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Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ is a novel by Victor Hugo and tells the story of a deformed bell-ringer at the Notre Dame Cathedral. In the actual Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, you are unlikely to find the hunchback. However, this Gothic cathedral is one of the finest attractions of Paris and merits a visit by all travelers.


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Things to Do & Attractions in Vilcabamba


Vilcabamba: Located at the far south of Ecuador, Vilcabamba is a small village with stunning natural beauty and tranquil ambience. The general temperature of the place is always a bit mild which simply soothes the travellers. For this reason people use to call this small town as the place of ‘eternal spring’. During rainy season the whole area is coloured itself


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Attractions & Things to Do and See in Tumbes


Tumbes: Tumbes the beautiful green land is one of the best parts of Peru. This place serves as the ecological reserve and the beauty of the lush green forest will simply enchant you. The location of this very town has enhanced its beauty more. This town feels like an oasis after the desert like locale of its surrounding. It is considered to be one of the best


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Underwater World, Singapore


Underwater World Singapore is located on the Sentosa Island and houses about 2500 marine life from 250 different species.  The place is popular with adults and children alike as it provides entertainment and education at the same place. The place is also committed to the breeding and conservation of marine life and is also an active participant in many of the environmental projects


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Useful Travel Gadgets & Accessories


Various forms of gadgets making our life lot easier as these gadgets are truly futuristic, modern and well functional in sorts of situations. Not only the geeks but people who prefer gadgets moderately find their regular life stalled without the use of gadgets. We often think that while on a tour we may not be able to spend time with our favorite


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Trip to Egypt & Egypt Travel


The River Nile divides Egypt into two halves-upper half, consisting of Luxor and Aswan and Lower Egypt, comprising the valley south of Cairo. You can start your journey in the land of mummies from Cairo and look for the Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Before reaching Giza you can visit the step pyramids at Saqqara which was


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Sacred Valley Attractions


The Sacred valley: The very name of ‘The Sacred Valley‘ has a charm and mystery about it. Around 15 km away from Cuzco this valley actually covers the beautiful Rio Urubamba. The valley with its own twists and turns is actually full of ancient Inca statues and architectures.


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Airline Pet Travel


Traveling with pets or transporting them in an air cargo is only possible if you have planned ahead and have all information regarding the same. Even under the best of conditions, pets can face difficulty in air travel. It is important that you speak your veterinarian and before you actually transport your pet through air cargo.This should be done with a motive


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Coba Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Coba: Coba is situated in the midst of verdant dense forest and it was famous for the excavations. Though it is not as famous as the other excavated sites but still the place has its own charm. One will easily feel that one has reached the scenes of ‘Indiana Jones’. Maximum ruins are in the deep forest and have not been excavated fully. But the journey in the


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Traveling With Little Kids and Tips for Air Travel with Children


Hmm…so you are taking your little angel along with you for a lovely trip. You are happy but worried at the same time since traveling with little kids is never easy. But, don’t you worry. With utmost care, diligence and precautions, you can take you child along with you and also have a great vacation.Following are the tips that will come handy while traveling with


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Travel Tips For Ireland


While traveling to any country of the world, it is imperative to get certain tips and requirements of that place in hand to avoid all kinds of hassles. Ireland is one of those hotspots that are considered as an ideal holiday destination by a lot of people from all around the globe.However, to make sure that your trip is smooth and blunder free, you should


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Amsterdam Travel Guide, Netherlands


Amsterdam is a perfect blend of the old and the new. Riddled with a network of canals, the Dutch capital is a paradise for lovers of architecture. The structures are representative of traditional styles as well as modern technology. In addition, Amsterdam has been home to many great personalities; it has a rich culture and offers a rewarding and fun-filled experience


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Planning a Visit and Travelling Options & Tips for Traveling Abroad


When you plan for a trip, it is most natural to first book your tickets and arrange for the visa. We then proceed to make hotel reservations and make arrangements for the money we need to carry with us.We then look at sightseeing and traveling options available either on the Internet, through friends or by consulting a guide. There are some


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Sea World San Diego Vacation


Is it not thrilling to see the blue and white killer whales performing acrobats? Do you want to see the sea lions performing to the tunes of their instructors? Well, for amazing water world experience and personal encounters with the underwater world, plan your trip to Sea World in San Diego, California.Surely, people of all ages will want to


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Travel Tips for Senior Citizens


Kids, senior citizens and pregnant women need to travel with lot of precautions and care. All these people are considered to be sensitive parties for traveling. Senior citizens considering their age and physical condition have to take lot of safety measures while planning any trip within their own country or abroad.Following are the tips that need to be taken


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Tips to Save Money While Traveling & Protect Your Money While Traveling


We all love to travel; any chance for a perfect gateway will always makes us happy. Traveling or touring is the golden idea to rejuvenate and freshen up all the energy. But, after coming back from a trip, you may often realize that you have actually spent more money than you thought. And many of you may cancel the trip due to the financial crunch. Well not any


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Travel Personal Hygiene Tips & Tips to be Hygienic While Traveling


We all love to be clean as much as possible. Proper hygiene keeps us healthy and happy. But, often while traveling, it’s not possible to follow the cleanliness. Especially, women and children face huge problem as clean water or clean room is not always available. But personal hygiene is important everywhere. Filthy improper environment can cause bacterial


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Tips On Cheap And Affordable Traveling


Traveling is one of the best ways to overcome stress and to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. However, a lot of people restrict themselves to plan holidays because of budget issues and expenses.Some cheap and affordable traveling tips will help you to consider exotic holidays and trips that you weren’t able to plan otherwise. Also, these cheap travel ideas


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How to Plan a Weekend Trip


Taking a long vacation may not be possible very often due to work pressures and a hectic lifestyle. But you can always make a good use of the weekend to plan a quick weekend getaway. First think about and plan the type of getaway you need.Do you


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Tips For Traveling With An Autistic Child


Parents of an autistic child should remember that it’s utmost important for them to inculcate proper habits and arrangement skills in their autistic child. Though traveling generally means freedom from normal habits and methodical lifestyle, it is quite difficult to help an autistic child adapting to a sudden drastic change in lifestyle.


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Tips For Single Parent Vacations & A Place For Single Parents


Single parent often face problems while traveling with their kids. Arranging the whole trip single handedly and taking care of the children can be little daunting at times, but the good news is that single status hardly matters while enjoying with kids. And by following some effective tips one can make the trip a most comfortable and equally enjoyable.


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Things to Do in Connecticut


Rolling Litchfield hills, historically rich waters of River Valley, mélange of experiences at Mystic Country and Greater New Haven and abundance of nature and rich culture in Fairfield County – this is Connecticut State, along with a few details added here and there. This northeastern state in the region of New England, United States


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Things To Know Before Visiting Korea


Are you planning to make a trip to Korea? Korea is a part of the great Asian continent. Korea is a place that people go to for business trips and also to enjoy the culture of Korea, firsthand. But this place has its own personal form of features that needs to be kept in knowledge when you are visiting such a place. And of course, rules and regulations


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Things to Do in French Lick Indiana


After the establishment of a French trading post some 200 years ago and the discovery of sulfur springs and salt licks in this area in Indiana, people began to flock this place and their number began to rise gradually. The only thing they intended to do then was to bathe and drink the local mineral water which was believed to contain healing


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Places To Visit & Things To See In Portland, Oregon


Are you in the mood to visit an environment-friendly destination? Plan a trip to Portland, Oregon in Northwestern America. Natural beauty, scenic views, fresh air and rich culture are merely the beginning of Portland. This city is situated where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet.Being the 29th, most populous state in the United States does


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Hong Kong Travel Guide And Torists Attractions


The most popular tourist attraction is easily The Peak which offers some stunning visuals and it is a great place for shopping and dining. The journey to The Peak by the Peak Tram is a memorable experience; after all, it is the world’s oldest funicular railways. If you are boarding the Peak Tram on your way up then you will have a wonderful experience as the tram rises to 1300


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Nile Cruises


The Nile Cruise is an exquisite experience of visiting the temples tombs and historical structures of Egypt along the stretch of the river Nile. The best time to visit is between October and mid April when the locks of the river are open which are otherwise closed round the year due to the increase in the water level of the river. However some cruises


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The Best Road Journeys in the World


The Viking Trail road trip of CanadaThe Viking Trail highway connects the city of Southern Labrador with the city of St. Anthony. This highway goes through the Gulf of St. Lawrence providing outstanding views of the neighboring areas.Amalfi CoastAmalfi coastline drive is one of the most remarkable drives in Europe


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Tourist Destinations in Istanbul & Places to See in Istanbul


Istanbul, previously known as Byzantium names after King Byzas in 667 BC and later known as Constantinople named after Roman King Constantine is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. It is truly a city of contrasts and mythical legends. Its historic castles, churches, mosques and temples, domes and minarets have witnessed many mighty empires like the


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Top 10 National Parks In The United States


Taking a break from the daily life is very essential in these days of hectic schedules, pressing deadlines and ever increasing targets. And there can be never be a better way to unwind than spending some time in the lap of nature. There are many choices and one of the best choices is spending some time in any of the 58 great national parks that USA has to offer


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Things To Do & Adventure Travel In Tanzania


Being one of the most famous tourist destinations of the Africa continent, Tanzania is a place for several exciting and enthralling activities for the travelers.While you are at Tanzania, you must go for the Safari tour through the Serengeti National Park. This national park is the home for ‘big five’, which


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Torquay Travel Guide & Attractions


If you want to give your family and your little ones a perfect vacation treat, a Torquay trip may be the perfect option. This Devon town at a distance of 16 miles from Exeter, boasts of a number of family attractions including sea train, boat trips, theme parks and others and your kids will just love it here.One of the best things to do while in Torquay


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Trip To Taj Mahal


Agra, one of the most popular historical cities of North India, attracts thousands of tourists from all the corners of the world. Tourists from all the continents of the world come over to Agra to see the glorious monument the Taj Mahal. A visit to this grand creation is really unforgettable. The pristine beauty of the Taj Mahal


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Planning a Summer Vacation on a Budget


When the end of a long working year and the much awaited summer vacations are in sight, everybody looks forward to going on a long holiday. Whether it is for some much needed rest and relaxation or simply to get away from the city, vacations are necessary for everybody.Yet, in these times it is not that easy to splurge a large amount of money on luxuries


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Singapore Zoological Gardens & Singapore Attractions


The Singapore Zoo is one of the celebrated zoos of the world.  The animals are separated from the visitors y the use of natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation. The zoo follows the concept of an open zoo. Te zoo spreads over 28 hectares and is home to more than 3 600 mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo also has a unique orang utan breeding program.


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Singapore Night Safari & Wildlife Park


The Singapore Night Safari is the only wildlife park in the world that offers viewing of the animals at night. The Safari has about 1000 animals from 120 different species and they are all nocturnal creatures. It covers an area which is almost twice as large as the Singapore Zoo. It is an open air zoo and is divided into eight geographical zones. There are many


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Sentosa Island Vacation


If you are in Singapore, then you just cannot ignore Sentosa. This is the place to unwind and indulge in a number of leisure activities. Don’t miss Wave House Sentosa, Megazip Adventure Park, Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Sentosa Nature Discovery et al.


Sentosa Island Vacation trip-ideas

Attractions & Places to Visit in Seattle, Washington D.C.


Don’t let the rainy weather in Seattle put you off from visiting this wonderful city. Attractions abound in plenty in the largest city in Washington State. Lovers of music and coffee should know that the Emerald City (Seattle’s current official nickname) is famous for both. It is the birthplace of great musical legends such as Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix


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San Diego Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Sea World is world’s numero uno adventure park, Marine Park, animal kingdom rolled into one. It is located in the state of California and is easily accessible by all forms of public transportation. Many local hotels have a free shuttle service to the Sea World.The admission tickets are priced


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What Equipments are Needed for Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is surely the most exciting under water sport. Swimming amid the beautiful marine creatures and watching the marvelous view of the under water wildlife is something to die for. But, before you jump into the water with the sheer zeal and enthusiasm to be familiar with the under water world, be sure that you carry the essential kits


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How to Save Money on Hotel


If you are not planning to splurge for your next vacation, then why not you think of saving money on budget hotels? You can probably use this saved money for some other travel-related expenses or can simply enjoy the savings in your bank account.First of all, you should start to plan about your tour quite early. This extra time you will


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Salem Oregon Travel, USA


When one hears Salem, one may automatically think of witch trials. However, in the heart of the Willamette Valley, lies the capital of the US state of Oregon. Salem is nicknamed the Cherry City for its burgeoning cherry industry in the past. The city has plentiful offerings for all travelers from gardens to markets and vineries to festivals. The Willamette


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Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone & Tips For Safe Traveling


Every year with the advancement of society the number of solo women travelers is increasing. The reason can be anything; business or personal, women are not shy away form traveling alone. But the risk factor in case of women is always huge compared to their counterparts. But by adapting some effective solutions they can make their trips safe and secure.The most important


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Historic Sites & Attractions in Delphi


Delphi: Delphi is Greece’s one of the places with which mythical allusions is greatly related. Not only for that reason but also for the rich natural beauty today the village of Delphi has become one of the favourite tourists’ spots of Greece. With its spectacular location and stunning scenic beauty Delphi attracts loads of travellers from all


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Vacation RV Rentals & How To Rent An RV


Summer is here and you must be planning for a vacation with your family. Often such planning starts with a fanfare but finally becomes an exercise in calculation and locating budget hotels and ways to get the maximum out of minimum cost. Have you thought of RVing? It is about getting a RV (recreational vehicles like motor homes) and driving in comfort along


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Rome Tourist Attractions


Legend has it that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. This proverb which has become so popular all over the world, literally spells out the epic past of this ancient city. It has metamorphosed into a lovely city, buzzing with life and encompassing an absolutely glorious past. There is just no need to visit any particular tourist attraction to be overwhelmed by the


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Rajasthan Fairs And Festivals


Rajasthan: Rajasthan covers the desert area of India. The state of Rajasthan attracts loads of tourists from different countries of the world each year. The colourful vivacious locals, the rich ancient histories of the forts and palaces and the unique ambience of desert have made Rajasthan a different place of India.The vibrancy


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Racine Zoo, Wisconsin


The Racine Zoological Society will give you a wonderful experience and it is a big hit among adults and children alike. The zoo is open throughout the year and opens at 8:00 in the morning. Adults are charged at 6$ for admission but children under 3 and members are admitted totally free.


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Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn


Prospect Park Zoo is spread over 12 acres and is located in Brooklyn. The zoo is actually located off Flatbush Avenue and it offers educational programs for children, restoration of the population of endangered species and a Wildlife Theater that runs a number of volunteer programs.The zoo has over 600


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Powerhouse Museum, Sydney


The Powerhouse Museum is one of the most important branches of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. It is located in Sydney. Also the other institute associated with the same is Sydney Observatory. This museum has a huge collection of technology, which includes Media, Space technology, Decorative arts, Communication


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Kruger National Park Travel Guide


Kruger National Park in South Africa is the best place to see wildlife in action. And it is this quality that has given the park an iconic status among all the national parks in the world. So if you are willing to see some wildlife in true settings and amidst the best of amenities then welcome to Kruger National Park.Location


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Tips For Planning Last Minute Holiday & Planning A Holiday


Not everyone can decide way in advance on when they may be able to go on a holiday. All families have their own sets of problems. If you are planning a last minute trip you will surely decide at the most three days in advance.Once you have decided that you are going on a trip think about what kind of trip you would prefer; adventure or romance or a beach destination


Tips For Planning Last Minute Holiday & Planning A Holiday trip-ideas

Packing Tips for You Beach Vacations & How To Pack for a Family Beach Vacation


Every one is very much aware of the tedious procedures that are followed before organizing a vacation. Any trip needs to be planned in proper way so that you don’t face any embarrassments while out with your family or friends. Especially if it is a beach vacation, you need to take care of the whole arrangement with more perfection as it is an overwhelming task. Well, relax and


Packing Tips for You Beach Vacations & How To Pack for a Family Beach Vacation trip-ideas

Packing For Adventure Travel


You must always pack light and right when planning an adventure trip. All security and comfort related things must be your priority as you have to be prepared for all kinds of situations.You will be able to carry your luggage on your own if


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Oxford Attractions & Visit in England


“And that sweet city with her dreaming spires,
She needs not June for beauty’s heightening,
Lovely all times she lies, lovely to-night!”Thus, Matthew Arnold referred to Oxford in his poem ‘Thyrsis’. This southeastern city in England is famous worldwide. Its name is synonymous with Oxford University – the institution being a central attraction here – and it contains


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Olympic National Park Travel Guide


The Olympic National Park is an incredibly beautiful park located in the state of Washington, U.S.A. It is situated in the Olympic Peninsula and its coastlines overlook the Pacific Ocean. With an impressive 3733, 8 km2 ( nearly one million acres) of coastal terrain, lofty glacier-capped mountains, lush and luxuriant flora, rushing rivers


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Things to Do & Sightseeing in Mykonos


Mykonos: Mykonos is a dazzling island town of Greece. It greets the travellers with its sunny and refreshing atmosphere and amazes them with its breath taking cubic town. It is a fabulous destination for those who like partying and making fun. Mykinos with its bars, pubs and colourful nightlife attracts loads of people from different places.Beaches


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Museums In Boston


If you’re planning a vacation in Boston, don’t forget to visit the museums located there. The museums in Boston help to promote art and science and create an awareness of the cultural heritage of America. This write-up gives you an idea about some of the museums worth visiting in Boston.Museums in BostonThe


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