Sumptuous Squashes Drinks


Sumptuous Squashes Drinks


Sumptuous Squashes Drinks - Orange Sherbet Recipe - Grapes Sherbet Recipe - Badam Sherbet Recipe » Sumptuous squashes for youHey people, here are some sumptuous sherbets for you all. Just read their recipes below and prepare them in your kitchen cabinet. I am sure you all would love them!

Orange sherbet

1 oranges, lemon, 1 1/ 2 kg sugar, pinch of yellow color

Pour sugar and water in pan and let it cook on high flame for sometime.
When chaashni got prepared, add sieved lemon and orange juice to it.
Bring -3 boils. Then add yellow color to it.
Let 2-3 boils come up and then take it off from flame.
When it gets cool down, pour them into bottles. Squash is ready, serve it as and when you like.

Grapes sherbet

1 kg grapes, 1 kg water, 1 1/2 kg sugar, green color

Pour the grapes in a blender and take out its juice.
Add sugar to boiled water and let it cook for sometime.
After boil, add grape juice to it and let it cook for sometime.
Prepare 1 taar chaashni.
When the above solution gets cool down, add green color to it and fill in bottles.
Grape squash is ready.

Badam sherbet

500 gm badam, 1 cardamom, 1 1/2 kg sugar, 1 kg ter or rose ter

Soak badam in water for the whole night.
Next morning, make a nice paste of badam in blender.
Boil some water in a pan, bring 2-3 boils and then take it off from flame.
Pour the badam paste in cloth and sieve it.
The badam that gets left in cloth, prepare its paste and cook this paste in water in pan for sometime.
Add sugar to the same solution and cook for sometime.
When chaashi gets prepared, cool it down and then fill them in bottles.
Serve as and when you like. diet

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