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The Biggest Differences Between 'The Last of Us' Parts 1 & 2


Naughty Dog caught lightning in a bottle with The Last of Us, a game that has gone down in history as one of the greatest of all time, so to say that the upcoming sequel has a lot to live up to is


The Biggest Differences Between games

Tips to Keep Your Body Fit


Many people fall sick due to poor immune system. Exercise can build your immune system and keep you fit. But many people can’t do vigorous exercises due to many reasons; one of the reasons is lack of time. Here are some simple exercises which do not need too much time and which can keep you fit..Walking is considered



Listening To Your Body


Who doesn’t want the perfect body? There is not one person in the world who does not secretly wish to have the perfect body to flaunt. Some people say it openly, and express their wish to look good. While some may say it does not matter, they do want to look good inside. You will find some people who are driven and take the trouble to keep fit and visit the



How To Lose Body Fat


For a proper weight loss, one has do make a good plan. Plan that consists of the person’s daily routine, what he or she should eat and not eat, which exercise regimen to follow, etc. a proper combination has to be formulated to get the best results. So start up with selecting your



How to Get a V-Shaped Body


There are lots of men who want the V shaped body. This requires a lot of exercise and effort. You also need to take control of your diet and do a tough and regular workout. You will notice that swimmers have a perfect V shaped body. This is only because of the


How to Get a V-Shaped Body exercises workouts

How Yogurt Cools The Body


When summer begins to set in, you often stock up on the fruits and have loads of them all through  the summer. Even your water intake, juices and other cool milkshakes increase. What about the ones who are not good fruit eaters? There are other options for them as well. They often forget another cooling item that is great to have all through the summer, that


How Yogurt Cools The Body nutrition

Lose Body Weight


It is a big issue for a woman to her maintain figure and look smart 24*7. In case you wish to lose body weight, there are some do’s and don’ts which if followed, fetch some great results. The following points would help you understand that how actually you can work towards it and end up being successful..Check your routine and start


Lose Body Weight weight-watchers

Minerals for a Healthy Body


Apart from Vitamins, you body needs various minerals for the proper functioning of all your organs. Here are some vital minerals for your healthy body. Selenium is one of the most important mineral for your body because it is very powerful antioxidant and prevents various diseases and protects you from colon cancer,


Minerals for a Healthy Body fitness