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Barbados Island Travel Guide & Beaches & Attractions in Barbados


Coral island Barbados is an independent nation member of the Commonwealth. It is located in the Lesser Antilles at the eastern extremity of Caribbean island in the North Atlantic Ocean; it is West Indian continental country. Venezuela is towards north east of this nation. The art-facts show that it was inhabited in 1623 BC. The British occupied



Best Beaches In USA


Beaches are probably the best places to spend vacations. Beaches are popular among all, from the toddler to the teens and young people to the seniors. Interestingly the whole of USA has beaches suitable for all types of activities. And there are beaches that are especially famous for different reasons. Here are some such beaches of USA that


Best Beaches In USA travel-guide

Miami Beaches


What comes to your mind when you here Miami? Yes, it’s beach. The rocking Nightlife, serene weather and lovely sandy beaches of Miami have been popular to all beach lovers. There is only one word to describe the attractions of Miami Beach, ‘awesome’..The classy Miami beaches:.


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Best Beaches in Hawaii


When talking of beaches, Hawaii needs no introduction. In fact this whole state is full of some of the best beaches of the world. There is a beach for every type of beach enthusiast, whether it is for surfing,  just sunbathing, enjoying with the family or spending some special moments with your loved one.


Best Beaches in Hawaii beach-amp-sun

Beaches & Attractions in Kos


Kos: If you want to pass some special moments with your loved one you should travel Kos. Kos with its long stretch of white sandy beach and azure blue sea water is one of the precious places of Greece for those travellers who want some quieter moments at the lap of mature. Kos simply captivates one’s mind with its fantastic beauty and murmur of the rolling waves


Beaches & Attractions in Kos beach-amp-sun

Best Beaches in Florida


Today Florida is not only a beautiful place but also a hotspot for picnics and enjoyment. The Florida beaches are one of the best ranked in the country for its beauty and its facilities..This also includes accessibility, whether these are quiet or bustling


Best Beaches in Florida beach-amp-sun

Best Beaches In The World


A beach is the area adjacent to a sea, ocean or any large water body which is continuously washed by tides and waves. Beautiful clear sky, mesmerizing scenic beauty and the amazing view of deep waters make a beach every tourist’s favorite. Though it may sound indigestible but every beach has its own beauty and is in some way or the other different from other


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Best Beaches in Greece


The lengthy, well-ordered beach of Barbati is positioned at an approximate distance of 20 kms far-flung as of the main town of Corfu that is been placed in the north region, on the brink of the renowned homonymous tourist resort. Barbati beach is actually a pebbly beach that is been awarded a very


Best Beaches in Greece beach-amp-sun

Beaches Of Crete


Crete is one of the most beautiful places of Greece. There are several beaches in Crete. One can easily divide all these beaches into groups: beaches in Hania, beaches in Rethymnon, beaches in Lassithi, beaches in Heraklion, beaches in Hersonissos and above all there are beaches for naturism


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Best Beaches In Los Angeles


If you’re on a visit to Los Angeles, don’t miss the beautiful beaches located there. There are several such beaches in Los Angeles and you may really have a hard time picking a few to visit during your stay there..In this write-up, you’ll come to know about the popular Los Angeles


Best Beaches In Los Angeles beach-amp-sun

Best Beaches of Greece


To decide the best beaches of Greece is matter of grave justification. There are several beaches in Greece. Some of them have got fie soft white sand and azure colour sea water, while some others are located in midst of stunning natural surrounding.


Best Beaches of Greece beach-amp-sun

Best Beaches In Texas


Texas is one of the most populated as well as popular state of USA. It is one of those destinations that has unlimited sightseeing places and activities to offer its visitors with. There is no doubt about the fact that Texas is one of the ideal holidaying hotspots in the country of USA. .Another fact that should be noted


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Best Beaches In Europe


Europe has hundreds or thousands miles of coastline. All along, the continent has some breathtaking beaches. Some of them are on the banks of Mediterranean while others are by the Atlantic. .They are of various types. Nature has decorated them in different ways. You will find calm


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The Top 15 Beaches for 2018


For a great many people, the idea of a holiday is unthinkable without the chance to relax on a beach. These are the best beaches to catch some sun on in 2018. .


The Top 15 Beaches for 2018 travel

Beaches & Attractions in Bahama


There are several attractions and fun to do in Bahama, but the reason of the Island attracting so many tourists every year is its irresistible beaches. The white sandy beaches of Bahamas are the perfect place to dive into all the fun activities with your family members or your partner. So, pack your bags as the Bahama beaches are calling.Cable Beach:


Beaches & Attractions in Bahama beach-amp-sun

Beaches and Museums in Manaus


Manaus: Manaus, the largest city of the Amazon is a slice of urbanity in the midst of verdant rain forest of the Amazon. Coming here one can easily taste the wild and sensual appeal of the jungle and at the same time can avail all the facilities of the modern city life.


Beaches and Museums in Manaus destinations

50 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in America


Sandbridge Beach is popular with locals, while tourists crowd the nearby Virginia Beach boardwalk. Leave the French fries and crowds to them. With 5 miles of sandy beach, clusters of sea oats, and the marshes and open waters of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge


50 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in America travel

Beaches & Sightseeing in Grenada


Grenada is an independent nation member of the Commonwealth in easterly Caribbean. It is a rolling mountainous island in the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. The three islands Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique are part of this nation. The biggest among the three is Grenada; its


Beaches & Sightseeing in Grenada destinations

Attractions & Beaches in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is located connecting the islands of Amager with Zealand. Copenhagen is identified as the capital city of the country of Denmark as well as has a total population of almost 2 million. It is a contemporary metropolis of quite a few districts in addition to its abundant spare time areas; water as well as bicycle paths put its distinguishing


Attractions & Beaches in Copenhagen destinations

Attractions & Beaches in Ecuador


Over the years, the beautiful Ecuador has been attracting tourists from various corners of the world who simply marvel at its bewitching beaches, wild forests, splendid volcanoes, charming surroundings and lip-smacking food.The tourism management is always game to receive the guests with their customary services. The diversity in culture, festivals


Attractions & Beaches in Ecuador destinations

Tampa Bay Attractions & Beaches


To get a true feeling of the sunny state of Florida, it is a must to visit Tampa Bay Area, one of the cherished destinations of the world. It is for sure that you will never run out of sand, surf and sun at Tampa Bay. But it’s not all about enjoying the beaches only. It is a place to savor the richness of art, professional sports activities and see the


Tampa Bay Attractions & Beaches destinations

Holiday and Beaches in Maldives


Possibly the final in extensive haul sumptuousness, the Maldives is at this time enjoying credible development once more having rebounded back as of a sequence of disasters that took place in the precedent few years, which includes the coral bleaching wrought as a result of el Niño as well as the horror of the tsunami that took place in the year 2004. Without


Holiday and Beaches in Maldives destinations

Beaches in Hokkaido, Japan


Japan has the reputation of being the most technologically advanced country. This country also won accolades when it comes to celebrating human spirit when it came back to life after bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the world war. But not many know this fact that Japan is one such country that is characterized by some of the beautiful beaches like


Beaches in Hokkaido, Japan beach-amp-sun

Beaches & Holidays in Santorini


Santorini is known to be one of the few most mysterious islands of Greece. This island is a sterile, rocky island immediately in front of a volcano, by means of black and red beaches as well as townships positioned on high cliffs that offer magnificent views as well as implausible sunsets. In addition Santorini has a spectacular attractiveness



Vacations, Beaches and Accommodation in Goa


#comment>#comment>India is the home to varying and vivid cultures and traditions under one unified roof. It is one of the most popular countries in the world, when discussing tourism or possible locations. This country is the proud owner of seventh wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal located in the city of Agra, which is the major


Vacations, Beaches and Accommodation in Goa

Attractions & Beaches in Kuwait


#comment>#comment>Kuwait is located in the embrace of one of the few most-contested and most ancient corners across the world. Kuwait is most excellently portrayed as a city state. Moreover, Kuwait City is known to be the burgeoning capital of the state, which is similar to a magnet: without a doubt it has been drawing Bedouin people


Attractions & Beaches in Malaysia


People basically go on a vacation to have a break from their jam packed life. Vacations ought to refresh and rejuvenate you. Choosing the right place every time for a vacation would be difficult. Well, let us see how Asia’s top travel destination, having an eternal collection of attractions and activities that provides a consumer, a historical admirer and a nature – lover, reduce


Attractions & Beaches in Malaysia destinations

Beaches, Vacations & Attractions in Indonesia


If you want to be close to the nature and its wonders, then Indonesia is the perfect place for you to unwind. Over the years, Indonesia with its rich culture, community harmony, food and natural serenity has been mesmerizing the visitors coming from different corners of the world. The typical flavor of the greenery and touch of tropical surroundings make the place different


Beaches, Vacations & Attractions in Indonesia destinations

Beaches & Places To Visit In Sao Tome


Republic Sao Tome is the tiniest western African island nation in the Gulf of Guinea; it is made up of the volcanic islands of Sao Tome, and Principe in the same mountain range of dormant volcanoes,  others being Pedras Tinhosas and Rolas..At Rolas the equator crosses the region. Beaches here are magnificent in their uppermost purity.


Beaches & Places To Visit In Sao Tome destinations

Shopping, Beaches & Nightlife in Nice


Nice is located in France, moreover is a great summer holiday destinations in Europe, as it permits tourists for visiting seaside as well as take benefit of the numerous private beaches in the region. Summer is as well regarded as the best time to visit Nice as it permits tourists to enjoy walks through the


Shopping, Beaches & Nightlife in Nice destinations

Attractions & Beaches in Tioman, Malaysia


Your trip to Malaysia will remain incomplete, if you do not visit this paradise on earth – Tioman Island. Located off the eastern coast of Malaysian Peninsula in the South China Sea, it is one of the renowned island resorts of the world. The island is an ideal destination for those, who love to spend their holidays in the midst of the tranquility. The crystal


Attractions & Beaches in Tioman, Malaysia destinations

Santa Catarina Beaches & Islands


Santa Catarina: This vibrant, verdant place of Brazil has an exotic sensuous appeal to the senses. Coming here you will be lost in the lap of nature. Beautiful beaches with all the facilities and the lush verdant greenery have got an extraordinary sensuous charm. If you want pass your holidays just at the sea side, then Santa Catarina should


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Beaches & National Park in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, an island country in Asia located south of India bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Gulf of Mannar. The famous traveller Marco Polo described as the Paradise Island. This island is also popular as “the pearl of Indian Ocean”..Sri Lanka being an island country was target


Beaches & National Park in Sri Lanka destinations

Attractions, Beaches & Nightlife in Singapore


Singapore earlier known as Singapura (in ancient times), is a city best described with. One can expect unlimited entertainment in Singapore.It is one of the most visited travel destinations & has numerous & vibrant attractions, ranging from wild life, shopping, night life, museums & galleries, beaches & islands, Singapore has it all. It is a complete cosmopolitan


Attractions, Beaches & Nightlife in Singapore destinations

Beaches & Attractions in Punta Cana


Love is an amazing feeling. It is that bond which unites two individuals, possibly of different backgrounds, together. There is only one thing in mind and that is to be together. Couples in a relationship won’t shy away from spending their whole day with their loved one. There are enough destinations on earth that are no less than paradise for these loved birds to get cozy and


Beaches & Attractions in Punta Cana destinations

History Sites & Beaches in Naxos


Naxos: Naxos is one of Greece’s beautiful islands that cater its travellers with all types of facilities. Situated at the heart of Cyclades this very island is the best place for one to pass time with his family and kids. Apart from its stunning beaches the island has archaeological sites that date back to the mythical ages of Greece. It is said that Theseus


History Sites & Beaches in Naxos beach-amp-sun

Attractions, Beaches & Nightlife in Mancora


Mancora: Mancora, Peru’s coastal city with its excellent beach and grand surfs attracts loads of travellers from all over the world. Though in the summer season the place gets crowded and the prices of hotels and other necessary things rise high, still it is a great place enjoy the summer holidays. A short trip to this coastal town is really


Attractions, Beaches & Nightlife in Mancora beach-amp-sun

Beautiful Beaches Of East Africa


The beaches of East Africa are known for their exotic beauty. The beauty of these beaches is known and appreciated all over the world. One of the best things about these beaches is the fact that there is something for everyone. .For those who want to splurge and indulge, there are luxurious vacation opportunities. On the other hand, for those who want


Beautiful Beaches Of East Africa destinations

Beaches and Holidays in Seychelles Island


Seychelles Islands are located in the western Indian Ocean which have group of about 90 islands.  These islands are spread over 150,000 square miles of Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. The flora and fauna is so enchanting and so beautiful that you won’t experience this anywhere in the world.  The climate of Seychelles Island is humid and



Corn Islands Beaches and Vacation


Around 70km away from the coast of Nicaragua are located two stunningly beautiful islands by the name of Corn Islands. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the two islands – Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – offer you the perfect Caribbean experience with stunning sand beaches and the beautiful blue sea. There is great vegetation


Corn Islands Beaches and Vacation beach-amp-sun destinations

Sightseeing, Beaches & Attractions in Corfu


Corfu: The beautiful isles of Corfu will simply mesmerize just at the first sight. Corfu is one of Greece’s stunning islands. Apart from the famous stop of Odysseus at this island in Homeric epic, it is told that this island has served as the background of Shakespeare’s famous drama The Tempest. With its scenic beauty and the blue water Corfu


Sightseeing, Beaches & Attractions in Corfu destinations

Things To Do & Beaches In Sicily, Italy


Sicily has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It has a bit of everything – warm and sunny beaches, mountain resorts, cultural and historical places of interest. The most popular beach in Sicily is, perhaps, the Lido Mazzaro. There is a long stretch of sun kissed golden sands that separates the Ionian Sea from the green vegetation in the land. The best time to


Things To Do & Beaches In Sicily, Italy destinations

Beaches, Attractions & Things to Do in Whistler


If you followed the 2010 Winter Olympics closely, you might have noticed some of the events being held in a charming little town called Whistler – a resort town, nestled in the Coast Mountains, in British Columbia in Canada. It is a huge attraction for skiers all across the world, although Whistler has something


Beaches, Attractions & Things to Do in Whistler trip-ideas

Sentosa Island Beaches, Singapore


Sentosa Island is one of the most renowned attractions of Singapore, receiving around five million people each year. In local language, the word ‘Sentosa’ has a meaning of peace and tranquility. The beaches of Sentosa are indeed the adobe of peace and tranquility amidst a horizon


Sentosa Island Beaches, Singapore beach-amp-sun

Things to Do, Beaches & Attractions in Fiji


Republic of Fiji is a tropical country south of equator on more than 840 islands of coral or volcanic origin in the centre of South Pacific Ocean. It is close to New Zealand and Australia. The tiny island location makes it the popular tourists destination globally.Most international Pacific flights fly via Fiji



Best Beaches In The Canary Islands, Spain


A coastline destination is one of the perfect holiday locations. If you are searching for such a location then read on to end your search. Sandy coves, trendy beaches full of cafes, water sports, bars, breath-taking landscapes, rocky terrains and some well-deserved peace and quiet are what Spanish


Best Beaches In The Canary Islands, Spain beach-amp-sun

Attractions & Beaches In Montreal, Canada


Montreal: Montreal is one of the great cities of Canada where one can enjoy himself or herself to the fullest with all the facilities of a modern town, rich culture, delicious cuisine and obviously with the sizzling night life. One can easily see the extreme mixture of different cultures here. A trip to this very city is something extraordinary..


Attractions & Beaches In Montreal, Canada trip-ideas

The Best Gulf Coast Beaches to Visit


The majestic Gulf Coast waters lap the shores of seven US states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Spanning hundreds of miles and welcoming millions of tourists each year…. .


The Best Gulf Coast Beaches to Visit travel

Beaches & Places to Visit in Zanzibar Island


Zanzibar is an extraordinarily gorgeous island, bursting by means of action and life. It is positioned at a distance of about 30 kms away as of Tanzania as well as can be easily reached by means of aero plane or else ferry through traveling over the huge Indian Ocean.Upon inflowing the key town in Zanzibar that


Beaches & Places to Visit in Zanzibar Island destinations

Beaches and Places to Visit in Antalya, Turkey


Antalya has turn out to be one of the few most popular holiday resorts in Turkey by means of clear waters that are seen on the Mediterranean coastline. In addition the name of this city has its base from Pergamene King Attalos, the one who is believed to be the founder of this city. Moreover, Antalya city center


Beaches and Places to Visit in Antalya, Turkey destinations

Beaches & Places to Visit in Amorgos, Greece


Amorgos is a striking island by means of white houses, see-through water in addition to a peaceful ambiance; it is by no means twist of fate that Luc Besson decided to shoot the initial part of his film “The Big Blue” at this juncture. On one occasion barely visited through the infrequent backpacker, Amorgos has at the present turn out to be moderately a “trendy


Beaches & Places to Visit in Amorgos, Greece destinations

Beaches, Attractions & Famous Destinations in Dubai


If you want to rejuvenate your body and soul from the stress and tension of hectic city life, you may plan a trip to Dubai, the epicenter for the spa industry. Off late, this stunning city with luxurious hotels and resorts has become the abode of health and wellness. Take your time to unwind yourself in this great city through various fascinating spa treatments


Beaches, Attractions & Famous Destinations in Dubai trip-ideas

Door County Wisconsin Attractions, Beaches


U.S.A is one country, which remains in the top list for various tourist destinations across the world. This country alone is known to have ample locations, cities, towns that are major crowd pullers. Be it New York or Washington or the Los Angeles; each and every place is different from one another and famous for their respective attractions. Door county Wisconsin