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What Is Fasting


You feel kind of satiated and overstuffed and need the urge to do something to make your body feel right. Fasting is a good way to cleanse your system and feel good about yourself in the areas of diet, activity and even psychologically. This article states the benefits of fasting and ways to prepare your body for a fast..People



Ways To Adopt A Vegan Diet


Due to both health reasons and environmental consciousness, a number of people are shifting towards either vegetarian or vegan food. .However, when one makes the move from a non vegetarian to a wholly vegetarian diet, it can be hard on the body. This is because it loses out on a big source of proteins



How To Lose Weight


The internet is replete with healthy diet tips and resources for weight loss that can often leave a person confused about the best weight loss diet to pursue. Your weight loss diet should incorporate a good diet so that you can rule out frequent hunger. You may experience hunger which can often be only a symptom and not an indication


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3 Day Diet


3 day diet is a diet plan that provide low calories and is meant mainly for those people who want to lose their weight quickly. If this diet is being followed properly then you can reduce almost 10 pounds in three weeks. 3 day diet plan includes foods that is normally found in your kitchen and you need not have



Protein Myths and Facts


No matter how much we curse myths and fallacies, we are always surrounded by them. Encountering a myth or fallacy is a choice we don’t make when we get up every morning, but still face it. Out of all the myths that pop-up from time to time, the most common one that finds its place in almost everywhere is the “protein myth”. “Vegetarians lack proteins


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How To Stay Healthy While Dining Out


Office parties, outing with friends, romantic dinner with partner, family dinner are all inevitable part of our life. We end up most of the celebrations in any of the fine restaurants nearby. Once you step into the restaurant, the menu flashes before you like a heavenly treat. You cannot resist your eyes reading those scrumptious fried food lists. Just pause


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For the First Time Dieters


Eeks, Is this me in the mirror, what has happened to me, but I was never like this, oh I look so ugly. Do these thoughts bother you when you see yourself in the mirror? If the answer is yes, than you surely need to go on a diet. Since this is the first time you are planning to go on a diet, there are lot of questions that might be troubling you.


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Tips to Gain Weight for Underweight Children


Considering the fact that child obesity is bad, it is but natural that you should control the eating habits of your child, if he is more prone towards eating oily stuff, cheese, carbonated drinks and juices and junk food.  However there is also a certain section of underweight children in the society..There are parents who worry on how


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Vegetarian Diet


Many people skip meals or eat less as the first step towards dieting. Staying hungry is not the solution for shedding the extra kilos. The art is to eat good but only the low – density foods which will have very low calories. These types of foods are high in water and fiber content and are very filling in nature..Vegetables lead the


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3 Hour Diet Plan


There is a strong debate going on worldwide centering on the claim y some researchers that having six small meals a day is actually better for your metabolism than having three large meals. The idea is to spread out the daily calorie intake over six meals would actually help the body to burn more calories in the long run. According to these


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Color Diet can Lift Nutritional Value


Nutritional value is the keyword in any diet and fitness plan. Doctors and dieticians recommend foods on the basis of nutritional value. We have to depend on their recommendations and other guides. There is a much simpler way to know about the nutritional values of the foods, it is their color. Experts say that color of a food says lot about its vitamins and


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Calorie Shifting Diet Plan


You look obese, feel lazy and sleepy, do not feel like going about your daily chores, prefer to stay at home…and for all you know you’ve tried dieting and it just does not work. Dieting plans are so many that you actually begin to wonder where to begin and which plan to adopt. Moreover you just seem to hate the idea of starving your body and losing weight


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Acai Berry Diet


You badly want to lose weight and you have frantically tried several weight loss plans but nothing has actually worked. You wonder if you will ever look better and feel lighter. Cheer up the acai berry diet plan is a natural weight loss plan that ensures you lose all those extra calories without straining too much and without being deprived of your favorite


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Special Diets


Your body needs more special attention and special foods according to the situation you are in. We all know that people who play sports need special attention to their diets. What few people know is that there is special care that must be taken of your diet when you undertake activities involving lots of mental strain. This could be when you


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Snacks Between Meals


One of the most difficult part of an exercising programme is the diet. Following it takes a lot of will power. Lots of people do give up or hide and eat unhealthy snacks in between. This can be easily taken care of. A diet does not mean that you must not eat. It means eating smaller quantities at the correct time.


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Managing Diabetes with Diet Control


More often than not, people report increased blood sugar levels after attending a party/ special event/ festival. There are ways in which blood glucose levels can be controlled without compromising on the quality of life during special occasions..Birthday, anniversary or a picnic:  Make a meal that is


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General Motors Diet


If you think the only contribution of General Motors is to provide super fast and elegant cars, think again!. GM also help health freaks world wide to have an elegant and trimmed body by a diet plan introduced by them(for it employees to improve productivity) known as ‘GM Diet’..GM diet is popular worldwide for its capacity to burn


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Foods That Fight Fat


Today’s fast track life and busy schedules has given rise to numerous constraint in our day to day life. Junk food which is full of unsaturated fat has replaced healthy and nutritious food. Healthy eating habits are slowly taking a back seat. As a result, people at young age have started facing health related problems. The major reason


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Why You Should Avoid Crash Diets


It is common for us to hear people around us saying that they want to lose weight and get back in shape again. Some people who are obese look for instant ways of losing weight, and as a result even get tempted to go in for crash dieting. However, very few people realise the fact that crash dieting is bad and is more of starvation


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Juice Fasting


Our present lifestyle in most of the cases does not permit us to go for a fruity diet. Rather we have become more used to consuming several kind of junk food items, which in any as well a many senses deteriorates our normal health. In order to overcome this perennial problem, the first thing that we need is a balanced diet with all the necessary ingredients


Juice Fasting diet-plans

Vegetables for Good Health


To look beautiful it is necessary to remain physically fit. One can stay fit only if he/she is healthy and sane. One can remain healthy if they consume natural food especially green vegetables and live close to nature. Let’s have a look at certain vegetables which are good for health and beauty, which people often ignore..


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Key Nutrients In A Vegetarian Diet


A Vegan diet is a kind of vegetarian diet which consists of fruits and vegetables, beans, grains and a combination of all these elements. It excludes animal-derived ingredients like eggs, meat, and diary products. Read through this article to get the details of a vegan diet..What are the key components of a vegan diet?


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The Right Ways To Follow a Vegan Diet


Veganism is becoming a very popular practice nowadays. Movie stars, celebrities and entertainers are all choosing the vegan diet plans in order to achieve fitness. .Veganism – why this? Well, being a vegan and to quit eating animal food is not that easy as it seems to be. But, believe me; vegan diet has a fabulous outcome to produce!


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The Perfect Raw Food Diet For The Perfect Shape


With the world craving to lose pounds, the internet SEOs are getting optimal searches for weight loss programs.  The perfect is figure is what matters to everyone. Some says diet, some refer to exercises..It even runs from surgical treatments to costly, technical, gadget based solutions. At the end of the day you spend hours at your


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Benefits of Aloe Vera


Anybody who is concerned about their skin know what is an Aloe Vera and the benefits its offer. The good part is that apart from the good skin that Aloe Vera plant offers (the most useful plant for the mankind!) we can also get hosts from other health benefits from the juice of Aloe Vera(and it is also edible!). Various forms


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Health Benefits Of Thai Diet


The Thai people are known to be very slim and have glowing skin and healthy hair. This is mainly attributed to the Thai cuisine. The Thai food has a lot to do with their healthy looks and lifestyle. The Thai meals are generally low in fat and have all the goodness of herbs and include lots of fresh vegetables and fish. Also a notable fact is that the


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Advantage of Hot Soups In winter & Delicious Soup Recipes


and sour soup is best had in winter. It is spicy and needs to be eaten steaming hot along with some bread rolls. The soup is also quite healthy as it is full of vegetables.. . Heat oil in a thick pan and add three pods of crushed garlic and make it brown. Remove this in to another bowl and keep aside


Advantage of Hot Soups In winter &  Delicious Soup Recipes diet-plans

Benefits Of Fruit Diet


Our grandmothers are very much familiar with the nutritional values of super fruit diet Fruits provide nutrients, energy and numerous forms of vitamins. In providing energy and stamina to Health there is no competition of fruits.When it is comes to weight loss, fruit diet is simply the best way to adapt.. It is the rapid method to lose


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Working out should be a challenge, but it definitely should not be painful. If you find yourself running straight for the ice packs and aspirin after working out, you are probably doing something wrong. Before you convince yourself you have a wonderful excuse to quit, try evaluating your exercise program..First


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Benefits & Disadvantages of Eating Spicy Food


There are a lot of cuisines in various parts of the world which have a lot of spicy food included in them. As a result, some people are naturally accustomed to such food and eating habits. But what happens when someone else, who comes from a different part of the world and has been eating a different kind of cuisine all his life, is made to



Seasonal Food Guide & Importance of Seasonal Eating


Seasonal food is the healthy food and something you must always go for. Preserved food or off season food items do not carry the freshness, nutrition as well as taste as compared to the seasonal food..The health benefits of unprocessed foods are many while that of processed are none. In winters, you have garlic



Processed Food


The current lifestyle trend among people is such that all of us have started adopting easier, quicker and short cut ways of life. We need microwaves to heat food faster, machines to wash clothes to reduce human effort, automatic machines for other tasks etc.. For that matter, we are


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Your Own Diet Plan


You must have tried ten thousand different diet plans even though you do stick to the last diet plan for two months but eventually it also failed. I know what happened. I had also faced similar situation so many times. The diet which we were following was made by someone else with their convenience. So for a successful diet plan, we need to


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Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis


When your bone becomes weak, brittle and easy to fracture, it is called as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is caused due to various reasons. Growing age is one of the causes which can’t be controlled. Vitamins and calcium deficiencies are some other important factors causing osteoporosis. Some severe diseases also cause osteoporosis


Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis diet-plans

Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight Loss


Among the many other diet plans available to us, Mayo Diet plan has been found to be one of the most successful diet plans ever. Following this diet plan for week can reduce up to 8 pounds of weight, and it also helps in adding strength to your body (because of the nutritious foods that you consume in it), along with making your more active (


Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight Loss diet-plans

Low Carb Diet For Fitness Lovers


Food is an essential part of living. Most of the foods that people are used to eating are rich in carbohydrate or carb as it is generally called. The consumption of carb is essential for our body because when carbs get metabolized, we get energy. .This energy is then used by our body in different voluntary and involuntary activities.



Fruitarian Diet


Are you a “fruitarian” enjoying a diet that excludes all parts of all vegetables except the fruits? Are you maintaining a strict fruit diet? Then this article is a must-read for you. Following a strict fruit diet works wonders for you in the first few weeks – your skin glows, you feel more energetic, your body feels light, you remain well-hydrated all day, and


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Benefits Eating Fruit To Lose Weight


Many people look to certain foods when they diet. Some eat only some forms of foods, while others skip dairy products or meals altogether. A common diet is to stick to egg whites and wheat bread..Fruit diets are ideal for those who try to lose weight. The advantage of fruits is that they are loaded with nutrients, but



Food High In Fiber


Fiber is a very important component of our diet. It is required for numerous physiological functions in our body. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that you consume fiber in adequate quantities in your daily diet..Also, most of the fiber rich foods contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. On an average, people below the age of 50 need about



Common Diet Myths


To say that just Americans are obsessed with weight would be an understatement. One can actually say that the entire world is actually obsessed with their weight. In fact the no of obese people across the world are growing at an alarming rate, making obesity a sort of epidemic disease. When we think of obesity, two things come



Fat Burning Furnace Diet Plan


You may have been literally hunting for a good weight loss diet plan and I would like to introduce the fat burning furnace(FBF) diet plan by Rob Poulos as it truly works. The guide offered by Rob Poulos has actually worked wonders for many and surely could help you lose those extra calories quickly. Tired of all the diet plans available



Fat Burning Diet


Most of the people have concept that skipping meals will help them to reduce weight. This is actually a misconception as skipping or limiting meals will lower your daily calorie intake which in turn reduce your metabolic rate too. Loss of fat occurs only when the calorie burnt is more than the calorie intake..Reduced metabolic rate in turn lower your



Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan


This is a seven day diet plan. During those seven days you can eat as much soup as you want. The soup should contain a mixture of low calorie veggies such as onions, tomatoes and cabbage. You can flavor it with bullion, tomato juice and onion soup mix. Each day the diet varies a little. Following is the seven day plan:. On the first day of this fast weight loss diet plan



Fast Weight Loss Diet and Plan


Cabbage Soup Diet .Cabbage soup diet is ideal for losing weight. It is a seven day diet Plan that helps you to reduce weight by 10 to 15 pounds. Cabbage soup is a low calorie soup that helps you to reduce weight in seven days and hence is


Fast Weight Loss Diet and Plan diet-plans

Effects of High Fiber Diet


Fiber is an integral part of a plant and human body is not able to digest the same. Both types of fibers, the soluble and the insoluble are important for good health.  Both positive and negative effects are there for a high fiber diet depending upon the quantity of fiber that you are getting on every day and reaction of your body to it..



Healthy Diet For Teenage Girls


Teenagers are very concerned with what they eat as they always strive to look good on each and every day. Pizzas, burgers and soft drinks are great temptations but it must be controlled so that the perfect look can be maintained effortlessly..If you are a teenage girl then you must follow a strict diet. These are not hard to follow;



What Is Stress


Stress is defined as a mental physical, or emotional reaction to events that results in mental or bodily tension. To be precise, stress is any external force or events which has an influence on our mind or body..Researchers say that a well planned diet can help reduce stress


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Lose Weight Diet


Starting out on a diet is easy since you are charged and motivated to lose weight. Once you have been around your diet for some time, it becomes more difficult to keep with it, and temptations start to creep in. Here are some easy pointers to keep in mind to make a success of your diet..Balance foods : The body needs all nutrients in



Fruit Flush Diet


Fruit Flush Diet Plan is a healthy detoxifying diet plan, which is usually carried out by people for three days. According to many researches, by following this diet plan, a person can reduce up to 9 pounds of weight in just three days, and it helps to cleanse and detoxify the body too. Hence, it has a lot of



Diet Plan for Asthma


Asthma is such a condition that can aggravate due to a variety of factors. Food is one of them. So the asthma patients tend to worry much for the food they eat. That is a good approach and they should follow a proper diet to remain fit. A proper diet can reduce the excessive activity of the immune cells which react to the allergens


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Foods for a Good Night's Sleep


A good sleep is essential after a day- long toil. It wakes you up refreshed and rejuvenated in the next morning and keeps energetic though out the day. Once you lose a good night’s sleep, it can lead to many disorders restricting you from your favorite  activities. A well planned diet can help you give enough sleep that you



Diet for Kidney Stones


Those people who have been following healthy dietary habits right since their childhood are said to be less prone to any kind of body problems or diseases. It is said that since they have been consuming healthy food all their life, their immunity and body stamina is so strong that they hardly get affected by any kind of problem..However



Foods to Avoid That Cause Gas


Keep away from the foods given below to avoid gastric trouble:.Excess Carbohydrates. As a backing energy supply, the muscles accumulate a kind of carbohydrate called glycogen. Each gram of glycogen is stock up with 3 gm of water. Reduce your carbohydrate ingestion provisionally to access this stored energy and burn it off. Simultaneously



Healthy Diet During Chemotherapy


Till today chemotherapy is one of the most commonly used methods to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is accompanied with unwanted side effects. Loss of hair, darkening of skin and nails, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, change of taste, dry skin, fatigue being few of them. We have to combat the symptoms that affect our appetite and still


Healthy Diet During Chemotherapy diet-plans