strain - Only Vision No Strain - Strain Eyes - Symptoms Of Eye Strain - How To Relieve Eye Strain » Only vision, no strainIt’s sad but true that hardly any sort of eye care is figured out in our regular fitness regime. Our daily jobs and ever changing lifestyle has affected our eyes in every strenuous way. So, it would be better if you don’t give a blind eye to this otherwise things wont take too long for you and turn you blind. It’s very important to take care of eyes in a proper and effective way. Some tips are mentioned below that can help you keep your eyes in healthy and fit state.

Walking barefoot for 10 to 15 minutes every morning on dew-laden grass can prove to very effective in treating strain eyes.

Filing your mouth with water and then splashing cold water on your eyes is a great exercise for keeping eyes healthy. You can repeat this exercise 3-5 times in a morning.

Avoid direct contacts with light. Use shades whenever you plan to go out in direct sunlight.

While reading and working, make sure there is enough light in your room.

Some home made care can also be given for eyes protection like rinsing your eyes well with triphala powder, soaked in water. You can soak 5 almonds every night in water. And then peel off; grind them coarsely with black pepper or sugar. Chewing this mixture well every morning also helps in keeping eyes fit.

If you feeling very tired after hard worked day, you can provide an instant relief to your eyes by applying rose water soaked cotton pads on your eyes. Place them gently and feel the relaxation.

It would be also wise if you switch to LCD or flat screen monitors as they reduces the glare that cause eyestrain. Otherwise, you can also affix anti-glare over your regular monitors, if you looking for some cheaper way. health