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Popular Tourist Destination in Singapore


Singapore has emerged out as the popular tourist destination and most enjoyable city of South Asia. Spectacular airports, wide and clean roads that form luxuriant expressway and the MRT train line make this city being counted as the one of the best-developed Asian city in the world..A festival like Thaipusam represents the culture and tradition of Singapore


Popular Tourist Destination in Singapore night-clubs

Warung Beach Club


The simple meaning of word Warung speaks for it hence needs no description. Warung comes from the native language of Brazil and means “Home”. Warung, Brazil in fact is decorated using their native theme of Bali Island as its backdrop. To believe in the charisma this club and its atmosphere have


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Nightlife & Night clubs of Bangkok


Bangkok is a world famous tourist destination as the place has so much to offer; the Asian cultural touch, attractive locations, towering shopping complexes, gorgeous markets, top quality restaurants and its very own night life which is irresistible while featuring Bangkok’s own wilderness and crazy dance floors only for the night dwellers. The actual dark gothic


Nightlife & Night clubs of Bangkok night-clubs

Best Nightclubs in Rio


The rocking and hot happening Voodoo Lounge, Las Vegas promises to provide more than you expect. The upscale night club atop 51st floor of Rio Hotel is known for its extraordinary cocktails and intimate quaint atmosphere..The peppery hot craze of Voodoo:. The night clubs


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Space Nightclub in Ibiza


Night life has always been one of the most happening and discussed forums. Some part of this life is dipped in the ocean of fun, laughter, joy and dancing while some may end up on the side of alcohol and other things, but all in all, every place owns its part of nightlife which by far is satisfied by the nightclubs in the area. Space in Ibiza is the favorites


Space Nightclub in Ibiza night-clubs

Las Vegas Nightclubs


Las Vegas at Nevada in United States is one of the most famous tourist spots due to its various avenues of adult entertainment. The lucrative and sensuous strip clubs, casinos for gambling, and various other entertainment zones are an enchanting entertainment to the tourists. It is often regarded as the paradise of the young hearts. .


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Razzmatazz, located in Barcelona, is one of the best clubs you can be in. Built in an empty factory space, it is a club with five rooms. People frown when it’s written but honestly Razzmatazz ensures quality at its best. The Five rooms display different types of music sensations with world famous DJs spinning before the local DJs take over later


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Pawn Shop Lounge, NightClub & Attractions in Miami


This former Pawn Shop spot in Miami is located where Sanford and Son meet South Beach. This lounge has been built in an interesting way indeed by a Boeing 727 jet’s fuselage, which is a replacement for the boring bean bags or couches.The seats are amazingly comfortable which is totally unexpected from a vintage airplane..The


Pawn Shop Lounge, NightClub & Attractions in Miami night-clubs

The Guvernment Nightclub in Toronto


Toronto is known to the world as both financial and cultural capital of Canada. It is also known as heart of this country as it falls in spotlight as it is hub of major activities whether in political front or in the social front. People of Toronto help in giving this a cosmopolitan tag as number of immigrants living in capital cannot be ignored. Natural integration


The Guvernment Nightclub in Toronto night-clubs

Panorama Bar, Berlin


Panorama Bar, the temple of techno music, is the ideal place to be if you are spending a nightlife in Berlin. Carved out of an abandoned industrial building, concrete is the primary décor with the blend of amazing lighting and couches which give you the absolute pleasure of relaxation..The main attraction is the huge metal staircase which leads you to


Panorama Bar, Berlin night-clubs

Mexico City Attractions, Nightlife in Mexico


Planning a visit to a place which has some great night life to offer, then look no further simply head to Mexico. This article provides information about the night life in Mexico..Mexico is a country which has a rocking night life all days of the week from Monday to Sunday. There are no rigid rules in


Mexico City Attractions, Nightlife in Mexico night-clubs

Things to Do & See in Puerto Plata


Puerto Plata is looked upon as one of the numerous popular traveler destinations in Dominican Republic. It flourishes by means of the numerous things to do in Puerto Plata. One of the numerous reasons that the majority of the tourist has a stopover at this territory not counting its stunning beaches as well as the historical


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Sydney Nightclubs & Bars


An award winning nightclub called Tank Nightclub has become famous, not only in the city, but across the globe. You will see Disk Jockeys from across the country, and also from several other countries performing live shows here..


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Ministry of Sound


Ministry of sound, established by DJ Justin Berkmann, is the London’s first club to house music from US. The club is built keeping music as the first priority with whooping 140db (A) sound system. The interesting part is that it has been reincarnated from a disused bus garage.Established on the 21st September, 1991, the club has 24-hour dance license with music played by some


Ministry of Sound night-clubs

Best Night Clubs Of London


If you are in London, or about to travel London, then you must try to sniff out the best night clubs of London. Well then you don’t have to waste your valuable time in finding out the top quality night clubs of London; as this article will provide information about some of the best night clubs of London which keeps night dwellers busy while


Best Night Clubs Of London night-clubs

Lavka Bar & Club, Prague


Youngsters love their night life, and what better than a bar and a club. One such popular destination for enjoying music and dance with drinks is the Lavka Bar & Club, Prague. This club is flooded with guests all round the year, be it the winter nights or the summer evenings. From evening till day break. The crowd coming to this club is in equal proportion of


Lavka Bar & Club, Prague night-clubs

Prague Clubs And Nightlife


Prague is a fascinating city with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and attending cultural events. But what happens when the sun disappears on the western horizon after gorgeously illuminating hundreds of slender spires rising from the city’s medieval churches and castles?.It’s time then for having a good time


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Shibuya is the place where the throbbing heart of the entire city resides and that is where the most happening and rocking nightclub of Tokyo i.e. Womb rumbles. There are many reasons that have made Womb a must visit whenever you are in Tokyo for a pleasure trip. The madness and love for music and freeness of dancing can only be viewed at a


Womb night-clubs

Fabric Club London


Fabric nightclub is situated in London at Charterhouse Street and is one of the most visited and most well known clubs in the entire city. Considered as one of the most elite nightclubs of the night, it hosts some of the finest music playing in the city..Also the disc rotating


Fabric Club London night-clubs

Attractions & Places to Visit in Paris


The city Paris is well-known for its winery, scenic beauties and of course the nightlife. The bewitching and glittering nightlife of Paris is attracting people from all over the world to enjoy the fun after the sun sets. The night entertainment venues and night clubs are simply doubling the overall enjoyment and the ravishing fun factor. Such is the Stringfellow’s Nightclubs


Attractions & Places to Visit in Paris night-clubs

Cielo Night club of New York


Cielo night club is the sky of the nightlife of New York. Cielo is a nice night club for nightlife, offering music programs that are specialized in deeply soulful house music and the genres of electronic music as well. Cielo is also known as the heaven for the mature individuals who are seeking an intelligent nightlife without the hassles of


Cielo Night club of New York night-clubs

Cheap Charlie's Bar in Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand, a country bordered by Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and The Indian Ocean, is famous for its very friendly and affable people.  Thailand has a predominantly Buddhist population. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and here, all the fun of nightlife, is concentrated.  There are many bars, pubs, places of entertainment; discos, music halls, cabarets etc


Cheap Charlie night-clubs

Water Bar in Bangkok & Bangkok Nightlife


Water Bar is on Soi Rang Nam Street, Phaya-Thai Bangkok.  It is bar with music, dance and entertainment.  Water bar is a place with much entertainment, for a person who likes lively and active nightlife. Tourists remember the bar because of its “Whiskey Set”.


Water Bar in Bangkok & Bangkok Nightlife night-clubs

Sirocco Skybar in Bangkok & Attractions and Places to Visit in Thailand


Sirocco Sky Bar is considered as the largest open bar in the world.  Situated on the 63rd floor of the Dome at State Tower, which is the second tallest building in Thailand, it looks as if suspended in the air. The panoramic view of the city of Bangkok, from above is breathtaking.  270 degree panoramic view of the river Chao Phraya is another highlight of the


Sirocco Skybar in Bangkok & Attractions and Places to Visit in Thailand night-clubs

Attractions & Phranakorn Bar in Bangkok


Phra Nakorn Bar is located at 58/2 Soi Damnoen Klang Tai. This bar just resembles to the classic Thai art bar from the outside. This Bar is always crowded with the vintage paraphernalia. This opens from 6pm to 1am daily. Phra Nakorn bar also offers terrace food with the view of floodlit Golden mount with Thai food and also antiques outside the


Attractions & Phranakorn Bar in Bangkok night-clubs

Nightlife in Prague


Smoke circles, beer rounds, thumping sound, are some trademarks of the hip Prague nightlife. Prague can be aptly rechristened as Czechoslovakia’s discotheque. With a generous variety of night joints and clubs, Prague can be a dream destination for the booty shakers and the slick steppers.


Nightlife in Prague night-clubs

Best Nightclubs In Vienna, Austria


Vienna is undoubtedly one of the lively and the most happening cities of the world. Being the capital city of the country of Austria, it is one destination that is considered by millions of people every year for holidaying..Vienna can be said as one of those hotspots which are the ultimate hub for all the party animals out there! High


Best Nightclubs In Vienna, Austria night-clubs

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant nightlife and you will never have a dull moment here. The city has a healthy mix of different cultures. Though Malaysia is predominantly an Islamic nation, you can get alcohol freely in the capital city and you will really love the wonderful night scene in Kuala


Kuala Lumpur Nightlife, Malaysia night-clubs

Famous Celebrity Clubs In New York


If Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, New York is not far behind either. New York is the fashion capital of the world and celebrities are in and out of New York very frequently. New York has the best artists, writers, chefs and playwrights. .Celebrities usually cannot resist the lure of the Big Apple and if you are lucky, you could spot a celebrity during your stay there


Famous Celebrity Clubs In New York night-clubs

Mykonos Bars & Night Clubs


Mykonos is one of the beautiful places of Greece. But Mykonos is not only famous for its beauty it is more famous for its colourful and vibrant nightlife. Mykinos is treasured by the party-goers. There are various party options both in day and in night. .Even at the day time people


Mykonos Bars & Night Clubs night-clubs

Popular & Famous Night Clubs In Ibiza


This picturesque Spanish island in the Mediterranean is an immensely popular tourist destination, famous for its boisterous summer club parties and vivacious nightlife. In summer months hordes of fun-lovers descend upon Ibiza and turn it into Europe’s biggest clubbing scene. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized it as the ‘Entertainment Island of the World



Best Nightclubs in Reading, UK


Reading is situated in the Berkshire region of the country of United Kingdom and is famous for shopping facilities and opportunities it provides the tourists with. The town is quite well known and has a good amount of population thus giving you a lively feel..Once you are in the region, you have a lot of sightseeing places for day tours


Best Nightclubs in Reading, UK night-clubs

Best Nightclubs In Baltimore


Baltimore is one of the most happening places in the USA. The city is full of hustle bustle and the liveliness is something that will definitely catch your eye. Situated in the state of Maryland, it is one


Best Nightclubs In Baltimore night-clubs

Best Bars And Nightclubs In Vancouver


Vancouver is a beautiful and lively city in the country of Canada that is especially known for its extraordinary nightlife and amazing bars and pubs all around. There are innumerable tourists from within the country as well as from all around the world who considers a long holiday in Vancouver..The city is actually an ideal getaway for those who love


Best Bars And Nightclubs In Vancouver night-clubs

Best Bars In Gallatin, Tennessee


Gallatin is one of the best cities that you can check out when visiting the state of Tennessee. Situated in the country of USA, it is not only visited by thousands of locals every year but also by international tourists equally. Though, the place is not known for its population, you can definitely find it full of liveliness and entertainment options. .


Best Bars In Gallatin, Tennessee night-clubs