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Waikoloa Beach Resort Hawaii


Waikoloa Beach Resort, the oceanfront island home community of Hali’i Kai is in a neighborhood of unmatched luxury. Here, you’ll find your sanctuary, your playground, your Hawaii Island home. On the sun-drenched Kohala coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, the elements have come together to create a place like no other.


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Maroma Beach, Mexico : Beach Guide


The Maroma beach, situated on the coasts of Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is often nominated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Pure white sands, crystal-clear waters, and warm tropical breezes promise a perfect paradise of a holiday destination at this beach and is a vast international tourist attraction.Nestled in the


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Bermuda Vacations


Contrary to common belief the island of Bermuda is radically different from the legendary Bermuda Triangle. Due to this misconception people often hesitate from visiting Bermuda. However the people who overcome their “fears” and do visit this place experience the time of their life because they realize just how amazing this small island is.


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Digha And Puri Travel guide


Two of the most frequented beaches in eastern India, Digha and Puri have become one of the most favourite tourist destinations for families as well as couples. Located on the northern shores of the Bay of Bengal, Digha is a renowned seaside town which is a favourite weekend destination for people living in West Bengal, particularly for those


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Romantic Beach Villas


A sun-bathed villa, away from the hustle bustle of city, appears ultimate for a romantic rendezvous and what better destination than Mediterranean for a romantic outing. The Algarve’s, an amiable fishing village with endless beaches and inviting ocean front villas, is the best option for a quixotic getaway


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Miami Beaches


What comes to your mind when you here Miami? Yes, it’s beach. The rocking Nightlife, serene weather and lovely sandy beaches of Miami have been popular to all beach lovers. There is only one word to describe the attractions of Miami Beach, ‘awesome’.The classy Miami beaches:


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Best Beaches in Hawaii


When talking of beaches, Hawaii needs no introduction. In fact this whole state is full of some of the best beaches of the world. There is a beach for every type of beach enthusiast, whether it is for surfing,  just sunbathing, enjoying with the family or spending some special moments with your loved one.


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Aeolian Islands Travel


One group of Islands which you will definitely enjoy going if you are adventurous by nature. The group of Islands include Islands named Lipari, Vulcano and Salina. These all are exotically ready-to-use islands which can prove to be your lifetime memory. The place is famous for, you have guessed it right, volcano which is active even today. The


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Santa Catarina Beaches & Islands


Santa Catarina: This vibrant, verdant place of Brazil has an exotic sensuous appeal to the senses. Coming here you will be lost in the lap of nature. Beautiful beaches with all the facilities and the lush verdant greenery have got an extraordinary sensuous charm. If you want pass your holidays just at the sea side, then Santa Catarina should


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Exotic Beach Destinations


The summer holidays are a great way to relax. If you are looking for places that offer you a pinch of relaxation this summer for you and the whole family, then do visit the below mentioned exotic beach destinations that guarantee truckloads of summer fun.TenerifePlaced off the


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Things to Do in Santa Marta


Santa Marta: Sea, surf and fun; these three words sum up the essence of Santa Marta. This beautiful sea side town is Colombia’s another jewel. A short trip to this beach city will be really enjoying.Attractions: If want to pass time at the sea beach, then Santa Marta should be your destination. You can easily take a warm sun bathe lying


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Beaches & Attractions in Kos


Kos: If you want to pass some special moments with your loved one you should travel Kos. Kos with its long stretch of white sandy beach and azure blue sea water is one of the precious places of Greece for those travellers who want some quieter moments at the lap of mature. Kos simply captivates one’s mind with its fantastic beauty and murmur of the rolling waves


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How To Plan A Beach Vacation


There are several places where you can enjoy beach vacations. They have different looks and different appeals. For instance, if you want to enjoy the tropical islands, there are places like Hawaii, Hainan, Phi Phi islands and so on. On the other hand, there are calm and serene beaches like


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History Sites & Beaches in Naxos


Naxos: Naxos is one of Greece’s beautiful islands that cater its travellers with all types of facilities. Situated at the heart of Cyclades this very island is the best place for one to pass time with his family and kids. Apart from its stunning beaches the island has archaeological sites that date back to the mythical ages of Greece. It is said that Theseus


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Norfolk Island Travel Guide & Attractions


In tourist guides, people will often come across the word ‘pristine beauty’, but if one is interested to experience what that really means, one will have to set out for Norfolk Island. Because nature can not get any more pristine than in Norfolk Island.


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Margate Beach, South Africa


Margate Beach is a mile long beach situated on the South Coast.  It is a sort of beach where you can set up an umbrella, invite friends to a game of volleyball or catch hold of your kid who is making a stroll along the coast. The beach is a family gateway to have fun. The beach is loved for its picture perfect postcard tropical scenery of coconut palms, grassy


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Attractions, Beaches & Nightlife in Mancora


Mancora: Mancora, Peru’s coastal city with its excellent beach and grand surfs attracts loads of travellers from all over the world. Though in the summer season the place gets crowded and the prices of hotels and other necessary things rise high, still it is a great place enjoy the summer holidays. A short trip to this coastal town is really


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Ko Olina Resort and Marina


Ko Olina Resort is located on the west cost of Oahu and offers you every facility you can expect from any other resort in the world. Ko Olina, which means a place of joy, is situated beside a 2 mile pristine shore-line, offers you everything you need to experience whilst living at a resort. Ko Olina Resort & Marina is an Island


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Kapalua Beach Hotels in Maui Island


Kapalua is on the northwest end of Maui, about 15-20 minutes away from Ka’anapali and Lahaina. Kapalua Resort features six luxurious condominium communities. The two award winning Golf courses, The Bay and The Plantation are at the heart of it. The Plantation will give you stunning Golf playing experience


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Things to Do & Attractions In Brighton


The 19, 000 mile of UK coastline is home to many world famous beaches but the most popular among them is the Brighton beach. The beach is situated to the south of London and is just a one hour train ride away. Brighton beach is full of pebbles and is very popular among people of all ages because of its restaurants, the social activities, a vibrant nightlife and some real good


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Resort and Hotel in Flamenco Beach


The Flamenco Beach is a peaceful and calm destination, the beach extending up to a great length, along the calm and lucid waters. The region surrounding the beach is covered with lush greenery on all sides. The depth of water is just about 3 feet for quite a distance. You can experience the thrill of seeing a school of fish swimming right up to the shore, as


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Best Beaches in Florida


Today Florida is not only a beautiful place but also a hotspot for picnics and enjoyment. The Florida beaches are one of the best ranked in the country for its beauty and its facilities.This also includes accessibility, whether these are quiet or bustling


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Fundy Isles, Canada


Fundy Isles: If you want to escape from the din and bustle of your routine city life and want to enjoy time in the lap of nature, then Fundy Isles of Canada should be your destination. The very name ‘Fundy’ has its own charm and aura. This Fundy Isles is not at all densely populated and caters to the travellers all the fun, frolic and the unspoiled beauty of


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Corn Islands Beaches and Vacation


Around 70km away from the coast of Nicaragua are located two stunningly beautiful islands by the name of Corn Islands. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the two islands – Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – offer you the perfect Caribbean experience with stunning sand beaches and the beautiful blue sea. There is great vegetation


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Coast of Amalfi, Italy Travel


The Coast Of Amalfi, Italy, is that region of the Italian coastline which is located just south of Naples. This coast contains the famous coastal resorts’ towns of Amalfi, Ravello and Positano. This is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Italy. The Coast Of Amalfi is the mixture of history and nature.


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Malibu Beach Travel Guide & Attractions


Going on a world tour or to far and exotic lands may not be possible for everyone. That does not mean that you are not entitled to find sometime to enjoy the beauty of nature, far away from the madding crowd. So what do you do about it? Find a place closer home of course. Why don’t you check out the beautiful Malibu beaches in California? They are as


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Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia


All and sundry recognizes that Australia is gifted by means of a few of the most excellent beaches on this planet, as well as to make out an exceptional illustration in the Sydney district tourists should start on over up to Bondi Beach. Positioned in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, this miniature society has got one kilometer extensive, superlative


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Beaches in Hokkaido, Japan


Japan has the reputation of being the most technologically advanced country. This country also won accolades when it comes to celebrating human spirit when it came back to life after bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the world war. But not many know this fact that Japan is one such country that is characterized by some of the beautiful beaches like


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Best Beaches In The World


A beach is the area adjacent to a sea, ocean or any large water body which is continuously washed by tides and waves. Beautiful clear sky, mesmerizing scenic beauty and the amazing view of deep waters make a beach every tourist’s favorite. Though it may sound indigestible but every beach has its own beauty and is in some way or the other different from other


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Visiting & Vacationing In Miami Beach


One of the top favorite places for travelers is the Miami Beach.  A busy surf-blue beach, pastel shaded buildings, with its pastel shade buildings, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, trendy shops and most strikingly gay zones, this beach is located in the Miami-Dade Country of South Florida, in United


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Vacation At The Bermuda Islands and Places to Visit in Bermuda Island


Every one wants to spend their vacations at a fine place where they can get the facilities for the bed and breakfast with the great enjoyment. Families take time-out from their hectic schedules and plan weekend trips or ensure an annual outing. Caribbean Islands serve this purpose wonderfully! And even for the single and ready to mingle, the Caribbean may jut be the place where


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Best Beaches in Greece


The lengthy, well-ordered beach of Barbati is positioned at an approximate distance of 20 kms far-flung as of the main town of Corfu that is been placed in the north region, on the brink of the renowned homonymous tourist resort. Barbati beach is actually a pebbly beach that is been awarded a very


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Beaches Of Crete


Crete is one of the most beautiful places of Greece. There are several beaches in Crete. One can easily divide all these beaches into groups: beaches in Hania, beaches in Rethymnon, beaches in Lassithi, beaches in Heraklion, beaches in Hersonissos and above all there are beaches for naturism


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Places To Visit In Argentina


Argentina:Though Argentina’s beaches are nothing compared to the other beaches of South America, the Atlantic Coast of Argentina is a nice place for the holiday makers. The coastal towns of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina


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Santa Monica Beach Travel Guide & Attractions


Santa Monica city is located in Santa Monica Bay in one of the most happening counties in America, the Los Angeles County. Touted as a resort town with balmy breezes, plenty of recreational activity and great nightlife, it is one of the top tourist locations in California


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Seychelles Travel Guide


Seychelles is an island country in the east side of the mainland of Africa. It is basically an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. This Island Nation lies about 1000 miles east of Kenya and is well known for its


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Romantic Summer Beach Vacation Guide


Summer is a splendid season to spend with your friends and family. You can enjoy festivals, food and holidays only during the summer. Summer is also the ideal time to take long romantic walks over the beach. It is therefore the perfect time to undertake a romantic beach vacation. You can avail of many low expense scenic beach destinations


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Sentosa Island Beaches, Singapore


Sentosa Island is one of the most renowned attractions of Singapore, receiving around five million people each year. In local language, the word ‘Sentosa’ has a meaning of peace and tranquility. The beaches of Sentosa are indeed the adobe of peace and tranquility amidst a horizon


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Best Beaches In Los Angeles


If you’re on a visit to Los Angeles, don’t miss the beautiful beaches located there. There are several such beaches in Los Angeles and you may really have a hard time picking a few to visit during your stay there.In this write-up, you’ll come to know about the popular Los Angeles beaches


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Isla Conzumel Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Isla Conzumel: Considered to be Mexico’s largest Island it lies at the southern side of Cancun. Conzumel is world’s one of the famous diving places and is also famous for cruising. Earlier this island was called as the ‘Island of swallows’ by its previous inhabitants. Till 17th


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Best Beaches of Greece


To decide the best beaches of Greece is matter of grave justification. There are several beaches in Greece. Some of them have got fie soft white sand and azure colour sea water, while some others are located in midst of stunning natural surrounding.


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Fiji Island Beach Resorts, Spa Resorts


Are you in quest of exquisite islands that we have seen in movies only? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then your search ends in Fiji Island resorts. Fiji can truly be compared to the lost paradise that you have imagined for vacations. Personifying the true tropical spirit and ambience, it is definitely the


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Hawaii Islands Travel Guide


Hawaii, the “Tourist’s Paradise” as could be rightly said, is a chain of six islands, impregnated with the divine beauty of nature,lying close to the middle of Pacific Ocean, extending 2050


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Best Beaches In The Canary Islands, Spain


A coastline destination is one of the perfect holiday locations. If you are searching for such a location then read on to end your search. Sandy coves, trendy beaches full of cafes, water sports, bars, breath-taking landscapes, rocky terrains and some well-deserved peace and quiet are what Spanish


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Best Beaches In Texas


Texas is one of the most populated as well as popular state of USA. It is one of those destinations that has unlimited sightseeing places and activities to offer its visitors with. There is no doubt about the fact that Texas is one of the ideal holidaying hotspots in the country of USA. Another fact that should be noted


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Best Beaches In Europe


Europe has hundreds or thousands miles of coastline. All along, the continent has some breathtaking beaches. Some of them are on the banks of Mediterranean while others are by the Atlantic. They are of various types. Nature has decorated them in different ways. You will find calm


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Best Beach Destinations in the America


Nothing feels better than a beach destination for family vacation while the weather is icy and it is snowing. Though lots of destinations proffer sun, warm water, beaches, and various activities for the kids, but do keep in mind these most-liked beach destinations in America


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Bali Island Trave Guide & Tourist Attraction


If you are looking for a vacation destination where you can spend your time in the lap of nature, admiring beautiful landscapes and spending some close time with your near and dear ones, then Bali Island is probably the perfect destination for you.With vast stretches of the sea


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Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu


Oahu is known for the busy Waikiki Beach and it is an hour drive away; a completely dissimilar Hawaii awaits. The north coast of Oahu is known for surfing and beautiful beaches. Here in this area, the Turtle Bay Resort is the only resort. The Turtle Bay Resort of Oahu is located on the North Coast of Oahu, Hawaii with five different


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