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Tourist Attractions in Dominica, Caribbean


Dominica is an independent nation member of the Commonwealth. It is a volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean with southerly Martinique and northerly French island Guadeloupe. The nation sits on a precarious earthquake zone on land and sea.The population is mostly Negroes and population is scantly distributed. Some Carib-Indians reside


Tourist Attractions in Dominica, Caribbean travel-guide

Travelling Tips With your Baby


Often when we think about going out with the baby for even a few hours, the thing that bothers us most is feeding the baby, and taking care of the little one. These tasks and related worries seem to magnify when we take a trip somewhere. And, while we worry ourselves, forget stuff, and during the trip we inevitably find ourselves under-prepared! So, here are a few tips which


Travelling Tips With your Baby travel-guide

Mongolia Travel Guide


Genghis Khan, an obscure Mongol chieftain, and some of his able descendents were able to establish the world’s largest empire that only the British could surpass seven centuries later. But Mongolia, the country of origin of mighty Mongols, has remained pretty blurry in the eyes of potential travelers who love to travel for pleasure and adventure.This distant


Mongolia Travel Guide travel-guide

Alaska Travel Guide


Alaska can be called the final frontier. It is big, extremely big and full of nature’s bounties. It is also breathtakingly beautiful. This 49th state of the United States is a land of natural wonders and home to some of the highest mountains in the United States. Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for the tourists interested in tasting


Alaska Travel Guide travel-guide

Essentials for Planning a Road Trip


“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”– Jack Kerouac, On the Road
Novels, films, songs may often portray road travel romantically and it is so, most of the time. But like everything else in our imperfect, non utopic existence on earth, traveling by road is neither easy


Essentials for Planning a Road Trip travel-guide

Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide


Some may find it monotonous but traveling alone has its rewards. The important thing to keep  in mind is the joy of exploring new places, learning about unknown cultures, history, art and architecture, cuisine, and of course, meeting new and interesting people. Solo travelers need to be knowledgeable, smart, alert and in possession of sufficient


Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide travel-guide

Terms and Plans of Travel Insurance


Today when nothing is safe and traveling is definitely riskier than it used to; one always wants to stay protected from the possible damages and injuries. Therefore, to secure oneself from these damages and risks one has to take the insurance while travelling. Actually travel insurance is the way to minimize the possible risks of the financial and


Terms and Plans of Travel Insurance travel-guide

Krabi Travel Guide


Krabi is one of the most popular tourist spots of Thailand and the stunning beaches of Phi Phi islands comes to our mind as soon as we start visualizing the place. This is a perfect place for relaxation and there will be lots of opportunities to start clicking. It has its own airport which is far less crowded than the nearby Phuket airport.


Krabi Travel Guide travel-guide

Portugal Travel Guide


Most of the times travel to Portugal is restricted to the capital city of Lisbon. But this country is a seat of culture and history and the various regions carry those marks. Apart from that Portugal is also home to some of the most fascinating scenery in the world. The best part of visiting Portugal is that it is one of the less traveled countries of Europe


Portugal Travel Guide travel-guide

Attractions & Sightseeing in Versailles


The majority of the guests who arrive at Versailles have no more than one place of purpose, the magnificent castle, which is the famous Palace of Versailles, which has been conventionally the center kingdom for the entire nation of France. On the other hand a good number of them do come cross-ways additional


Attractions & Sightseeing in Versailles travel-guide

Travel Guide & Travel Tips for Students


Most students get last minute jitters before travelling. You are definitely going to be a bundle of nerves. If you are travelling alone here are some last minute tips that could help you. First of all make sure you reach the airport at least three hours in advance for the check in.

In case you have a connecting flight, ask if your


Travel Guide & Travel Tips for Students travel-guide

How to Make a Travel Checklist


The prospect of travel causes much excitement and joyful anticipation; nevertheless, it also necessitates caution, preparation and efficient planning. Exploring unknown destinations of the world is thrilling as well as unnerving.Who knows what or whom you may encounter in the wrong place at the wrong time? Therefore, instead of simply heading out the door with the clothes you


How to Make a Travel Checklist travel-guide

Train Travel Safety Tips & Tips for a Safe Journey in Train


Trains are one of the oldest modes of transport and serve varied purposes. One can board trains to nearby areas, cities or countries too. Train journeys are also very enjoyable if you’re traveling with friends and family. Even solitary trips allow the partaker a chance to relax and reflect.Some people prefer train travel to other means of transport such


Train Travel Safety Tips & Tips for a Safe Journey in Train travel-guide

Tourist Attractions In Hungary


Hungary a small country in Central Europe surrounded by land on all sides with its borders being shared with Slovakia in north, Ukraine and Romania in east, Serbia and Croatia in south, Slovenian in southwest and Austria in the west. It is one of the most sort-out tourist destinations.Tourist attractions in Hungary has a lot to offer


Tourist Attractions In Hungary travel-guide

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh


Bangladesh may not be in the top list of hot international tourist destinations. But the several tourist attractions in this beautiful country will make you yearn for more when you visit them. There are myriad kinds of destinations in Bangladesh that are fast gaining popularity in many international travel charts. Explore a few of those from


Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh travel-guide

Orlando Travel Guide


If you are planning to visit USA, then the state of Florida is something that you just can’t miss. As one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing cities in the state of Florida, Orlando calls for millions and millions of tourists every year. There is countless number of attractions that Orlando has for its visitors. It is next to impossible to visit all the places


Orlando Travel Guide travel-guide

Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa


Climate is tropical moderated by altitude. November until May it is monsoons hence after it is arid climate. Malawi is a plateau broken by mountain ranges and descending steeply into the Rift with Lake Malawi. There are large plantations of tobacco and tea.httpv://www.youtube.com/


Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa travel-guide

Top Vacation Spots In India


The land of diversified culture and religion, India has a lot to offer to the tourists. Therefore, someone who is interested to plan a vacation to India needs to do some homework on the vacation spots of this country.If you too, are planning a vacation to India, you can take a peek at the following places:Uttrarakhand


Top Vacation Spots In India travel-guide

Germany Holiday Guide


Germany spoils tourists for choices; there are historical destinations, museums, natural scenery, castles, and many more attractions. It is an inviting destination with old towns, medieval houses, gothic churches and small villages. There are picturesque mountains, forests, and lakes in the country. It has the high mountains of Alps


Germany Holiday Guide travel-guide

Manila Travel Guide


Manila, the beautiful capital of Philippines is on the eastern coastal line of Manila bay. This bustling metropolitan region is better known as the most densely populated city of the world. Manila has everything on its platter to gratify every tourist’s quest for a perfect holiday. Because of its beauty and diverse city life, this small metropolitan


Manila Travel Guide travel-guide

Trekking Guide & Tips


Trekking involves hours of walking in hilly, wooded areas without any other means of transport. This means that one has to be good physical condition in order to endure the strain of trekking. In addition, most trekking trails hardly pass through rows of apartment buildings, general stores and other facilities. Hence, the trekker has


Trekking Guide & Tips travel-guide

Travel During Monsoon Season


If you are the adventurous type and enjoy driving then you are sure to rent a car on your holiday. If you are going to a close by destination you may even think of driving it down so that you are more mobile and free to go around in your car.If however you decide to do this adventurous holiday in the


Travel During Monsoon Season travel-guide

Overseas Trip Planning Tips


Most of us dream of going to overseas trip weather alone or with a family. So when you go for overseas trip, it is your time to enjoy and relax. Your holiday can turn into a nightmare if you do not plan it properly.By planning your trip you can avoid last minute


Overseas Trip Planning Tips travel-guide

Tips For Packing Luggage


“I need a vacation!” is such a common statement. We wait for our bosses to approve our leaves, so that we can escape to paradise! And when it does happen, the first thing that strikes is chaos! What to pack, where to pack, how to pack?Packing our bags is the only dreaded part in our holiday trips. We get carried away in to thinking


Tips For Packing Luggage travel-guide

Family Vacation Tips


You need to consider a lot of things when you are planning the trip for your next vacation.  You need to see that an appropriate destination is chosen for your family and there should be a deal which can be termed appropriate as per the holiday destination.

The first thing that you should consider is – the


Family Vacation Tips travel-guide

Things To See In Kaiserslautern Germany


Kaiserslautern is a small and beautiful city nestled in the low hills of the Rhine River Valley in southwest Germany.Things to see in Kaiserslautern, GermanyIt has a population of some 100,000 people, about half of which are NATO – mostly American – military personnel. Besides contributing handsomely towards the city’s economy, the camping troops


Things To See In Kaiserslautern Germany travel-guide

Things To Do In The Rainforest


Rainforests are always filled with life and are home to thousands of animals, insects and birds that live and thrive here. For any nature lover, experiencing the rainforest in its full glory is a change of a life time.Even the tiniest amount of time spent here offers so mush of excitement, thrill and knowledge. There are so many different ways in which


Things To Do In The Rainforest travel-guide

Things To Do In Steamboat Springs Colorado


Steamboat Springs in Colorado may be a globally popular winter ski resort tourist destination but there are equally if not more number of activities for the average visitor in summers as well. Things to do in Steamboat Springs, Colorado are eclectic and several and hence it’s one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the country.Things


Things To Do In Steamboat Springs Colorado travel-guide

Things To Do In Gatlinburg


Gatlinburg is a perfect gateway to the Smoky Mountains and an amazing mountain resort destination. Gatlinburg is a perfect blend of natural beauty and Appalachian hospitality that attracts over eleven million visitors from around the world every year. Forbes magazine has placed Gatlinburg in the list of top 10 prettiest towns in America’s. Here is list of things


Things To Do In Gatlinburg travel-guide

How Do You Plan Your Summer Holiday & Plan Your Cheap Holidays


Going on a holiday can actually make you wonder why you went in the first place. Some holidays can be really tight and even more tiring than being at home. How you plan your holiday is very important.Plan everything for your holiday in advance. Do not leave any thing for last minute or think that you will manage it at the destination. Make sure


How Do You Plan Your Summer Holiday & Plan Your Cheap Holidays travel-guide

The Spanish Attractions


Spain is a country rich in cultural heritage. It is a country which will offer much to the discerning travelers.There are many interesting places to see in this country like the salt marshes, rocky bays, the mountains and the ancient cities.  The castles and palaces will leave you speechless with its beauty and grandeur.Here is a list of best


The Spanish Attractions travel-guide

Louvre Museum in Paris


The Louvre Museum of Paris happens to be the most famous of all arts museums in the world. The museum is truly immense and it is possible to spend an entire week while exploring its exhibits. The sprawling Louvre palace is known for the scores of corridors that has number of walls with priceless sculptures and paintings on it.The Musée du Louvre that


Louvre Museum in Paris travel-guide

How to Choose the Best Frequent Flyer Program


If you are traveling on short trips for work, it is best to join a frequent flier program. After a few months of travel, you will be able to understand what your needs are. Frequent flier programs can benefit you in lots of ways. It enables you to collect points and get upgrades.


How to Choose the Best Frequent Flyer Program travel-guide

Atrractions & Things to Do in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most popular Asian destinations; not to mention the cleanest one as well. It is a great choice for a family holiday and a holiday with friends or simply shopping.  It is not much of a honeymooners destination.If you have decided on Singapore you have done wisely and are surely in for a memorable holiday. Singapore


Atrractions & Things to Do in Singapore travel-guide

Things to Do & Attractions in Pattaya


When you go on a holiday you often think about which other nearby place you can go to from there. If you are going on a budgeted holiday then Bangkok is the place for you. When you visit Bangkok you need not spend all your days there; you can take day trips or overnight trips to the smaller beach resorts around Bangkok.Pattaya is a good option for an overnight trip. You can


Things to Do & Attractions in Pattaya travel-guide

Top Five Kenya Safari Destinations


The mere mention of Kenya automatically brings to mind vivid pictures of wildlife. Hordes of elephants, lions, deer and other wild animals is what we think of whenever we are imagining something related to this African nation. And if you wish to enjoy the myriad hues of this lovely country, embark on a Kenyan safari. The safari tours are organized by several tour operators


Top Five Kenya Safari Destinations travel-guide

Student Travel Planning and Student Travel Tips


Ah! To be young and travel again! It’s not that adults can’t travel, but roaming around the world wild and carefree as a student is different from business trips or vacations with your family. Certainly, the freedom is exhilarating and the possibilities are endless. As a young student, you may be more open to taking chances without experience to guide you along


Student Travel Planning and Student Travel Tips travel-guide

Tips for Selecting A Tour Operator & Choosing a Tour Operator


Planning a holiday can be quite a task. If you are busy with work and have no time to do it by your self then bet the names of a few tour operator  that can help you plan your holiday.You should first of be comfortable with your tour operator. He should be able to guide you on the places you should visit depending


Tips for Selecting A Tour Operator & Choosing a Tour Operator travel-guide

Tips For A Safe & Enjoyable Vacation


Vacation is a time to enjoy and nothing can be better than enjoying it with your family. Of all the types of vacation touring in a RV is very enjoyable. You can select some scenic drives, camp in RV parks in exotic locations and then start for a new destination the next day. It’s an experience that you can only get once you actually hit the roads. Here are a few suggestions


Tips For A Safe & Enjoyable Vacation travel-guide

Guide To Mountain Biking & Mountain Riding Adventure


The thrill of discovering new landscapes is part of the thrill of exploring nature. Imagine doing this on a bike rather than on foot or by car. It’s the perfect speed for admiring nature at your own pace without rushing by in a vehicle or huffing and puffing on foot.Mountain biking is a sport for the adventurous and the brave. Most importantly


Guide To Mountain Biking & Mountain Riding Adventure travel-guide

Travel, Beaches in Puerto Lopez & Isla De La Plata


Puerto Lopez: Puerto Lopez is the small sea side village of Ecuador. The village with the blue sea as its backdrop captures the minds of the visitors. Though the place has got dusty roads and not large amount of modern facilities still it has become a resting place for the travellers who want to visit the Machalilla National Park. Puerto Lopez


Travel, Beaches in Puerto Lopez & Isla De La Plata travel-guide

Places To Visit And Things To In Maldives Vacation


Characterized by a line of ancient coral reefs that grew up all along the sides of the prehistoric volcanoes, Maldives is a South Asian county situated in the Indian Ocean. The magnificent sight of around 1190 coral reef islands, grouped in a twin chain of 26 atolls spread over an expanse of 90000 square kilometers, allure thousands of visitors to it every year.The most


Places To Visit And Things To In Maldives Vacation travel-guide

Pondicherry Travel Guide


People, who are travel freaks, try to find out various different places to visit that would give them certain unique experiences. In case you are really looking forward to visit a place which is not as congested by frequently visiting travelers as the most common places, then I would suggest you plan a tour to Pondicherry. You will be amazed at the planned city life experience


Pondicherry Travel Guide travel-guide

How To Pack Carry On Luggage & Carry-on Luggage Tips


Packing is already a monumental task; we have enough trouble with it besides worrying about how to pack effectively. For instance, is it possible to pack for a two-day trip in one carry-on bag only? Most might balk at the idea of not being to take their new shoes or evening gown or hi-tech laptop.Unless we really need it, carrying something because it is new is unnecessary.


How To Pack Carry On Luggage & Carry-on Luggage Tips travel-guide

How To Pack Your Backpack


Packing a backpack may seem like a daunting task for some people. There are some things you should keep in mind before packing your backpack. Just keep enough with which you are safe and comfortable. Always avoid over packing as it can make your pack too heavy and turn a wonderful trip into a miserable one.So keep your pack as light as


How To Pack Your Backpack travel-guide

Travel to Malaysia With Kids & Holiday and Destinations in Malaysia


Malaysia is a superb family holiday destination. It is a great place to take the kids as it has numerous theme parks. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is definitely worth a visit. Local taxis in KL as it is called is quite expensive. Wisely decide your day trips where in you don’t need to take too many taxis. Visiting a mall need not be a chore for the kids. Almost


Travel to Malaysia With Kids & Holiday and Destinations in Malaysia travel-guide

Tips For Air Travel


For all inexperienced as well as experienced air passengers, it is important to make their travel comfortable and safe. With some easy and effective tips you can have a relaxed flight.Before you take off, make sure that you know the correct flight number of your particular flight. This will help you to avoid last minute confusions. Claim your


Tips For Air Travel travel-guide

How To Vacation In The Country Of Ireland


Ireland (Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland), the 3rd largest island in Europe and the 20th in the world, lies in the northwest side of the Europe. Great Britain is in the East of Ireland. The island falls in two parts: Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which forms a part of the United Kingdom. Until around the 17th century


How To Vacation In The Country Of Ireland travel-guide

How To Travel With Your Pet


Planning an air travel but don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind? Fortunately, you don’t have to. Traveling with a pet is common and acceptable these days. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make the travel with your pet a smooth ride.Is Air Travel Suitable For Your Pet ?


How To Travel With Your Pet travel-guide

How To Travel In Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is situated south of India in the Indian Ocean. Though a small island on the Southern Asia, Sri Lanka offer unbelievable biological, geographical and cultural diversity that makes it one of the most attractive tourist spots in Asia. Many people who want to experience beaches, wildlife, forests along with a unique culture, find


How To Travel In Sri Lanka travel-guide

How To Travel Alone Internationally


Traveling for jaunting and rejuvenation is highly essential for purification of mind, body and soul. Traveling opens up ones inhibitions, while exploring the world develops ones mental aptitude. In this fast paced life, people arrange family tours to spend time with loved ones. But, there are many for whom traveling means freshening up by spending time in solitude


How To Travel Alone Internationally travel-guide

How To Rent A Camel In Cairo


Egypt is certainly one of the most popular tourist spots in the world and many of the tourist attractions in Egypt are situated around Cairo. That’s why most of the tourists like to stay in Cairo and move around to see the places of interest. Though there are different modes of transportation available in Cairo, wandering through the


How To Rent A Camel In Cairo travel-guide

Best Travel Tips & Travel Guides


Going out in vacation is the most enjoyable thing for the persons who love to be on the roads. However, it could turn to become a nightmare, if you do not plan your trip properly. There are travelers, who enjoy traveling without any plans. To them it is more adventurous to be like this. But if you have family and kids with you, then you should not take any risk and better plan


Best Travel Tips & Travel Guides travel-guide

Things to Do, Holiday & Accommodations in Pattaya


Pattaya, or the city that is better renowned as the beach resort of the world. This city of is one of the best places on Earth for the best value for your money. The exotic nightlife of Pattaya is enough to make the tourists lose their minds in awe of the heaven that this city is. Now that the city is expanding, the area known as Greater Pattaya is developing with the interest


Things to Do, Holiday & Accommodations in Pattaya travel-guide