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For the First Time Dieters


Eeks, Is this me in the mirror, what has happened to me, but I was never like this, oh I look so ugly. Do these thoughts bother you when you see yourself in the mirror? If the answer is yes, than you surely need to go on a diet. Since this is the first time you are planning to go on a diet, there are lot of questions that might be troubling you.


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The Best Shut Down MMOs of All Time


[unable to retrieve full-text content]Few things in gaming are as bittersweet as reminiscing about your favorite MMOs that are no longer around. You can always pick up an old single player game and the same is true for most….


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15 Most Underrated PS2 Games of All Time


The PlayStation 2 is one of the most successful consoles of all time, selling over 155 million units in its lifetime. It was home to a number of classic franchises, from Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo to God of War and Grand Theft Auto. However, there are a number of titles from the PS2 era that either didn’t perform well commercially or aren’


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How To Time Your Trip To Cairo


Egypt’s capital Cairo which is one of Africa’s largest cities is one of the tropical tourist destinations too. Located on the bank of the legendary Nile River this city is known for its rich cultural heritage and places of tourist attractions..It is famous for its awesome pyramids but Cairo is slowly waking up to modern civilization


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Filing For Bankruptcy A Second Time


When the financial condition of an individual is on a decline and the pressure of debts becomes overwhelming, then one is forced to think of bankruptcy, in order to get relief from the adverse financial tensions..But, after passage of time, if the finances again started to slide down you will have to plan for saving whatever you’re left with. You may



The Top 100 Festival Lineups of All Time


Sorting through 50 years of North American music festival lineups is a daunting task any way you slice it. To create this definitive list, more than a dozen Consequence of Sound festival critics spent. .


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Top 5 'Batman' Villains of All Time


Batman has always been a part of our culture. Since his inception, Bruce Wayne has made his way into practically every type of media imaginable. He started in comics before moving on to a campy…. .


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The 50 Best Decorating Tips of All Time


Sorting socks, reading Infinite Jest, decorating our homes: Some things, simply put, are never finished. In the hopes of helping you decorate savvily for all the rest of your live long days, we…. .


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Dead time Review and Opinion


Dead Time (2005). Director: Jason Wilcox. . review by Paul Higson. . "Time slide, place to hide, nudge reality, foresight, mind's eye, magic imagery.". . This is going to be difficult for me to review, because I've already written it up and lost all 800 words. I hate to repeat myself, find


The 10 Greatest Super NES Games of All Time


In 1991, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System—commonly known as the "Super NES" or "SNES"—in the United States. The highly regarded console would go on to sell 23 million units in North America and play host to some of the greatest classic video games ever made..Flush with the enormous success of its 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System in the late


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