Super healthy food


Super healthy food


Super healthy food - Healthy food diet - Healthy food list - Healthy vegetables » Lets talk about super healthy food itemsHey do you really wish to know that whether certain super health food really exits or not that can protect you from every type of ailment? well in that case, such super health foods really do exits which boosts and shields your body against problems like high cholesterol levels, inflammation, high blood pressure and cancer etc. here is the list of such super healthy food items, just have a look on them.

Did you know that kiwi is one of the richest food items that contain highest vitamin C content? So if you are suffering from the problems due to the deficiency of vitamin C, then make sure you eat a kiwi every single day without forgetting.

Onions not only adds taste to your cooked vegetables but it is high in flavonoids and has great anti-inflammatory properties. So don’t forget to slice down some onions too whenever you prepare salad for your family.

You will be very glad to read out that soy is a complete plant protein. So, never ever think twice, just eat it as much as you can. It also acts as an anti-cancer tonic for your body. Soy is high in plant estrogen.

Pumpkin is a great fruit which is rich in carotene, so why don’t you include it in your diet as often as you can!

Orange is a richest source of vitamin C. plus orange juice helps in providing you a clearer and fair complexion. It helps in curing skin problems in a rapid manner. So when winters are falling down, just sit under the sun and have this sumptuous fruit.

Yoghurt strengthens your immunity system plus digestive system of your body in a tremendous way. So always eat a bowl of yoghurt in your meals. diet

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