming a popular material for fashion and furniture. Leather storage benches are great pieces that can grace any part of a house. If you have leather furniture in the living room, a leather storage bench can be added as an accent piece. It can be a shoe storage bench or a traditional wooden bench with leather upholstery.

Bed Bench for Bedrooms

If you plan to choose a bed bench for your bedroom, make sure that your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate them. Otherwise it will look cluttered and could come in your way. A bed bench in the bedroom will add the decorative element of the room and also become a utility piece where you can keep your water jug or some snacks for having in between or just as a seating arrangement for pondering over matters…

A bed bench in a big room can also break the big space in the room and create an illusion of smaller spaces. If the bed bench is of an adequate size and width you can also add them to the bed as an extension by placing them close to the bed. This would serve as a temporary sleeping arrangement for your child.

All in all, a bed bench in a bedroom will make way for a more familial atmosphere for the family member to sit and talk. Bed benches can also be upholstered for better comfort and can also be a storage bench where you can store things which you would require to take out on a daily basis.

Bed benches and storage benches are great piece of furniture you can try in your homes. As home decor trends of the season announces utility furniture as the most sought after, bed benches and storage benches will add to the entire appeal of your house and also spice up the ambience of the room. They give you some much needed storage area for keeping things organised and well under control…

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