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Colossus of Rhodes in Greece


The Colossus of Rhodes located in Greece was having the stature of a modern 15 storey building. Moreover, this was an astounding architectural accomplishment when the statue as well as pedestal structure was constructed on the prominent Rhodes Island somewhere around 280 BC..The well-liked belief states that the


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Trip To Rhodes, Greece


Rhodes is one of the beautiful places of Greece and Rhodes is also very popular among the holiday-makers. Here one can will find everything that makes one’s island holiday perfect: mild climate, nice beaches, vibrant nightlife, culture, scenery and also comfort. .


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Packing Tips for You Beach Vacations & How To Pack for a Family Beach Vacation


Every one is very much aware of the tedious procedures that are followed before organizing a vacation. Any trip needs to be planned in proper way so that you don’t face any embarrassments while out with your family or friends. Especially if it is a beach vacation, you need to take care of the whole arrangement with more perfection as it is an overwhelming task. Well, relax and


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Cape Town Attractions -Things to do in Cape Town


#comment>#comment>Perched between splendid mountains and stunning ocean, there is no where like Cape Town. With the national park as its heart and cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years, Cape Town is simply gorgeous..Attractions you can’t resist:. With Table


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Maroma Beach, Mexico : Beach Guide


The Maroma beach, situated on the coasts of Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is often nominated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Pure white sands, crystal-clear waters, and warm tropical breezes promise a perfect paradise of a holiday destination at this beach and is a vast international tourist attraction..Nestled in the


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Beach Vacation & Beach Destination


Mazatlan: This city is now considered to be Mexico’s one of the best beach destinations. Apart from the beautiful beach there you will be able to see the great old town in its colonial splendour. With new shops, restaurants, plazas this town has become one of the centres of attraction for the travellers. A short trip to this very coastal town


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Facts About Cape Town


The naming of this enchanting city as Cape Town has an interesting anecdote based on historical facts. In the late 15th century Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias, while trying to find a sea route to India’s lucrative spice trade, was caught in terrible storms on a rocky headland at the southern tip of Africa..He survived and named it the Cape


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The Friendliest Town in Ireland Has Been Revealed


In late 2017, one town in County Clare won the title of the "Friendliest Town in Ireland"... now you know where to go for the finest Céad Míle Fáilte (Hundred Thousand Welcomes).. . And the friendliest town in Ireland is… step forward Ennis,


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Find Best Hotels in Cape Town


Cape Town, known as the oldest city in South Africa, is a place where natural abundance meets the innate desire of being with Mother Nature for few days. The extravagant geographic structure and its amazing vibe are responsible for its ranking in the list of best cities in the world. The city embodies in itself many cultures and civilizations. Hotels


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Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Cape Town


The experience of staying in Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Cape Town is heavenly. The hotel lies where sea, earth and sky meet and adorned by majestic table mountain and Atlantic rollers, the towering hotel is resplendent. The stunning location is charmed and doubled by the excellent service and


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History & Attractions of Cape Town, South Africa


Starting with the discovering of the place there is no certain records as when was the place discovered but taking a rough idea somewhere in 15th Century the Cape Town of South Africa was discovered by some Europeans. The oldest known bits and pieces of the place were in the Peers Cave in Fish Hoek some 15000 years ago. There are very little proof for the living


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Beach Workouts


Beach is not only a place to unwind with your dear ones; it can be a great location for calorie burning. Yes, today beach workouts are most preferred by those who love doing exercises by the sea enjoying the sun and shore. Also, the fun factor gives an extra edge to the beach workout. The water touching your feet and soothing breeze are simply irresistible



Airlie Beach


Airlie Beach  Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday islands has a reputation for being a great place to party.#comment>#comment>



Laguna Beach, California


Do you seek quality time with your beloved, a honeymoon holiday or a destination wedding location? Laguna Beach is the answer to your prayers. This lovely seashore has everything that any beautiful beach has and a lot more too. Stroll along the scenic shores with your beloved and admire the attractions of this cozy village.


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Warung Beach Club


The simple meaning of word Warung speaks for it hence needs no description. Warung comes from the native language of Brazil and means “Home”. Warung, Brazil in fact is decorated using their native theme of Bali Island as its backdrop. To believe in the charisma this club and its atmosphere have


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Romantic Beach Villas


A sun-bathed villa, away from the hustle bustle of city, appears ultimate for a romantic rendezvous and what better destination than Mediterranean for a romantic outing. .The Algarve’s, an amiable fishing village with endless beaches and inviting ocean front villas, is the best option for a quixotic


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Exotic Beach Destinations


The summer holidays are a great way to relax. If you are looking for places that offer you a pinch of relaxation this summer for you and the whole family, then do visit the below mentioned exotic beach destinations that guarantee truckloads of summer fun..Tenerife.Placed off the


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How To Plan A Beach Vacation


There are several places where you can enjoy beach vacations. They have different looks and different appeals. For instance, if you want to enjoy the tropical islands, there are places like Hawaii, Hainan, Phi Phi islands and so on. On the other hand, there are calm and serene beaches like


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Kaanapali Beach Resort


Ka’anapali Beach Resort is situated on the sands of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Its guest rooms are surrounded by tropical gardens. This is a lavish place and you can get the best of comforts and peace here. Ka’anapali Beach Resort is the place you will call home when you are there. It offers luxuries such as restaurants



Seychelles Beach Honeymoon


If breathtaking views of miles of sandy shoreline, pristine blue water sparkling in sunlight, palm trees swaying to the tune of a sweet breeze, flowers in full bloom and a captivating ocean with its myriad hues beckon you, the archipelago of Seychelles is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. .This dreamy sanctuary for


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Top Beach Hotels In Puket,Thailand


Phuket, the island paradise in Thailand, is a seaside retreat entrenched in spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets, warm waters of the Andaman Sea, and cascading mountain ranges..Tourists traveling to Phuket can indulge in the exciting nightlife and cheap shopping at the Patong beach or go for the relaxing and less crowded


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Hotels In Redondo Beach


If you’re looking to visit the romantic beach area of Redondo, Southern California, check out the details of the hotels there to make sure you get the best accommodation and amenities during your stay.


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Best Beach Destinations in the America


Nothing feels better than a beach destination for family vacation while the weather is icy and it is snowing. Though lots of destinations proffer sun, warm water, beaches, and various activities for the kids, but do keep in mind these most-liked beach destinations in America


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Bahamas Beach Trip


#comment>#comment>Girls are hanging at the beach in the Bahamas! Little did they know that the next trip they could earn is back to ATLANTIS!!!.#comment>#comment>. #comment>Tags: attractions in Bahamas


Waikoloa Beach Resort Hawaii


Waikoloa Beach Resort, the oceanfront island home community of Hali’i Kai is in a neighborhood of unmatched luxury. Here, you’ll find your sanctuary, your playground, your Hawaii Island home. On the sun-drenched Kohala coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, the elements have come together to create a place like no other.


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Sunny Beach Resort on Black Sea


Sunny Beach is one of the largest and popular resorts on Black Sea. The name of the resort truly goes well with its nature. The resort is located on the exotic golden powdery beach, and provides a huge amount of sunlight to its visitors, throughout the year..You can enjoy the maximum of the sunlight


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Margate Beach, South Africa


Margate Beach is a mile long beach situated on the South Coast.  It is a sort of beach where you can set up an umbrella, invite friends to a game of volleyball or catch hold of your kid who is making a stroll along the coast. The beach is a family gateway to have fun. The beach is loved for its picture perfect postcard tropical scenery of coconut palms, grassy


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Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai


Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the most luxurious beach hotels all around the world. It is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Dubai. It is a 5 star hotel, rewarded with numerous awards. It is built in the shape of a breaking wave.. In all, there are 618 rooms in this hotel. All of them are equipped


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Resort and Hotel in Flamenco Beach


The Flamenco Beach is a peaceful and calm destination, the beach extending up to a great length, along the calm and lucid waters. The region surrounding the beach is covered with lush greenery on all sides. The depth of water is just about 3 feet for quite a distance. You can experience the thrill of seeing a school of fish swimming right up to the shore, as


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Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia


All and sundry recognizes that Australia is gifted by means of a few of the most excellent beaches on this planet, as well as to make out an exceptional illustration in the Sydney district tourists should start on over up to Bondi Beach. Positioned in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, this miniature society has got one kilometer extensive, superlative


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Visiting & Vacationing In Miami Beach


One of the top favorite places for travelers is the Miami Beach.  A busy surf-blue beach, pastel shaded buildings, with its pastel shade buildings, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, trendy shops and most strikingly gay zones, this beach is located in the Miami-Dade Country of South Florida, in United


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Kapalua Beach Hotels in Maui Island


Kapalua is on the northwest end of Maui, about 15-20 minutes away from Ka’anapali and Lahaina. Kapalua Resort features six luxurious condominium communities. The two award winning Golf courses, The Bay and The Plantation are at the heart of it. The Plantation will give you stunning Golf playing experience


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Malibu Beach Travel Guide & Attractions


Going on a world tour or to far and exotic lands may not be possible for everyone. That does not mean that you are not entitled to find sometime to enjoy the beauty of nature, far away from the madding crowd. So what do you do about it? Find a place closer home of course. .Why don’t you check out the beautiful Malibu beaches in California? They are as


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