Superhero Origin Stories That Would've Changed Everything


Superhero Origin Stories That Would've Changed Everything


It takes a seriously popular supervillain to get his own movie, and Venom has one devoted fan base. In many ways, Eddie Brock makes the perfect anti-Spider-Man: While Peter Parker is the kid who grew up too fast, always plagued by self-doubt, debts, and responsibilities, Brock is the kid who never grew up, never takes responsibility, and blames others for his mess-ups. The two are so perfectly opposite that you'd imagine their storyline had been planned all along, but surprisingly enough, Brock wasn't the guy originally intended to become Venom. In fact, the character's creators weren't aiming for a "guy" at all.

According to IGN, Venom was originally conceived as a happily married pregnant woman who gets in a car accident when her taxi driver is too busy looking up at Spider-Man to pay attention to the road. Her husband dies, she has a miscarriage, and she's so enraged at Spider-Man that his rejected alien costume is drawn to her like a moth to flame. This original Venom pitch got rejected by the editor because ... uh, she was a female villain. Yeah, really. Needless to say, this sexist dismissal hasn't aged well, but at the time, it meant that writer David Michelinie had to quickly invent a new character, Eddie Brock, who has since become the symbiote's most iconic host. Other people have occasionally hopped into the black goo, though, including lawyer Anne Weying, pictured above.



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