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How To Make Veg Burger


Veg burger is very popular snack among all of us. It can be made in combination of many types of patties and different vegetables. You can also make a healthy veg burger for your family at home. Please read further for all the ingredients and recipe of this tasty and healthy burger..Preparation time:


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How To Make Beignets


A beignet with a black tea can make your evenings special and joyful. However, for tasty beignets, you may have to go to any restaurant spending your money and time. But, have you ever thought of making such kind of snacks in your home?.As a renowned snack, beignet is one of the finest snack recipes which you can try to prepare in the home. Here is the


How To Make Beignets healthy-recipes

How To Make Rum Cake


Come Christmas and aromas of Rum cake are all around.  There is a long tradition of preparing Rum cake at the start of December, which announces that Christmas is just around the corner.. .It is not a simple cake, also the list of ingredients that go into it is elaborate, and it’s time consuming too.  Some ingredients that go into it, itself take


How To Make Rum Cake healthy-recipes

How To Make Ma Po Tofu


Ma Po Tofu is a hot classic dish from the Sichuan Province that has oodles of flavor arising from the unique combination of sauces along with delectable ground meat..Ma Po Tofu RecipeMa Po Tofu is a literal roller coaster ride of


How To Make Ma Po Tofu healthy-recipes

How To Make Kimchi


Kimchi is a Korean vegetable dish and is served along with the main dish. Kimchi is one of the most popular side dishes in Korea and the earlier versions of this dish were made with salted vegetables..But, nowadays people have started introducing flavors and spices to this dish


How To Make Kimchi healthy-recipes

How To Make Ice Cream


You haven’t lived it up yet if you haven’t prepared and tasted homemade ice cream. You can whip up delicious, creamy homemade ice cream by playing around with the flavouring, spice and texture by adding dry or fresh fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg, marshmallow, mint, vanilla pods..Any spice and flavour must be included in the simmering process


How To Make Ice Cream healthy-recipes

How To Make Calzone


Calzone recipe is very easy. It is made from simple and healthy ingredients in your kitchen. It takes very less time to make a tasty and healthy calzone. If you are searching for some tasty snack and want to delight your kids this summer, then you are on the right page..In this article I will tell you how to prepare a calzone and other important tips


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How to Make Fish Pie


Are you a sea-food lover? If yes, here’s something new you can try making at home. And if you’re on a diet, even better, as this fish pie is baked and healthy. It’s a fresh recipe that you’re sure to enjoy. Here’s how you prepare it..



How To Make Spinach


Spinach with its truly unique flavour and numerous health benefits has been metamorphosed in interesting ways to yield some classic and scrumptious dishes..Savoury Spinach CutletsThese simple, delectable cutlets with a light texture can be easily prepared


How To Make Spinach healthy-recipes

How To Make Cauliflower


Check out our spectacular recipes for cauliflower that even those who loathe it would be left licking their fingers. Enjoy just half cup of diced cauliflower in this scrumptious salad and you are getting one serve of veggies along with forty percent of vitamin C intake needed everyday.


How To Make Cauliflower healthy-recipes

How To Make Kebabs


Kebabs are skewered meat, chicken or veggies skewered onto to wooden or iron rod and then grilled at high temperature. Traditionally, kebabs are grilled over charcoal which imparts a delicious smoky-flavor to them..Kebabs are an Asian delicacy native to Middle-eastern Asia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. These subtly flavored juicy



How To Make Chana Dal


Chana Dal is the most popular dish in India (people call ‘Chana Ki Dal’ in north India). As it is wholesome and enriched with proteins you add it to your healthy diet. .Chana dal is more luscious with Chapati, Paratha, and Rice. It can be used as an excellent entrée in your usual dinner. Since cooking chana dal is not a difficult task



How To Make Moussaka


The art of making perfect Moussaka is all about preparing and assembling the multiple layers of rich taste and textures with finesse..Recipe For MoussakaThis famous Greek dish has numerous layers of browned brinjal (eggplant), a meaty and rich white sauce. The brinjal pieces which have been



How To Make Turkey Pot Pie


How many healthier items you can prepare with turkey? Have you ever tried an item that is mixed with vegetables and turkey? If not, here is a luscious recipe for you, turkey pot pie..Normally, turkey pot pie is prepared with turkey, vegetable mixture and some other ingredients. Probably, this item is understood to be



How To Make Pumpkin Pie


It is generally a problem to feed children certain vegetables. Like kids normally do not like pumpkin cooked in the form of gravies, salads or soups. It is a good idea to present such vegetables in form of a desert or a sweet or any preparation that will lure your child to gorge on it. Pumpkin Pie does exactly the same. It will make your child ask more and more of it..



How To Make Pea Soup


Pea soup is something that is very delicious and affordable and is packed with good amount of proteins. It is low in fat and filled with folate and fibers and hence is heart healthy. . Both the fresh as well as dried peas can be used for making the soup and they are good sources of vitamin A, B1 and C. It also contains calcium, phosphorus



How To Make Egg Biryani


How many dishes prepared with egg you already had in your dinner? There are number of dishes which use egg as substitute, but do you know the fact that a delicious Biryani can also be prepared with egg? The egg Biryani can be prepared with boiled eggs and the usual Biryani ingredients.


How To Make Egg Biryani healthy-recipes

How To Make Meatball


Meatballs are spherical in shape and are made up of ground meat, minced onion, breadcrumbs and various spices. They can be cooked by baking, frying, braising in sauce or steaming. Meatballs served with spaghetti or sauce is a great food, but is loaded with too much of fat and calories..How To make MeatballHowever



How To Make Lasagna


A massive tray of Lasagna always looks so festive with its sweetness and sharpness imbibed from the delicate blend of duo delicious sauces interleaved between pasta sheets..How to Make LasagnaThe secret to making lip-smacking lasagna lies in perfecting the art of preparing the two sauces,



How To Make Chicken 65


Chicken 65 is a spicy chicken dish famous in the southern part of India. This luscious and nutritious item is cooked using boneless chicken. You can use it as a snack or as one of  the dishes on your dinner-table..You


How To Make Chicken 65 featured healthy-recipes

How to Make a Smoothie Recipes


Weight loss smoothies are like the most popular food items that people opt for these days. It is favorite among the people who are self obsessed always maintain a good figure. It is good in taste plus does wonders to health. As the name suggests, it promotes healthy weight loss. So here is the recipe of smoothie meant


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How To Make Chocolate Ganache


Get set to indulge in the decadence, scintillating taste and incredible texture of chocolate ganache. This amazingly versatile recipe prepared from duo key ingredients, namely double whipping cream and chocolate of choice is just what chocoholics adore..Recipe For Chocolate GanacheGet inventive and try different variations of chocolate ganache


How To Make Chocolate Ganache healthy-recipes

How to Make a Travel Checklist


The prospect of travel causes much excitement and joyful anticipation; nevertheless, it also necessitates caution, preparation and efficient planning. Exploring unknown destinations of the world is thrilling as well as unnerving.Who knows what or whom you may encounter in the wrong place at the wrong time? Therefore, instead of simply heading out the door with the clothes you


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How To Make Barbecue Chicken


Easy to make and quick to cook, barbeque chicken is one nice dish to try his summer. Whether the guests are coming for a outdoor barbeque dinner or you are camping out. This hassle free dish is sure to win over hearts..IngredientsOne full chicken or Chicken pieces 1 Kg with bone.. Ginger garlic past 2 tablespoons.. 1 cup yogurt..


How To Make Barbecue Chicken healthy-recipes

How to Make a Compass In 'Minecraft'


There are a lot of useful items to craft in Minecraft, but if you’re directionally challenged like me, then a compass is going to be among the most important. With a compass in Minecraft, you will no longer have to worry about not being able to find your way back home, as the needle will always point


How to Make a Compass In games

The Top PS4 Games Will Reportedly Make It to the PS5


. . . . .


The Top PS4 Games Will Reportedly Make It to the PS5 games

How To Make Buttermilk Biscuits


Light, flaky and incredibly moist buttermilk biscuits simply melt in your mouth and taste great with some jam, cranberry butter or along with your eggs for breakfast..Buttermilk Biscuits RecipePreparation Time- 40 minutes. Cooking Time- 20 minutes. Total Time- 1 hour


How To Make Buttermilk Biscuits healthy-recipes

How To Make Apple Sauce


For keeping the doctor at bay, have an apple everyday, though in a tangier, delicious and interesting form – as apple sauce. It is incredibly healthy and can be smart swap for fat, liquid oils and liquefied butter in several baking recipes alongside being high fiber and adding greater moisture and extending shelf life.


How To Make Apple Sauce healthy-recipes

How To Make Chicken Spaghetti


Italian recipes are world renowned for their different cooking style as well as the amazing taste it gives. When it comes to non vegetarian recipes, an ancient roman touch is there in the Italian cuisine..There are number of delicious Italian


How To Make Chicken Spaghetti healthy-recipes

How To Make Broccoli Beef


Are you planning for a non vegetarian dinner in your home inviting your friends? What kind of non vegetarian entrees you are going to prepare to attract your guests? If you need one more recipe to give a different experience to your guests, here is one, Broccoli beef.


How To Make Broccoli Beef healthy-recipes

How To Make Beef Roast


Are you looking for a spicy non vegetarian dish for your special dinner? What about a delicious, spicy beef entrée for that? If you have a positive answer, here is a recipe for you, Beef roast. Prepared with beef and a number of spices, it is a popular dish among the non vegetarian. Beef roast is normally served with rice and chapati as an entrée.


How To Make Beef Roast healthy-recipes

How To Make Gobhi Paratha


You might have tasted enough snacks in your life, but Gobi Paratha, a snack made with cauliflower and wheat dough, will enthrall you with its different taste. Gobi Paratha is widely popular in North India..The main specialty of Gobi Paratha is that it can be preferred as a breakfast item or as a snack which you can have in your leisure time. It is so delicious when it


How To Make Gobhi Paratha healthy-recipes

How To Make Greek Chicken


Well, it’s an undeniable fact that Greece had an ancient tradition which played an important role to shape today’s human culture. As far as the food habit of Greece is concerned, it does have a distinct tradition with verities of tasty recipes..Greek chicken is one of the delicious traditional Greek recipes. It is made in a different way with some fine


How To Make Greek Chicken healthy-recipes

How To Make Spinach Chicken


Imagine tender pieces of succulent chicken, either boneless or with bone, cooked in this finger licking, delicious and nutritious spinach gravy! The description is enough for the foodies to bring water in their mouth and enthusiasm in those who try out new recipe every day..Spinach is famous for its high power iron and


How To Make Spinach Chicken healthy-recipes

How To Make Filipino Dessert


For many of us dessert is the final and most important part of any meal. Filipino desserts are particularly unique and extraordinary. Here’s an interesting line up of the most popular dessert recipes from that country..Filipino Dessert Recipe Galore


How To Make Filipino Dessert healthy-recipes

How To Make Paneer Makhani


Paneer Makhani is luscious dish made with Paneer cooked in tomato gravy. Though Paneer Makhani is a Punjabi dish, it is very popular in the entire north India. It can be served with Parathas and chapattis for a fin dinner..Enough protein contained in Paneer Makhani makes it a healthy diet especially for vegetarians.


How To Make Paneer Makhani healthy-recipes

How To Make Mutton Biryani


Making biryani at home becomes very easy with this recipe. Biryani is very famous food amongst non vegetarians and especially HYDERABADI Biryani is a delicacy served in five star hotels. .


How To Make Mutton Biryani videos

How to Make Grilled Fish


Grilled fish is very tasty and nutritious thing. Very little spice and oil is used in this preparation. That is why it creates no pressure on your digestive system. As it is easy to digest it can be given even to those people who have just recovered from diseases..Because of its low calorie quality it is one of the favorite preparations of overweight


How to Make Grilled Fish healthy-recipes

How To Make Moon Cakes


Delicious mooncake is a traditional baked delicacy that is conventionally savoured by the Chinese during the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival commemorated for worshipping the moon..Melt-in-the-mouth Mooncake RecipeTraditionally every mooncake bears an


How To Make Moon Cakes healthy-recipes

How To Make Chicken Makhani


You might have had number of chicken dishes in your dinners. But, if you wish to have a complete Indian taste in one chicken dish, you need to prefer chicken makhani. It is one of the best chicken entrees you can choose for your dinner. Chicken makhani is usually served with rice and chapati..You can prepare a delicious chicken makhani


How To Make Chicken Makhani featured healthy-recipes

How To Make Lentil Soup


Lentils are very rich in proteins and vitamins. Lentils when sprouted are an extremely good source of vitamin C. It is easy to preserve them in every kitchen and they provide a good substitute when vegetables are not handy or available in the kitchen..


How To Make Lentil Soup videos

How To Make Oil Free Alu Paratha


Alu paratha is a perpetual preferred choice among parathas. It is a marvel food, and works for any meal! It is a popular breakfast choice in India, also serves as a wholesome option for dinner or lunch. Alu parathas are a stomach filling and a delicious recipe..Cooking alu paratha is quite trouble-free process and needs much less


How To Make Oil Free Alu Paratha healthy-recipes

How To Make Lime Chicken


Every ingredient on this earth has flavours which blend with each other. That’s the basic of things in fusion cooking. The cooking methods of different cuisines of origins could be amalgamated with different spicing but a very clear thought has to go behind the dish..The dish should have a personality of its own. Throughout history cultures have adapted to the arrival


How To Make Lime Chicken healthy-recipes

How To Make Beef Curry


Perhaps, when it comes to popularity, beef dishes will out do other non vegetarian items like pork. Here is a luscious recipe for a non vegetarian, who loves spicy entrée in his/ her dinner, beef curry. It is a renowned spicy non vegetarian dish which can be served in your dinner to make it rich. Usually, it is served with cooked rice


How To Make Beef Curry healthy-recipes

How To Make Homemade Baklava


Baklava is one of the preferable snacks, which you can prepare and serve for the special occasions in your home. Teach yourself how to prepare baklava from the description given below..Comparatively, the preparation method of this item is simple and easy. You can understand the quantity of needed ingredients from this article. Learn the preparation method


How To Make Homemade Baklava healthy-recipes

How To Make Spinach Cannelloni


Cannelloni’s are the rectangle pastas rolled in cylindrical shapes enclosing a filling of your choice. These homemade pastas are easy to cook and great to eat. You will relish every bite you take of this Italian delight..Spinach cannelloni are yum


How To Make Spinach Cannelloni healthy-recipes

How To Make Pizza Crust


Good dough is the secret to a supreme quality pizza. Presence of a good texture and air bubbles are all good signs of a fine pizza crust. Being patient and gentle with the dough are essential traits that will definitely work in your favour to ultimately get a great pizza crust.


How To Make Pizza Crust healthy-recipes