Syria Travel Information and Travel Guide

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Syria Travel Information and Travel Guide


Syria must be an unlikely place to visit these holidays, but don’t miss visiting this beautiful country just because it is not very popular.Syria Travel Information and Travel Guide

Coastal mountains, fertile crescent, and the vast Syrian Desert, Syria has more than its share of nature’s bounty. In the ancient cities of Syria, listed on Unesco’s World Heritage list, you can see the Mighty Crusader castles, wander in the maze-like paths of medieval souqs, marvel at the intricate Damascene architecture and bow down in awe looking at holy Umayyad mosques.

Even the Syrian food, featuring a unique blend of European and Eastern cuisine, is highly exotic and delicious. Taste falafel, kebabs, fattoush, shawarma, sweets like Ma’amoul, Karabij and beverages like arak, ayran and shai at their best in this warm and inviting country. The natives of Syria are hospitable, generous and humble, making your stay a pleasant experience.

Top 5 destinations in Syria

•    Damascus

The capital of Syria, also known as Dimashq, is the oldest city in the world which means you will be given a good dose of historical monuments, here. Azem Palace, Souk al-Hamaidiye (popular shopping venue), Hamam al-Noury (public bath) and various Minarets are must-see places in Damascus.

•    Aleppo (Halab)

Located next to Damascus, the charm of this city is simply irresistible. If you can’t do without all modern amenities, Aleppo is the best place for you. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to witness historical charms – this city is a blend of both new and old.

•    Tartus

The first chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary is in Tartus, this truth tells tales about the Christian stronghold in the bygone era. You can go to the beautiful beaches and islands and also visit nearby attractions including Baniyas, Qalaat Yahmur, Draykish, Meshta al-Helu, and the Monastery of St. George when in Tartus.

•    Palmyra

If you find deserts bewitching, Palmyra is just the place for you. Also known as the bride of deserts, you need a full day to take in the beauty of Palmyra ruins.

Syria Travel Information and Travel Guide

•    Latakia

Roman gateways, museum, castles, lush green mountains and scenic sea shores that have soft sand are a few attractions that Latakia has on offer. If you are interested in water sports, don’t miss this small but beautiful city.

Time zone:
Syria Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).
Language: The official language of Syria is Arabic. Kurdish is a popular language and educated Syrians speak English and French.
Electricity: Electricity facility is not up to the mark and Syria has a long way to go to make it stable.
Currency: The currency used in Syria is the Syrian Pound or Lira.

Syria Travel Information and Travel Guide

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