Symptoms of jet lag


Symptoms of jet lag


Symptoms of jet lag - Muscle cramping - Drowsiness and fatigue - Avoid alcohol » How to reduce the symptoms of jet-lagHere are easy simple ways to avoid the symptoms of jet –lag, just read them out and make your journey more comforting and enjoyable.

It is great to walk around the aisle for few minutes whenever it is possible. These will helps in reducing the muscle cramping that might have occurred because of sitting in one particular place. Plus this will also helps in smoothing the flow of blood circulation.

If possible try to stand up in-between so that you can stretch your limbs.whenever you do nay stretching, make sure you remove your shoes from your feet.

It is very important to keep good posture when travelling. Remember that bad posture can affect your body muscles very badly giving you immense pain at the end of your flight. So, pay due importance to your posture. Avoid slouching as much as possible.

Water is certainly an important ingredient of your body. So make sure you drink plenty of water. Water helps in calming you down and makes the blood flow in body in normal state. It also reduces your chances of fatigue or drowsiness due to tension.

If you are feeling tensed or worried then spend sometime focusing over your breaths to calm down your mind. This will tremendously ease your mind.

Make sure you avoid alcohol based drinks and caffeine on the flight. This is because drinking of both alcohol and caffeine dehydrates your total body as they contain diuretic properties.

You can use eyeshades and ear plugs to help block inflight distractions. Closing window shades and turning off overhead cabin lights help you relax and may induce sleep.

Reset your watch to the time zone you area travelling in so that you can mentally adjust to the local time.

hope the above points help in reducing the symptoms of jet-lag. health

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