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Cool Drinks for Hot Summer


Summer is coming. So prepare your body to fight the heat. Naturally human body is more resistant to cold than it is to heat. For this reason we become overpowered by hot summer and loose all interest in our daily work. We lick ice-candies or sip cold fizzy drinks for relief. These may give you temporary relief. But it is more important to cool



Best Okra & Lady Fingure Recipes


Okra or ladies finger is a super vegetable with many nutritional qualities and health benefits. It is a fibrous food; helps to stabilize the blood sugar level and brings cholesterol level down. It also prevents constipation. It also helps to fight summer heat. Okra has many other benefits. Here are few healthy and tasty recipes of okra..Boiled Okra



Chicken Starters Recipes


Veg crispy, finger chips, etc have become boring starters. Instead, we recommend you try these three recipes as starters to impress your family members and guests..Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce .Ingredients.500 g boneless chicken breast or thigh cut into thin 3 inch strips. 1 small onion, finely chopped



Semolina Recipes


Semolina is a product of wheat. It is very nutritious and rich in iron and folic acid. Both of these are very important for health, especially for pregnant women. You can use semolina in various ways to make delicious food items. Here are three such recipes..


Semolina Recipes healthy-recipes

Fried Rice Recipe & Ingredients


Fried rice is a wholesome food in which you get every thing – carbohydrate, fat, proteins, minerals, vitamins and what not..There is no such hard and fast rule about the ingredients of fried rice. You can mix anything you desire. It becomes so tasty that you can even have this without any side dish.Ingredients:. •    2 cups rice


Fried Rice Recipe & Ingredients healthy-recipes

How To Make Yummy Cheese Balls


How many times in a day do you get to hear “mummy I am hungry”?. After, the day’s swimming session? After, a game of basket ball or cricket? “What should I dish out” is the question on every doting moms mind..What special should you make when your daughter invites few of her friends for a Barbie party? School tiffins are a constant and nagging worry. Our


How To Make Yummy Cheese Balls healthy-recipes

Yummy Bekti Fry Recipe


Bekti is a popular fish and it is famous because of its delicious taste. This fish has hardly any bone. This bekti fish tastes best when it is fried..Here are few recipes of bekti..Fried bekti.Ingredients. •    6 Bekti filet. •    Two onions. •    1 whole garlic. •    1 inch ginger


Yummy Bekti Fry Recipe healthy-recipes

Roasted Chicken Recipe


Cooking and eating is more a matter of taste than gender. Your husband may like a good steak, while your kids may prefer a simple upma. But there is sometimes a difference..Your family might like you to pamper them and spoil them with luscious gourmet meals. So, why not try this brand new recipe with harissa (a Middle Eastern condiment made of chillies


Roasted Chicken Recipe healthy-recipes

Wheat Free Recipes


Wheat is a major food ingredient that is widely used all over the world and is a wholesome nutritious food. But some people may be allergic to wheat foods and the symptoms include chest pain, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, eczema, sneezing, skin rashes, swollen throat and tongue, tiredness, lethargy, cough, runny


Wheat Free Recipes healthy-recipes

Vienna Cup Cakes Recipe & How To Make Vienna Cup Cakes


This recipe of cup cakes is quite simple and can be served as a tea time snack. For this you will need 5 ounces of margarine and one and a half ounces of icing sugar. Sift the icing sugar and blend the margarine and sugar together in a pan. Use an electric beater to mix. Mix till light and creamy..In the same pan add


Vienna Cup Cakes Recipe & How To Make Vienna Cup Cakes healthy-recipes

Victoria Sandwich Recipes


Flavoring Ingredients (any one).Lemon              6 drops of lemon extract and grated peel of one lemon. Chocolate        3 tbsp cocoa mixed with milk to make a stiff paste. Coffee                 1 tbsp instant


Victoria Sandwich Recipes healthy-recipes

Versatile Chicken


Chicken is low in fat, has lots of protein, is rich in vitamins and minerals and tastes wonderful. You can bake it, steam it, fry it, sauté it, roast it, grill it. Its versatility allows it to be served with any meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner.. Here we have a simple chicken mix. Let us see with what methods can be used


Versatile Chicken healthy-recipes

Veggie Wrap Recipe


Do you often get late for office in the morning? Cooking breakfast for family, ironing clothes for kids and husband, packing lunch for all, and getting yourself ready for office too, create a mess at home for us ladies. In the middle of this mess, deciding on what to cook for your kids’ school is a big decision to make against the time slot that we devote for


Veggie Wrap Recipe healthy-recipes

Thai Curry Recipe


If you’ve got the Thai taste, this recipe is just meant for you. A variety of veggies in red gravy sounds nice and spicy, doesn’t it? Well, it surely is spicy and sumptuous. This healthy and hearty curry dish is sure to boost your mood. It tastes best with rice and steamed wanton. Here’s how you make it:.Ingredients.


Thai Curry Recipe healthy-recipes

How To Make Veg Burger


Veg burger is very popular snack among all of us. It can be made in combination of many types of patties and different vegetables. You can also make a healthy veg burger for your family at home. Please read further for all the ingredients and recipe of this tasty and healthy burger..Preparation time:


How To Make Veg Burger healthy-recipes

How To Make Cinnamon Buns Recipe


Wouldn’t you love digging into sweet, soft cinnamon buns with their fine seams and swirls as well as that gooey sinful core?.Cinnamon Buns RecipeSince yeast-based dough is being used and everyone loves warm buns hence these can be prepared the previous night. One could then wrap them in aluminum foil and then re-warm


How To Make Cinnamon Buns Recipe healthy-recipes

Recipes Using Milk


Milk Fish:.You can make this preparation with the fish, especially with those belonging to carp family. It is a very easy preparation and easy to digest. Very few ingredients are needed for making it.. Ingredients:.•    500 gram fish. •    ½ cup milk. •    5 green chilies. •    Mustard oil. •    Salt.


Recipes Using Milk healthy-recipes

Prawn Recipes


Papaya with Prawn.Ingredients:. •    1 green papaya. •    50 grams medium sized prawns. •    1 large potato. •    1 large onion. •    5 cloves of garlic. •    ½ inch ginger.•    1 tomato. •    Mozzarella cheese. •    Oregano. •    Cooking oil. •    Salt. •    Sugar.


Prawn Recipes healthy-recipes

Sweet Snack Recipes


Sweet patties.Sweet patties are crispy and can be taken as snacks in between meals or at the work break. It also works as mood and energy enhancer supplying glucose to your body. It is very easy to prepare and takes very little time. Ingredients are easily available..Ingredients:. •    200


Sweet Snack Recipes healthy-recipes

How to Make Bread Balls & Bread Fry


Bread and eggs are two things that are easily available in most of the houses. Here are two easy and tasty preparation made with these two things..Bread Fry. Ingredients:. •    2 eggs. •    4 slices of bread. •    1 tablespoon corn flour.


How to Make Bread Balls & Bread Fry healthy-recipes

White Pumpkin Recipes


White pumpkins are very nutritious – full with different minerals and water. Because of low calorie it is an ideal food for the obese. Here are two easy preparations of white pumpkin..Stuffed White Pumpkin.Ingredients. •    1kg white pumpkin. •    75 grams tiny cubed pieces of mutton.


White Pumpkin Recipes healthy-recipes

Salad Recipes For Kids


Salads should be a part of every meal as they are the best source of fibre content. Here are few salad recipes easy to prepare and tasty to eat. They can be prepared very quickly..Spinach And Mushroom Salad.Ingredients:.30 leaves


Salad Recipes For Kids healthy-recipes

2 Delicious Coconut Recipes


Coconut is the speciality of South Indian dishes which makes them healthy and nutritious . Generally we do noy know how to induce coconut in day to day diet except for drinking coconut water . So here are two deliciuos recipes made from coconut which are a great combination of coconut and other green vegetables..Vegetables in Coconut Gravy (AVIAL).


2 Delicious Coconut Recipes healthy-recipes

Tuna And Couscous Salad Recipe


A weight watchers, quick and nutritionally rich recipe that is ideal to eat when the hot weather is bogging you down. A large batch can also be cooked up at the start of the week and refrigerated as the flavours marry and deepen when kept for longer time..Tuna And Couscous Salad RecipeCouscous is coarse semolina


Tuna And Couscous Salad Recipe healthy-recipes

Tropical Smoothie Recipes


When sun starts shining bright this time of the year, I think it is a wise idea to stock up your pantry with lot of fruits and squashes and, to fill your cocktail recipe book with mouth-watering mock tail and smoothie recipes..When the heat causes dehydration in your children and aggravates the apathy in them towards food, it is the smoothies, mock tails


Tropical Smoothie Recipes healthy-recipes

How To Make Chocolate Ganache


Get set to indulge in the decadence, scintillating taste and incredible texture of chocolate ganache. This amazingly versatile recipe prepared from duo key ingredients, namely double whipping cream and chocolate of choice is just what chocoholics adore..Recipe For Chocolate GanacheGet inventive and try different variations of chocolate ganache


How To Make Chocolate Ganache healthy-recipes

Tomato Soup Recipe


Tomato soup is a delicious soup which most of the people like. This is a healthy soup as it contains high lycopene which is an antioxidant. Lycopene in turn helps to protect the body from cancer causing cells. It also aids in preventing the aging process and also protect from the risks of cardio vascular diseases. It is also ideal for  the proper vision. Here is a low calorie


Tomato Soup Recipe healthy-recipes

Low-Fat Pizza Recipe


What can be better than low-fat pizza for dinner? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Just imagine eating pizza and still staying in shape? Wow! It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. You eat it and you’re sure to say, ‘It’s pizzalicious.’.For


Low-Fat Pizza Recipe healthy-recipes

Tofu & Mushroom Stir Fry


Tofu also known as soya bean curd, may just be that perfect food. Why? Well Tofu is high protein, low in saturated fats and great source of vitamin E and calcium. And the best part it is cholesterol free..How is tofu made?.It is made by grinding cooked soy beans until the milk is extracted. The milk extract is then


Tofu & Mushroom Stir Fry healthy-recipes

Toffee Coffee Mix Recipe


Are you always looking out for things to pop in to your mouth. Here is a recipe for the adults sweet tooth. Children may or may not like it as it has coffee in it and may seem a bit bitter. But for the coffee lovers it is simply divine..You need to get paper cups. The small size ones. Keep them in a baking tray. In a pan mix together


Toffee Coffee Mix Recipe healthy-recipes

How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert


Coffee was not traditionally considered a great complement with sweets or desserts. But along came tiramisu and changed all perspectives. If cheesecake is a delicacy, then tiramisu was like a cherry on top. The coffee flavored cheesecake engages each of your senses and heightens the pleasure of eating one. Every bite gives you the kick of caffeine but


How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert healthy-recipes

Duck Roast


Some people have a few ducks along with chickens and a turkey in the backyard, where they are fed scraps of food from the kitchen. If you’re one of those who’ve got ducks in your backyard too or if you simply like eating it, here’s a lip-smacking duck roast recipe, just perfect for that candle night dinner with a glass of wine.


Duck Roast healthy-recipes

How To Make Texas Chili Recipe


Don’t we just adore a large bowlful of red, steaming and hearty chili. It is simply soul food that feels great to tuck into after a taxing day..Chili has since long been thought of as a poor man’s dish that is cooked using the cheapest meat cuts and several low-cost, easily obtainable ingredients, chiefly being onion, pepper, to name a few.


How To Make Texas Chili Recipe healthy-recipes

Lamb Curry Recipe


Lamb curry is tasty and as well as healthy. Lamb is very light and easy to digest..Ingredients:. •    500 gm shoulder portion of lamb meat. •    Potato (diced). •    Carrot (diced). •    Onion. •    Ginger. •    Garlic. •    Cinnamon,. •    Cardamom. •    Clove. •    A pinch of Turmeric


Lamb Curry Recipe healthy-recipes

Tasty Gourd Recipes


A gourd is a great source of natural minerals and fluid. These minerals help to control the body temperature and save you from summer heat. Again gourd is an ideal food for overweight people because it contain very low calorie. Apparently people dislike eating gourd because gourd itself is not very tasty but you have to make it tasty with tasty items..


Tasty Gourd Recipes healthy-recipes

Steamed Rice Rolls Recipe


For staying fit, all of us prefer food that has no oil or minimum fats. When taste and health are combined together, a perfect cuisine is made. One of the many options to avoid oil in cooking is to cook food in steam, baking and simply boiling. Here, I am sharing a recipe with you that is cooked in steam and tastes great too. By trying this out, you


Steamed Rice Rolls Recipe healthy-recipes

Home Made Cold Drinks Recipes


Have your guests suddenly popped-in without prior information? Do you feel like preparing a fast desert or refreshment for your hubby after he came back beating the heat outside? Or is it you who wish to chill back post a heavy meal with a liqueur in hand? Take it easy when you are in hurry or in desperate need to sip down some chilled liquid. There are various easy-to-make


Home Made Cold Drinks Recipes healthy-recipes

Swedish Meatballs Recipe


Swedish meatball is a traditional Swedish recipe, which is originally served with sweet-tart lingonberry jam, but you can also do it with egg noodles or red-currant jam. This is a versatile dish, which can be served both as an appetizer and as a main dish..Difficulty Level: Easy. Servings Per Recipe: 4.


Swedish Meatballs Recipe healthy-recipes

How To Make Stuffed Chicken In Olive Oil


Chicken is a very popular bird than its immediate competitor The Duck. While the availability of Duck is questionable depending where you live, chicken is easily available, secondly you don’t have to worry much about its quality, price wise it’s accessible to one and all and lastly it comes guilt free!.You can eat without the guilt that you have


How To Make Stuffed Chicken In Olive Oil healthy-recipes

How To Make Delicious Turkey Lasagna


Well, it’s obvious that you will get bored of the usual non vegetarian snacks, if you have them regularly. Hence, you need some new items to enjoy your leisure times. Turkey lasagna can be a new and lip smacking snack for you to have a deferent experience..Turkey lasagna, a famous non vegetarian snack made with turkey, spaghetti sauce


How To Make Delicious Turkey Lasagna healthy-recipes

How To Make Beignets


A beignet with a black tea can make your evenings special and joyful. However, for tasty beignets, you may have to go to any restaurant spending your money and time. But, have you ever thought of making such kind of snacks in your home?.As a renowned snack, beignet is one of the finest snack recipes which you can try to prepare in the home. Here is the


How To Make Beignets healthy-recipes

How To Make Delicious Beef Wellington


Are you ready to try a British taste in your next dinner? If you are, here is a classic, non vegetarian British recipe, beef wellingtons. Being a typical English dish, it is extremely popular in other western countries as well. The main specialty of this item is that it is prepared by both grilling and baking..This article describes the method


How To Make Delicious Beef Wellington healthy-recipes

How To Make Easy Cranberry Chicken


It’s an uncountable fact that everybody wish to have a unique dish for special occasion dinners in their homes. A perfect dish for such an occasion is here for you, cranberry chicken. It is prepared with chicken (grilled in a medium heat) and some other ingredients..This article explains you how to prepare a delicious cranberry chicken in your own kitchen. You can see


How To Make Easy Cranberry Chicken healthy-recipes

How To Make Chocolate Fudge Cake


Chocolate fudge cake is a yummy recipe, which you can easily prepare in your home. It is an extremely popular snack made with chocolate, vanilla, almonds, milk, and some other ingredients..By reading this article you can understand the method to prepare chocolate fudge cake. See the necessary ingredients and learn the steps to make the


How To Make Chocolate Fudge Cake healthy-recipes

Carrot Cake Recipe


Are you looking for a cake that is spongy, moist and difficult to resist? Have you heard others using carrots in cake but never tried it yourself?  Be ready! It’s your turn now. This healthy, tasty, savory carrot cake is sure to brighten up your evening..Now don’t be guilty of eating a CAKE. This healthy recipe combines apples, raisins, walnuts, and wheat flour with


Carrot Cake Recipe healthy-recipes

Spinach and Potato Cutlets


Often wonder why your child hardly eats any vegetables. It is the case in most families. The trick is to make things that have the goodness of all the vegetables in such a way that the kids have no idea what they are eating. This recipe of cutlets can also be eaten as a meal; or part of a meal


Spinach and Potato Cutlets healthy-recipes

Spinach & Hazelnut Lasagna


There are quite a few varieties of pasta all readily available on the market. However it is advisable that you stick to the ones you use regularly so as to avoid too many half packets in your pantry. Spaghetti and macaroni are great basic pastas..For a wider choice try lasagne, they come in sheets, cannelloni- tubes, fusilli- spirals, farfalle- bows, vermicelli


Spinach & Hazelnut Lasagna healthy-recipes

How to Make Spicy Chicken & Spicy Chicken Recipe


If you’re just tired of keeping yourself on a permanent diet for a long time now, it’s time to give yourself a good break from those regular boring diets and try something new to tickle your taste buds. .And yes, when we say new we definitely mean something that’s fresh but also healthy. So here’s how you prepare the dish:


How to Make Spicy Chicken & Spicy Chicken  Recipe healthy-recipes

Spicy Yogurt Chicken Recipe


Clean the chicken breasts and make three slits on each of the breast pieceHang the skimmed milk yogurt in a muslin cloth for about fifteen minutes to drain the excess liquid. Whisk the thickened


Spicy Yogurt Chicken Recipe healthy-recipes

Chicken Broccoli Recipe


Broccoli is called as miracle food for its wonderful nutrients and benefits. It is a good idea to find a way to include broccoli in your soup, pasta, noodles etc. Chicken a favored delicacy makes a great combo with broccoli..A well balanced dish  gives many vital nutrients in the rich sauce of the cashew nuts; which is blended in the


Chicken Broccoli Recipe healthy-recipes

How To Make Barbecue Chicken


Easy to make and quick to cook, barbeque chicken is one nice dish to try his summer. Whether the guests are coming for a outdoor barbeque dinner or you are camping out. This hassle free dish is sure to win over hearts..IngredientsOne full chicken or Chicken pieces 1 Kg with bone.. Ginger garlic past 2 tablespoons.. 1 cup yogurt..


How To Make Barbecue Chicken healthy-recipes

Soy Lasagna Recipe & How To Make Soy Lasagna


For those who are vegetarian this is a great recipe for lasagna. It looks exactly like the lasagna Bolognese and tastes almost like it too. Soy is also very healthy to eat and when made like this you will not be able to tell if you are eating meat or soy..This recipe takes a bit long to make but it tastes great


Soy Lasagna Recipe & How To Make Soy Lasagna healthy-recipes

Sorbet Recipes


Bitter Chocolate Sorbet.Ingredients:.500 ml of water. 160 gm of caster sugar. 200 gm of dark chocolate. Chocolate flakes to garnish.Method:.Cut the chocolate thickly with the help of a serrated knife. Now take a large saucepan with water in it, place


Sorbet Recipes healthy-recipes

Chicken And Mushroom Recipes


You can use these starters as main course too and your family and guests are sure to love it. They’re quick and simple to prepare..1. Grilled Spiced Chicken.Ingredients.4 chicken breasts cut into strips. 1 tsp


Chicken And Mushroom Recipes healthy-recipes