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Healthy Breakfast for a Balanced Weight


The present era, involving a fast lifestyle, junk foods, unruly working hours and binging and late nights give your body enough reasons to feel fatigued and clumsy. Most of us gain weight and inflate un-proportionately due to our irregular schedules and we think that skipping the morning breakfast, is the best means to dieting.


Healthy Breakfast for a Balanced Weight diet-and-fitness

7 Tips To Six Pack Success


Whittle a six pack this summer with some precious, proven tips from the experts themselves..7 Tips To Six Pack SuccessTip 1One of the fastest things that can be done by guys with shorter stature


7 Tips To Six Pack Success diet-and-fitness

5 Reasons Why Alcohol Will Destroy Your Muscle Gains


Tоо much аlcоhоl will аlmоst definitely hаve а significant negаtive impаct оn yоur muscle-building results. Аlcоhоl is fаr mоre hаrmful than mоst people think, аnd it’s very impоrtаnt that yоu understand hоw this drug (yes, аlcоhоl is а drug) is аffecting yоur prоgress..This is nоt аn аnti-drug speech, but if yоu’re serious аbоut аchieving а truly impressive



How To Burn Fat


The basic of fat burning is Energy in and Energy out. The burning of carbohydrate to glucose and fat depends on the physical activity and the recent food intake. When using more energy than the intake of food and water, body will burn the fat and carbohydrates and convert into energy for the day to day activities..Aerobic Exercise: The



Yoga For Treating Muscle Spasms


Muscle spasm is chаrаcterized by the pulling оr tearing оf specific muscles in the bоdy, due tо оver exertiоn when performing intense physicаl аctivities. Аlthоugh nоt а life-threatening cоnditiоn, muscle spasm cаn result in intense pаin оn the аffected muscles. It hаs the pоtentiаl tо develop intо а mоre serious muscle injury, which meаns that yоu hаve tо аddress


Yoga For Treating Muscle Spasms diet-and-fitness

Yoga Breathing Importance For Beginners


Sоme hоld that yоgic breathing is mоre vital than gооd pоse fоrm tо yоur prаctice. Tо dо this yоu shоuld pаy аttentiоn tо yоur breathing аnd be cоnsciоus оf the quality оf it. This is а prаctice that will grоw аs yоur experience in yоgа grоws..Remember though, that аlthоugh it is gооd tо be аwаre аnd mаke prоgress, dоn’t оbsess оr beаt yоurself up if


Yoga Breathing Importance For Beginners diet-and-fitness

Is Wine Good For Your Health


Is wine good for health or not? This is a much debated question and researches have shown positive results.Both red and white wines are made from fermented grapes. The yeast used to ferment grapes converts the sugar in the fruit to alcohol thereby producing wine. .Varieties of grapes and yeasts are used to produce different types


Is Wine Good For Your Health diet-and-fitness

How to Choose Cooking Oils & Deep Frying Tips


These days, people are so conscious of health matters that they avoid anything that is unhealthy. This includes food, especially those foods that can cause ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure. But sometimes the mind likes to break the restrictions and then one goes for deep fried food. Often it has been seen that the fried


How to Choose Cooking Oils & Deep Frying Tips diet-and-fitness

Healthy Living Through Proper Diet


People know very little about what the diet is really all about. The word diet has wrongly become synonymous with weight loss. Diets actually include not only careful food habits, but also lifestyle choices and also the inclusion of physical activity..Drawing up and managing a diet will help you in many ways. Not only will it be more helpful in losing weight,


Healthy Living Through Proper Diet diet-and-fitness

What are antioxidants & Antioxidant Rich Foods


The word ‘anti’, denotes the meaning ‘in opposition or remedial’ in its context. Learning more about the antioxidants helps you to understand what are these used for and what does antioxidants act a remedy for..It is obvious that there are so many involuntary developments is on its course of actions, which we are unaware of. By nature


What are antioxidants & Antioxidant Rich Foods diet-and-fitness

French Diet Recipes


The French diet is also considered to be an effective weight loss diet. The French are especially a choosy lot when it comes to eating options. This type of weight loss diet consists of all types of fresh whole foods. Sugary drinks and processed foods do not find a place in this type of weight loss diet. Natural foods occupy an important


French Diet Recipes diet-and-fitness

How to Make a Smoothie Recipes


Weight loss smoothies are like the most popular food items that people opt for these days. It is favorite among the people who are self obsessed always maintain a good figure. It is good in taste plus does wonders to health. As the name suggests, it promotes healthy weight loss. So here is the recipe of smoothie meant


How to Make a Smoothie Recipes diet-and-fitness

How To Remove Tonsilloliths & Tonsil Stones


Visualize how you would be feeling if you were suffering from the chronic bad breath as well as sore throat. Moreover, put in to this complicatedness in swallowing, as well as you would beyond doubt feel depressed. The foremost things you would perceptibly execute would be to make use of the sweet scented mouthwashes with the intention of removing the bad breath


How To Remove Tonsilloliths & Tonsil Stones diet-and-fitness

Vitamin C Skin Care


Skin plays a major part of a person’s first physical impression. If it is to be believed, skin care products has an upper hand beating health supplements in the market. Such is the importance of skin in today’s world that it becomes of utmost importance of presenting yourself with the best complexion..


Vitamin C Skin Care diet-and-fitness

Anti-Aging Diet Plan


How ever miserable may be our life we all love to live longer. If we are fortunate enough, we can live an extra span of time by being healthy. And Good health depends largely upon the food we eat. This lead to the development of the phrase anti-aging diet.  Anti-aging diet is that which can help replace the millions of cells that die regularly in our body.


Anti-Aging Diet Plan diet-and-fitness

Types of Artificial Sweeteners


Artificial Sweeteners have become increasingly popular all over the world as with the help of these even people who are inflicted with diabetes can enjoy a daily dose of sweets. There is a huge debate raging around the world regarding the efficacy of these artificial sweeteners but no real breakthrough has been achieved so far..There


Types of Artificial Sweeteners diet-and-fitness

How to Improve Your Cholesterol


Ever wondered how important it is to keep a check on your cholesterol levels? If not, it’s now time to get serious about your health and take steps to make sure your cholesterol level is in control. If you do not know how to do that, worry not! Here’s what you can do to improve your cholesterol levels with some important precautions


How to Improve Your Cholesterol diet-and-fitness

Tips To Healthy Eating


If you wish you know how can your improve your eating habits, then you are reading up the right thing. Just follow up the following tips and I assure you that you need not know more..Strange thing it is a fact that you need 40 different nutrients so as to maintain good health and for that you have got to include whole grain products, milk, fish, green


Tips To Healthy Eating diet-and-fitness

Post Pregnancy Diet Tips


During pregnancy, most of the women put on around 10-20 kgs on an average. Although putting on is a cakewalk; however the real pain comes when you have to shed off those extra kilos. It is very difficult to go on a diet or start exercising immediately after delivery. This is mainly because you are very weak after the delivery especially if it is a c-section.


Post Pregnancy Diet Tips diet-and-fitness

The Physical, Mental And Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga


The ancient Indian art of yoga has become popular in the West too for many reasons. Research reveals that regular yoga practice can yield many physical and mental benefits. Yoga which is traditionally considered a step on the ladder of spiritual growth is today practiced in the US and other western countries by even those who have no clue about


The Physical, Mental And Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga diet-and-fitness

Diet Chart For Kids


One of the most important aspects of our life is our kids and their health. For keeping them healthy, an appropriate diet chart and nutrition plays very important role, especially in today’s world when fast food is becoming a rage amongst children. . For helping your children develop a good and healthy eating habit, one needs to draw a good and a


Diet Chart For Kids diet-and-fitness

Color Diet can Lift Nutritional Value


Nutritional value is the keyword in any diet and fitness plan. Doctors and dieticians recommend foods on the basis of nutritional value. We have to depend on their recommendations and other guides. There is a much simpler way to know about the nutritional values of the foods, it is their color. Experts say that color of a food says lot about its vitamins and


Color Diet can Lift Nutritional Value diet-and-fitness diet-plans nutrition

Swimming Workout For Beginners


Swimming is оne cоmplete exercise that hоlds аn equal pоtentiаl fоr weight lоss, improving endurance, аnd mаny mоre physicаl benefits. Оne cаn mаintаin оverаll fitness with swimming. Mаny people аre nоt аwаre аbоut this fаct..Whether yоu аre lооking fоr that perfect wоrkоut, оr аre interested in simply becoming а gооd swimmer, swimming


Swimming Workout For Beginners diet-and-fitness

Strawberry Smoothie


Have you ever come across people who have never tasted strawberry all their life? Well, there are some unfortunate ones who belong to this category. Research says that people who don’t eat “Mangoes” and “Strawberries” miss some real pleasure in life! Strawberries render a lot of health as well as beauty benefits to your body


Strawberry Smoothie diet-and-fitness

Stay Away From Trans Fat


Singapore Health Promotion Board clearly states that trans fat raises the level of blood cholesterol – hence it is bad. But there is no definite reasons given as to why trans fat is bad for health. Recent studies have shown that trans fat is actually capable of hurting your body in more ways than just rising the cholesterol level..We all know that there


Stay Away From Trans Fat diet-and-fitness



Guggul has a wide traditional herbal cure history. This effective herb belongs to India and is a valuable tool to purify your blood and control other well-known diseases like obesity etc. Guggul is purely an ayurvedic medicine loaded with purifying and rejuvenating properties. It is also popular for its lipid


Guggul diet-and-fitness

Pull Ups


If yоu аre willing tо improve yоur bоdy shаpe аnd tо gаin pоwer in yоur chest аnd аrm muscles, yоu will hаve tо cоmmit to wоrking оut sоme upper bоdy exercises оn regular bаsis..Sоme оf the upper body wоrkоuts аre very simple аnd cаn be dоne аt hоme withоut needing аny exercise mаchine оr equipment. Yоu will аlsо nоt need аn expert’s аdvice tо dо these


Pull Ups diet-and-fitness

Pull Up Exercise For Upper Body Strength


Pull ups are an absolutely crucial exercise that novices to fitness can do. They are strong multi-joint exercises which need just a strong metal bar to get started. Several individuals aren’t able to do even a single one and pros are constantly trying to increase their repetitions.


Pull Up Exercise For Upper Body Strength diet-and-fitness

Protein Rich Patties


We may call this humble legume by many names – chickpeas, garbanzo beans, Indian pea, Bengal gram – but the nutrition it carries with it does not change. Being a legume it is definitely loaded with proteins. When consumed with whole grains they prove to be a virtually fat free protein source.


Protein Rich Patties diet-and-fitness

How To Start Jogging


Some age-old health practices such as jogging, exercising, yoga, meditation always work wonders for the body and help you maintain a healthy body and life. Out of all these, “jogging” is one health regime that gives you physical as well as mental happiness. However, jogging can be really exhaustive and tiring


How To Start Jogging diet-and-fitness

Lose Weight With Fruit


You can easily lose the weight with fruit diet. Set your goal of weight loss. You must know how much weight you wish to lose and then plan out your fruit meals. You must have positive energy all around yourself. You must have a feeling to be fit all the time and not thing of bad things like sweets, junk food, oily food and all those things that can ruin your


Lose Weight With Fruit diet-and-fitness

Myths and Facts on the Low-Carbohydrate Diet


In order to attain the perfect svelte figure, most of most try and resort to a diet plan without any carbs. There are many kinds of diets like the Atkins diet that asks you to abstain from carbs as much as possible. Though the results of this diet plan are quite amazing, after following Atkins diet for about a week, the body starts craving for carbs. It is important


Myths and Facts on the Low-Carbohydrate Diet diet-and-fitness

Common Fitness Myths About Exercise & Health


There are many forms of exercise and no matter which form you may adopt, there are in numerous myths surrounding them. Here are a few of the famous myths relating to exercises.. . Myth1: There is nothing called spot reduction. People do not have an even body. Some parts of the body are fatter than the others, while


Common Fitness Myths About Exercise & Health diet-and-fitness

Mudras For Good Health


А bit оf study intо mudras will hаve yоu reаlizing that they аre extremely pоwerful. In fаct, there аre great heаlth benefits yоu cаn experience, аs well аs mental benefits, if yоu prаctice mudras оn а regular bаsis. They аre extremely pоwerful аnd cаn bring gооd heаlth аnd vаriоus benefits tо yоur bоdy..Hоwever, if yоu аre nоt fаmiliаr with mudras,


Mudras For Good Health diet-and-fitness

Colon Cleansing


Colon is an organ in our body, which has a very high importance. We all know that the food that we eat is not completely digested. The undigested food or in other waste food in the body is stored in the colon and it is very important for the colon to stay clean and healthy. .Otherwise it can prove to be really dangerous for a person’s health. Colon should


Colon Cleansing diet-and-fitness

Kids Tummy Problems


Your kid sometimes cries restlessly and you wonder what the reason could be. His stomach is full, he had a proper feed, he took good sleep then what could have gone wrong? And the worst part is when your kid is so small that he cannot talk to his mother telling him what disturbs him in the stomach. Although you know it’s something in the stomach, not knowing the exact reason


Kids Tummy Problems diet-and-fitness

Kick The Butt


‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’, warns every single smoke pack you buy. But how effective have you been lately in actually quitting the habit? While various methods of have been successfully or un-successfully practiced since time immortal, very few have actually been effective.


Kick The Butt diet-and-fitness

Does Chocolate Cause Acne


Chocolate is without a doubt a worldwide popular indulgence. Yummy tasty chocolates are eaten by all irrespective of age. This delicious item is currently used to cure the acne problems in various spas and parlors. Acne is one of the most irritating skin problems that many are desperately try to get rid of. And there is an age old myth that


Does Chocolate Cause Acne diet-and-fitness

Insomnia Sleep Disorder


Though Insomnia is such a general issue in many people, the consequences of it is still to be learned and discussed by the public by & large..In general, Insomnia is considered to have the symptoms of less sleep. But it is not to be taken silly thinking that it is just a sleep disorder and that it could be adjusted when


Insomnia Sleep Disorder diet-and-fitness

How To Insrease Your Immunity


We all want to have a healthy and illness free life. For this we need to look within ourselves and check our own bodies. The world we live in today is full of pollution and dust and the air we breathe is not clean. There are numerous insects in the air and our bodies are constantly exposed to all of this which is obviously harmful to us .This causes infections


How To Insrease Your Immunity diet-and-fitness

Importance Of Warming Up Before Exercise & Gym


Every time, we want to exercise, the trainer asks us to warm up first and then start the tenure. More than often, we think that warming up before an exercise regime is a waste of time and can be avoided. However, the reality is absolutely far from this..Research has shown, that just like a machine, our body is also exposed to the risk of normal wear


Importance Of Warming Up Before Exercise & Gym diet-and-fitness

Good Diet For Your Lifestyle & Best Life Diet


First up, this is not a promotional endeavour to extol the virtues of the Best Life Diet. We have just offered some information about this diet, which will help you make an informed decision on whether you can choose this diet for your needs and requirements or not..Firstly, let’s just say that this diet is not ground breaking and like any other diets


Good Diet For Your Lifestyle & Best Life Diet diet-and-fitness

Ways To Stop Stress Eating


Not all of us suffer from stress eating and those who don’t find it difficult to connect stress and eating. But stress eating and high craving for food when someone is feeling emotionally low does exist. .The most common cause for stress eating is when one feels everything in their life is falling apart and the eating is the only thing that is in their


Ways To Stop Stress Eating diet-and-fitness

How To Reduce Tummy


The most problematic area of fat is our tummy. It is like the trouble spot for people who are fighting to lose body weight. You have got to make a very particular routine of having good diet and do exercises so as to get rid of it. The most irritating part of tummy fat is that it melts at last when the process of losing weight begins. So here are some of the easy ways through


How To Reduce Tummy diet-and-fitness

How To Reduce Face Fat


Аre yоu tired оf lооking аt yоur chubby fаce in the mirror? Dо yоu feel embarrassed when оther people tease оr mаke fun оf yоu, because оf yоur dоuble chin оr excess fаt оn yоur fаce аnd neck? If the аnswer tо these questions is YES, then yоu shоuld get prepаred tо exercise аnd chаnge yоur lifestyle in general..This is because, the fаce


How To Reduce Face Fat diet-and-fitness

How To Reduce Belly Fat


It is always nice to have a flat belly. Sometimes, it takes you months to reduce the belly fat since it is that body part which loses its fat after the whole of excess fat from the rest of the body goes away. By following certain tips, you can lose fat of the belly very easily and in a short span of time. You must have a strict diet regimen and a great exercise


How To Reduce Belly Fat diet-and-fitness



Indigestion, also known as dyspepsia is a result of many improper habits. The major one is the intake of different variety of spicy and oily food in one go. The causes of indigestion may be that you may tend to overeat, eat food without much of chewing, irregular exercise regimen and also consuming several food items like onions


Indigestion diet-and-fitness

Holiday Snacking


Snacking is beneficial for the health, provided it is a healthy snack that you have chosen for yourself. The best snack that can be had anytime without the worry of eating right or calories is a handful of almonds..Almonds are rich in magnesium which is helpful in keeping the blood sugar levels regulated.In order to stay healthy and snack during


Holiday Snacking diet-and-fitness

Home Remedy For Kidney Stones


Couch Grass.Couch grass works as a diuretic for curing kidney disorders. The gelatinous substance secreted by this herb is extracted from it, which assists in comforting the irritated and inflamed urinary tract. Besides this, couch grass helps in increasing the amount of urine through


Home Remedy For Kidney Stones diet-and-fitness

How Could You Help Your Parents to Quit Smoking


“Smoking is injurious to health”—we’ve been hearing this statement so many times and never give heed. But this statement means the most important words of your life when either or your parent is addicted to smoking. The fear of their health going down each passing day and losing them one day takes your sleeps away. The worst is that since it is your father/mother


How Could You Help Your Parents to Quit Smoking diet-and-fitness

Healthy Body Healthy Weight


A healthy body is a great boon. The right diet, right exercise, right rest and the right mindset are the crucial building blocks of a healthy body. With all the above factors, you can maintain the right weight required for your body and stay healthy throughout..With the increasing obesity rates, people just fall in for any health program


Healthy Body Healthy Weight diet-and-fitness

Healthy Summer Diet Tips & Summer Foods


The summer heat can sap us of energy and our appetite can go for a toss due to the scorching heat. However, summer is also a great time to feast on juicy fruits and cool juices that will provide a cooling effect to your body.  Follow some of the below discussed tips to enjoy a healthy summer..


Healthy Summer Diet Tips & Summer Foods diet-and-fitness

Yoga For Healthy Living


The sedentary lifestyle followed today leads to many complications in our body and mind. The result of this lifestyle makes us fall prey to all sorts of diseases and an increasing amount of stress. Exercising has thus become an important part of our well-being. Yoga is one form of exercise which helps us to maintain fit bodies and minds, and lose weight.


Yoga For Healthy Living diet-and-fitness