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Aeolian Islands Travel


One group of Islands which you will definitely enjoy going if you are adventurous by nature. The group of Islands include Islands named Lipari, Vulcano and Salina. These all are exotically ready-to-use islands which can prove to be your lifetime memory. The place is famous for, you have guessed it right, volcano which is active even today. .The


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Lofoten Islands Travel


Lofoten in Norway is a year round tourist destination offering distinguishing scenery, fresh air, and inspiring activities. Characterized by rugged coasts, abrupt peaks and fjords, Lofoten comprises traditional fishing villages. Being the land of the Midnight Sun in the summers and Aurora Borealis in winters this Norwegian location is a dreamscape


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Ionian Islands Trip


.The stunning beauty of Ionian Islands is really fascinating and one will easily fall for them. The Ionian Islands include Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefallonia and Zakynthos. .The beauty of the Ionian Islands makes one


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Cape Verde Islands


The Cape Verde Islands aren’t precisely a big secret destination waiting to be plundered by the beach-hungry west, but there is something of the undiscovered about them being as they are floating way out on the broad Atlantic.



Orkney Islands Trip


Though Orkney Islands are situated just 6 miles off the north coast, they are really extraordinary to travel. There are at least 70 big and small islands in the group. .But only 17 of these islands are inhabited. But Orkney Islands attract the travellers by its dramatic scenic


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Cook Islands Travel


Cook Islands is an archipelago of 15 rocky and volcanic islands on the South Pacific Ocean, near New Zealand. Each of these islands offers some of the most spectacular scenic views in the world. The pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear azure water



Cyclades Islands Travel


Cyclades is the perfect place for enjoy leisurely days with your dear ones. Cyclades are actually mesmerising Greek islands that attract the tourists each and every year. The cubist houses, sandy beaches, blue Aegean Sea, olive groves, verdant hills have made this string of islands irresistible for any tourist.


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Sightseeing & Attraction in Cayman Islands


It is a British colony a group of islands in West Caribbean Sea north-west of Jamaica. Its distance from Miami is 480 miles south; whereas Cuba is also southerly 150 miles away. It comprises of three islands Grand Cayman an important port, Cayman Brac of dimension 14 miles by 2 miles with scattered caves and Little Cayman


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Things to do & Attractions in Bermuda Islands


We have all heard of Bermuda because of the shorts of similar name in circulation or read about the unfortunate accident-prone Bermuda Triangle; Few may be aware that Bermudas Islands or Somers Islands is a British Colony since 1684 is in the West Atlantic about 600 miles from Cape Hatteras. The island is named subsequent to


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Santa Catarina Beaches & Islands


Santa Catarina: This vibrant, verdant place of Brazil has an exotic sensuous appeal to the senses. Coming here you will be lost in the lap of nature. Beautiful beaches with all the facilities and the lush verdant greenery have got an extraordinary sensuous charm. If you want pass your holidays just at the sea side, then Santa Catarina should


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Puno and The Islands of Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca: Peru enchants any travellers with its many beautiful and at the same time unforgettable places. Lake Titicaca is one of such places. The serene cobalt blue lake with its emerald like islands simply mesmerise the travellers. The blue lake, greenery and rolling moors and the fisherman’s boat make the lake area picture perfect. Away


Puno and The Islands of Lake Titicaca destinations

Corn Islands Beaches and Vacation


Around 70km away from the coast of Nicaragua are located two stunningly beautiful islands by the name of Corn Islands. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the two islands – Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – offer you the perfect Caribbean experience with stunning sand beaches and the beautiful blue sea. There is great vegetation


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Best Hotels In Maspalomas Canary Islands


The picturesque beach town of Canary islands is an awesome holiday destination particularly for those seeking respite from everyday oodles of city life. The town is cocooned by several deserted beaches, coves and bays. Several shopping plazas, archaic churches and restaurants are favourite hangout hubs of tourists. Tourists here will also have the luxury of


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Attractions & Vacations in Galapagos Islands


Having about 19 islands that make the Galapagos, there’s hardly any reason for this place be out of your list of hot vacation spots. With the warm sun beating down the sand across the Pacific Ocean where the islands are situated, it’s perfect to relax and warm up the chilly weather.


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Cocos or Keeling Islands Trip


Cocos or Keeling Islands in Indian Ocean is an Australian overseas territory. Its administrative centre is on West Island, which happens to be the capital city. It consists of two flat low lying atolls making 27 coral islands in the Indian Ocean south-west of Sumatra..The chief atoll has 26 islands enclosing a lagoon in the shape of


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Tahiti Islands Honeymoon Resorts


Tahiti, in the pacific region, is a paradise with the serene tropical setting and the range of thrilling activities in which one could engage them there. .It is one among the best honeymoon destinations. One could do all



Tahiti Islands Travel Information


Tahiti, a beautiful mountain region, surrounded by coral reefs, is located in the archipelago of Society Islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. .The largest island in the windward side of French Polynesia, it is bestowed by the nature with


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Hawaii Islands Travel Guide


Hawaii, the “Tourist’s Paradise” as could be rightly said, is a chain of six islands, impregnated with the divine beauty of nature,lying close to the middle of Pacific Ocean, extending 2050


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Best Beaches In The Canary Islands, Spain


A coastline destination is one of the perfect holiday locations. If you are searching for such a location then read on to end your search. Sandy coves, trendy beaches full of cafes, water sports, bars, breath-taking landscapes, rocky terrains and some well-deserved peace and quiet are what Spanish


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Solomon Islands Trip Overview


If you are adventure loving, then you must make it a point to visit the Solomon Islands. Geographically, locating Solomon Islands will be the southern portions of large cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Thus is it in the east of Papua New Guinea and to the north eastern direction of


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Seychelles Inner Islands Travel, Africa


The Republic of Seychelles takes account of 115 islands that absorb a total area of almost 455 sq kms. This island encompasses a restricted economic zone of almost 1.4 million sq kms by the side of the western regions of the Indian Ocean. This archipelago of Seychelles takes account of wonderful prettiness, which enlarges up to 10 degrees in



Hawaiian Islands Attractions-Oahu, Kapalua


When it comes to tropical beach paradise, Hawaii islands are simply unrivalled. The diverse ecology of Hawaii includes attractive beaches, coral reefs, remote canyons, lush mountains, desert-like terrains, snow-capped valleys, numerous waterfalls, active volcanoes, rocking night life and lot more. Clearly, Hawaii


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Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii


Queen Charlotte Islands: The beautiful Queen Charlotte Islands mainly known as the Haida Gawii is one of the main attractions of Canada’s natural beauty. The flora and fauna of this place are really extraordinary and those who love to journey in the heart of forest this place is ideal for them in the true sense of the term. This pace still retains


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Trinidad And Tobago Beaches, Caribbean Islands


In the southern Caribbean is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago – two individual islands that form one state. Port of Spain is the capital of this country that has much diversity in terms of nature, attractions and facilities. Both islands have unique characters and the more one explores, the more remains to be seen and enjoyed..Although the


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Beautiful Lakes of South Islands, New Zealand


The South Islands, located in the southern area of Queenstown, is the most famous tourist attraction when New Zealand is concerned. You must be aware of the best place of the South Islands as the place is really very big and if you are going for a short period of time then these three places are a must to visit



Adventure Travel in Vancouver Islands & Places to Visit in Vancouver


With the advancements of the technologies and modern civilizations, now lots of forests are losing their existence, they are in a serious danger, still there are deep and vibrant rain forests where one can enjoy the actual flavor and grandeur of the wild life. This is the place where you can discover rare plants and animals which are truly marvelous. Species


Adventure Travel in Vancouver Islands  & Places to Visit in Vancouver destinations

Vacation At The Bermuda Islands and Places to Visit in Bermuda Island


Every one wants to spend their vacations at a fine place where they can get the facilities for the bed and breakfast with the great enjoyment. Families take time-out from their hectic schedules and plan weekend trips or ensure an annual outing. Caribbean Islands serve this purpose wonderfully! And even for the single and ready to mingle, the Caribbean may jut be the place where


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Travel in Arctic & Islands of the Arctic Ocean


The northern polar region includes the Arctic Ocean and its islands as well in the northernmost part of the European Asian and North American continents. One third of the total area is islands and mainland and more than two-third is sea..The largest of the Arctic islands are Greenland


Travel in Arctic & Islands of the Arctic Ocean destinations

Georgia Hotels Reviews


Georgia is a beautiful place to be in for holidays. People choose this exotic location for business meetings as well, which serve both the purposes of holiday and business together. There are a number of Georgia hotels that have developed within a very short time when this place started becoming a famous tourist place. Nowadays, you can choose from budget hotels


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Travel Bag Essentials


You obviously won’t forget to carry your passport, visa and your ticket when you’re heading overseas for a business trip, right? But there are changes you might forget to carry some important stuff in your travel bag. So, here’s a list of essentials….Backup documents .


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Healthy Breakfast for a Balanced Weight


The present era, involving a fast lifestyle, junk foods, unruly working hours and binging and late nights give your body enough reasons to feel fatigued and clumsy. Most of us gain weight and inflate un-proportionately due to our irregular schedules and we think that skipping the morning breakfast, is the best means to dieting.


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Powerhouse Foods


Our daily lives are filled with a lot of junk food, and most of us are a victim of faulty eating habits. Sooner or later, the bad consequences of these bad habits start showing up in the human body in the form of weakness, diseases, and for that matter even obesity. For the overall fitness of a person, the body needs certain healthy and power



5 Best Disney Hotels & Resorts


Disney Hotels are the best places to stay while at the Disney World. That is the only way in which one can truly enjoy the Disney World from dawn to dusk. But everybody has a budget and in the true Disney tradition, everybody has a place to stay, whatever be the budget..While there are the luxury villas available for the ones who want to splurge on the



Weight Loss Methods


All of us have this dream to shed off the extra pound on our waist line in shortest possible time, for that we try everything possible within our reach to get the desired results, but ultimately only two theories seems to be working.i) Workout HARD and diet all the time.ii


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7 Tips To Six Pack Success


Whittle a six pack this summer with some precious, proven tips from the experts themselves..7 Tips To Six Pack SuccessTip 1One of the fastest things that can be done by guys with shorter stature


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Cool Drinks for Hot Summer


Summer is coming. So prepare your body to fight the heat. Naturally human body is more resistant to cold than it is to heat. For this reason we become overpowered by hot summer and loose all interest in our daily work. We lick ice-candies or sip cold fizzy drinks for relief. These may give you temporary relief. But it is more important to cool



Financial Investment Plans


When you invest, ask yourself, when do I want my money back? If the answer is less than seven years, invest in debt (like bank deposits and debt mutual funds). If the answer is more than seven years, invest in equity (like stocks and equity mutual funds). Here are some smart financial plans you can choose to invest in depending on your needs and income



Places To Eat In Barbados


Barbados is one place that every food lover will like. Right from the popular fast food chain called Chefette, to The Cliff and L’Azure which are award winning restaurants, the whole place has great food and a lovely cuisine. There is no way that a person does not find good value for money when it comes to food in Barbados. The top five places that must visit for great good