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Ways to Prevent Vitamin B12 Deficiency


Vitamin B12, an essential thing for life is helpful in maintaining a healthy nervous system and also is a vital factor for the production of red cells in the blood in a human body. Vitamin B12 also helps to make DNA which is a genetic material in the cells. Because of the vitamin B12 deficiency the disruption of DNA production occurs and certain abnormal cells


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Vitamins For Kids


Vitamin for KidsVitamins are essential for the proper growth and development of kids. Vitamins are necessary for carrying out the normal functioning of organs, tissues, bones etc. They also plays a major role in strengthening the immune system of the body which in turn protects the body from bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites etc. Hence


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Sources of Vitamin B


Vitamin B FoodsVitamin B is a complex of eight different vitamins and all of which are water soluble. They are usually called as B complex vitamins. B complex vitamins are necessary for increasing the rate of metabolism and is also essential for maintaining healthy skin. It also


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How To Understand Nutrition Label


The nutrition label – before  deciding on the food items to buy do take a look at it. Most packaged food wrappers have a black and white ‘nutrition label’ for you to know what you are buying. A large pack will have a detailed label while a small pack will contain just about enough information to help you take a decision.As aware consumers it is important to


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How To Treat Grave's Disease


Over activity of the thyroid gland causes hyperthyroidism. This is more popularly called “Grave’s Disease”. Thyroid glands secrete certain vital hormones that are crucial for controlling several metabolic processes. When there is an over activity of thyroid glands, these enzymes are produced in excess leading to hormonal imbalance. This can


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Health Benefits of Pomegranate


Pomegranate is a fruit with a large number of seeds crowded in it whose color varies from pale white to vibrant red, having a sweet taste .Pomegranate, the super fruit is also represented as godly in different religions and celebrated in different fairy tales all over the world. Of course it is having a lot of divine characteristics. Also it


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Facts About Spices & Healing With Spices


No meal is really complete until the food tastes just that perfect. Food that lacks appeal and taste is as good as no food at all. It does not need to be spicy or heavy, all it needs is the right blean dof cpices.The great thing about spices are that they give the dish a whole new dimension. The whole taste of your food


Facts About Spices & Healing With Spices nutrition

Importance Of Nutrition


Everyone keeps talking about nutritious food without. Most people do not really understand why the body needs these nutrients. Healthy, nutritious food helps in the growth process. For this, the body needs proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Not only is it important to incorporate all these elements in the body, it is vital


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Color Diet can Lift Nutritional Value


Nutritional value is the keyword in any diet and fitness plan. Doctors and dieticians recommend foods on the basis of nutritional value. We have to depend on their recommendations and other guides. There is a much simpler way to know about the nutritional values of the foods, it is their color. Experts say that color of a food says lot about its vitamins and


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Health Benefits of Cucumber


The cucumber coming from the pumpkin and the squash family is equally beneficial for the health freaks who are always concerned about their diet and health.Cucumbers are replete in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and calories. It has so much to offer and yet most of us do not know its benefits


Health Benefits of Cucumber nutrition

Benefits Of Olive Oil


Olives are a food that add great taste to any food that you eat.Olives can be eaten plain or pickled, and can also be added when you cook.Olives are available in green and black form. They can be had as they are, or had as the oil that is extracted from them.To make a quick snack, olive oil


Benefits Of Olive Oil nutrition

Terrific Tomato


Pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the taste buds – the tomato is a wonderful vegetable. Vegetable? In fact it is a fruit or shall we say a berry. The bright red tomato color brightens up every dinner table, be it raw or cooked.The tomato not only has a fine appearance but is also a storehouse of nutrition. Let us take up its benefits one by one:


Terrific Tomato nutrition

Fish With Tamarind Sauce


Tamarind; who would ever think that this fruit encased in a brown shell would be packed with so much goodness. Tamarind is a great source of antioxidants that can fight cancer. It also contains carotene, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B and C. Tamarind helps lower cholesterol and promotes a healthy heart and has proven to


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Sweet Lime and Health Benefits Of Lime


We are well aware of the benefits of ayurveda and its long lasting effects in terms of healing our lives and our health too. In short, ayurveda takes you one-step closer to the gifts of nature. The present generation of tech savvy people is also realizing the role of nature and its essentials as more and more people are looking out for a way to healthy living


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Health Benefits of Strawberry


Strawberry Strawberry belongs to the family of rosacea and are very popular through out the world. Strawberry is one of the most delicious fruit. Strawberry is widely used for making syrup, cake, ice cream, jam, jelly etc. Strawberry


Health Benefits of Strawberry nutrition

Side Effects Of Energy Drinks


The energy drinks like Shocker and Liquid X are now thronging the shelves of supermarket and people are lapping it unaware of the many dangers that it poses. There are a whole lot of side effects of energy drinks compared to the normal aerated drinks like Pepsi and Cola.  There is no legal age to buy these drinks and even a 12-year old kid can have these drinks


Side Effects Of Energy Drinks nutrition

Soy Milk vs Cow Milk


Soy milk (also called soya milk), derived from soya beans, is a non-dairy form of milk. Traditionally used by people in the west who were allergic to cow’s milk, soy milk is gradually gaining fame due to its innumerable health benefits. Thanks to its health benefits, soy milk is now being used by


Soy Milk vs Cow Milk nutrition

Benefits of Soy Milk


Soybeans which are soaked in water followed by grinding it along with water results in what we call as soy milk. Once its straining is done, it becomes apt for drinking.Though soy milk has the word milk in it, it is technically just a beverage made out of soy. The viscosity and the finishing of the soy drink give it a


Benefits of Soy Milk nutrition

What Is Vitamin D


Vitamins are important for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin D is very significant for our daily diet and it is a steroid vitamin. Sun light plays an important role in the production of vitamin D .So those who are exposed to sun light normally, do not need it. And it is the only vitamin that is produced by the body .There is 5 types


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Benefits Of Soy And Soy Food


Soy is known as the food of the future. Soy have very prominent role in human nutrition particularly in case of protein. Soy is one of the richest sources of protein. It has several advantages in maintenance of optimal health as well as there are several clinical benefits also.


Benefits Of Soy And Soy Food nutrition

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Rice


Rice is the staple food for many countries and is eaten boiled in countries like India, China and S-E Asian countries. But the general belief is that rice makes you fat and people on diet should avoid it any cost. The truth is otherwise. Scientists have proved that rice is actually good for you and will not add any extra kilos.


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Stuffed Cheese Pancakes Recipe


Do you wonder why your children are such fussy eaters and often wish that they would just eat anything you make without making a fuss. Every mom wishes for that. But kids today love variety. They eat various things at other people’s houses and ask you why you don’t ever make that. Well hers a simple recipe for quesadillas and


Stuffed Cheese Pancakes Recipe nutrition

Contents of Organic Milk


You must have heard about organic products. These are the food items that are grown just the way our ancestors did it, without artificial stimulants, fertilizers and pesticides. This means that the food you get this way is free from all the synthetic chemicals that are slowly eating into the health of the modern day people.A person having


Contents of Organic Milk nutrition

Importance Of Food & Nutrition In Daily Life


Nutrition is what food is all about. And all that you should do to make food nutritious is to follow a few guidelines to ensure better nutritional value in your daily cooking.Incorporate raw vegetables in your daily diet. Make salads, vegetable juices or flavor yoghurt with fresh


Importance Of Food & Nutrition In Daily Life nutrition

Most Famous Kinds Of Italian Cheese


Of all the cheeses that are available all around the world, Italian cheeses are considered to be absolutely relishing, mouthwatering and in short “The Best”.  Italy is famous for various food items, however cheese if definitely one of its top famous food items. There are almost 700 varieties of cheeses that come from the Italian stable, however not all of them


Most Famous Kinds Of Italian Cheese nutrition

Monosodium Glutamate Pros and Cons


Listed as E 621 in the ingredient list of packaged foods Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is most commonly found in canned soups, processed fish and meat, dehydrated soup powders, instant noodle taste enhancers, potato wafers, soy sauce, sausages and is an integral ingredient of Chinese preparations.The pros and cons


Monosodium Glutamate Pros and Cons nutrition

Marble Cake


When I was a kid a visitor brought us some cakes which had both the flavors of vanilla and chocolate. It was called a marble cake due to its appearance. It looked splendid and tasted awesome. But as is the case with all cakes, they are not considered a good choice for a snack – too much of sugar, butter, and the all purpose flour in it. Sure


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Foods To Boost Your Energy Levels


You may be a successful businessman and must have made it to the top of the career ladder, but what about your health? Are you equally successful when it comes to health? Are you fit enough? If not, here’s your guide on eating for energy.
Porridge with 2 tbsp mixed berries and a cup of herbal tea. This is what your breakfast


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Working out should be a challenge, but it definitely should not be painful. If you find yourself running straight for the ice packs and aspirin after working out, you are probably doing something wrong. Before you convince yourself you have a wonderful excuse to quit, try evaluating your exercise program.First


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Homemade Convenience Foods


Home cooking is any day a cheaper, inexpensive and a tastier experience. When we cook food at home we have absolute control on what we eat and quality of ingredients that we choose for cooking. Food can be tailor-made to our taste preferences and we can make our eating at home a joyful experience to remember. Home cooking is more nutritious if we choose


Homemade Convenience Foods nutrition

High Protein Breakfast Foods


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you skip your lunch it won’t matter if you have a heavy and low fat breakfast. Breakfast must be full of protein and less of fat.
The main idea of having a high protein breakfast in the morning is to get enough protein which will keep you boosted for the day. Protein is also very easy top digest and these proteins


High Protein Breakfast Foods nutrition

Health Benefits Of Almonds


Almond is a tasty and a healthy food which can be preferred by all ages of people. Consuming a little number of almonds on a regular basis can help to overcome various basic physical disorders. This nut is rich in nutrition content and it also contains phosphorous, vitamin E, magnesium and iron. In addition to taste, this has various medicinal characters and


Health Benefits Of Almonds nutrition

Food for The Glowing Skin


It is every woman’s desire to have natural glowing skin. To achieve this woman shells out money on hordes of creams, lotions to look beautiful and possess radiant skin. Many vital factors are essential to give you a clear  skin such as balanced diet, good sleep, exercise and healthy life style.Balanced diet is very essential to provide all the



Healthy Food Ideas For A Child's Party


Get-togethers, whether it is for elders or for the kids, are incomplete without the right kind of party foods. It becomes especially important, when you are hosting a kid’s party. Generally, children are extremely choosy about food and do not prefer to have anything. They need to be pleased by the look, feel and taste


Healthy Food Ideas For A Child nutrition

Health Benefits of Papaya


Let us see how papaya has an unquestioned position among fruits.  Papaya is known for its power, the power it gives to make you rejuvenated.Papaya ripe or not has the same effect. Minerals, Vitamins, fibres, and carotene are abundant in papaya along with enzymes like carpine and arginine; of which the former   is essential for heart and the latter for



Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts


Do you know that macadamia nuts are the most delicious variety of nuts having loads of nutritional benefits for you!These buttery flavored nuts are cultivated from macadamia tress grow in the volcanic soils of Brazil, Kenya, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand. You would be amazed to read that macadamia nuts taste much better and are healthier



Flax Seed Health Benefits


Cultivated originally during the ancient period somewhere in Egypt, Flax seeds are becoming a favorite among populations which have arid land and climate similar to Egypt where this crop could be grown. More than the taste and its easy consumption, it is famous for the medicinal properties which it posses. It is also high in fiber content



Curry Powder


Curry powder is one of the most important ingredients when you prepare spicy and tangy dish. Curry powder not only tempts and allures taste buds, but you would be highly surprised to read that it is full of health benefits. We all know that curry powder is a fresh zesty mixture of various effective spices that contains rich medical values in



Eat a Nutritious Diet


The word nutrition is straight away associated to ‘unpalatable’ and ‘less tasty’ food. But, it infrequently has to be that way. We work without a break to run after that bonus or promotion, pursue deadlines and meet figures. Towards the end of a hard day, enticing food look like a little satisfaction, considered well deserved. Agreed that flavor



Citrus Nutritional Values


The nutritional properties in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapes, mikan are unrivalled to fight chronic health problems. Researches have shown that citrus are the source of minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers that are essentials for the development and growth. Besides, the taste and flavors of citrus fruits



Health Benefits Of Beer


People have always associated wines with health benefits but now new studies have revealed that beer also plays a great role in maintaining your overall health. This is true for all classes of beer like ales, lagers, stouts, bitter and wheat beers. Beer helps to reduce heart and vascular diseases and so one drink per day for both men and women is highly recommended



What Is A Gooseberry


Who would have thought that a medium sized tree with a crooked trunk and spreading branches would bear one of the most beneficial fruits ever known. A gooseberry is an unusual fruit, nearly spherical, light greenish yellow in color with 6 vertical stripes or furrows. It stimulates all your tastes except that of salt. Bite into a gooseberry and its



Fruitarian Diet


Are you a “fruitarian” enjoying a diet that excludes all parts of all vegetables except the fruits? Are you maintaining a strict fruit diet? Then this article is a must-read for you. Following a strict fruit diet works wonders for you in the first few weeks – your skin glows, you feel more energetic, your body feels light, you remain well-hydrated all day, and


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Foods for Anti Aging


Aging is one aspect of life that we detest the most but cannot prevent but accept it. You all know this, but, probably, something that you all are not aware of is that you can naturally prevent aging! Surprised? Don’t be, here’s a diet list of some anti-aging foods that keep you young and charming always.Make these foods form part of



Nuts Health Benefits


Nuts are one of the tiniest food items that you have. But you will be amazed to know how even these little things can help improve your health. In fact, eating a few nuts daily provides enough energy for you to keep working one whole day. Instead of depending on supplement tablets and other energy foods which are available in the market, you


Nuts Health Benefits nutrition

Best Food Sources of Antioxidants


Antioxidants keep your body healthy and free from many diseases and its anti aging properties keep your skin glowing and wrinkle free. Apart from protecting you from several common diseases, it even protects you from major diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, Alzheimer’s, tumor etc. You should consume foods which contain sufficient amount of antioxidants so



Fish In Our Diet


To keep our body fit it is important to have a healthy diet. Fish is an important source of protein and are low in fat. This article gives the importance of including fish in our diet.Statistically it has been found out that people all over the world obtain 25% of their animal protein from fish. Other than it being a valuable source of protein it also provides



Facts About Goat Meat


More than 70% people across the world consume goat meat. The supply of chevon, goat meat is seasonal.Kids are mostly born in the time of spring and can be processed at the age of 4 to 7 months. A local butcher is used in the processing of the goats. Most of the people find goat’s meat delicious


Facts About Goat Meat nutrition

Fats Good for Eyes


It is not that fat is bad for health. It is the excess amount of fat that can get bad. Fat is one of the essential nutrients of the body and the body will not function properly if there is not enough of fat in our diet. These are the essential fatty acids. Fatty acids, the building blocks of fat, are essential nutrients that



Benefits of Vitamin E


Vitamins are very essential for our body without which we can’t survive for long. There are different types of Vitamins one of which is Vitamin E. It is also known as Tocopherol. How this Vitamin E beneficial for our body, some reasons are given below.Vitamin E is well known for its antioxidant capacity due to which it has the



Benefits of Vitamin C


Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid is a vital vitamin for our body. Its deficiency can cause a lot of health problems. Given below are some benefits of Vitamin C by reading which you can understand why it is called vital for our life. Normally Vitamin C is known to cure and protect you from cold and flu but very few people know that



Grapefruit Diet


Grape Fruit Diet is one of the most sought after diets all over the world. This diet, works on a simple principle that grape juice induces weight loss amongst individuals. Many people also refer to this diet as the Mayo Clinic Diet. The fact, that many Hollywood stars have resorted to this diet plan and benefited from it, lends it the name of


Grapefruit Diet nutrition

Health Benefits of Garlic


Researches have proven that garlic has been keeping numerous diseases at bay. Joining the ranks are heart disease, cancer, hypertension, impotence even minors like colds and infections. Take a look at the benefits that we can derive from medicinal properties of garlic.Cancer:



Staying Healthy With Fruits


Fruits bring freshness and glow on your skin along with keeping your body fit. The real beauty is hidden in your physical fitness and agility. Here are some fruits to make you fit and healthy.Health benefits of AppleEating an apple or drinking one glass of apple juice daily not only keeps you fit and healthy