Stretching Exercises For Back


Stretching Exercises For Back


Stretching Exercises For Back - Back Stretching Exercises - Lower Back Stretching Exercises - Stretching Back Exercises - Back Injuries » Stretching Exercises for BackCan you imagine a life without the health, strength and support of your back? Back forms the most integral portion of one’s body which carries the weight and burden of the entire body. Unfortunately, it receives a lot of wear and tear and if one does not take proper care of its health, it can bring one’s life to a standstill. Day to day activities of a person can tighten the back muscles leading to pain and susceptibility to various back injuries. Thus, one must follow certain stretching and strengthening exercises for the back so that it remains in a healthy and a fit condition.

By regularly performing stretching exercises, one can strengthen the muscles that support the spine which in turn can help in preventing and reducing back pain. It is always important to warm up before doing any kind of exercise. This can be done by simple five minutes of walking or even by step jogging. To strengthen one’s lower back, one can perform a stretching exercise which involves lying on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Then one should tighten one’s buttocks and abdomen along with flattening the small of back against the floor. Hold this position till a count of 5 before relaxing slowly. Another exercise to strengthen lower back involves lying on back with arms stretched out to the sides. While taking a deep breath, one should bend knees and bring them close to the chest. After that one should exhale slowly while lowering the knees. Repeating this exercise along with the process of inhalation and exhalation can help in the strengthening of the lower back muscles.

Another simple stretching exercise for the back involves standing straight and stretching your arms upwards. Then one should bend down and make an attempt to touch the toe along with ensuring that your legs don’t bend. Be in this position for a couple of seconds before getting back to the original position. This is a simple exercise which one might have been taught at school. Following such simple yet effective exercises, one can ensure that one’s back remains in a healthy condition.

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