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Vatican City Travel, Italy


Vatican City is the smallest country in the world situated on the Vatican Hill. It is located in Rome, the capital of Italy. It is a state ruled by the bishop of Rome- the Pope. This little state is surrounded by a city wall which was


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Ngee Ann City, Singapore


Ngee Ann City is a shopping center located on Orchard Road in Singapore. The place is also known as the Takashimaya Shopping Center. The shopping center is loaded with lots of stores and products that are determined to please everyone. The mall is spread across and seven levels and it has more than 100 specialty stores. There are big brands too in this plaza


Ngee Ann City, Singapore shopping

Brisbane City, Queensland


Come to Brisbane and you’ll discover a region that’s not only filled with energy, you’ll also find it’s filled with endless things to do..#comment>#comment>



Visit to Malaga City, Spain


For a grand Malaga city overview, go through any number of sites as well as you will come across an incredible quantity of information on this antique port city sited in the southern regions of Spain. Situated sandwiched between the Axarquia hills, the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the two rivers


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Tourist Attractions in Iowa City


Iowa City is regarded as one of the few best places to survive all across the Midwest. Moreover it is an abode to the University of Iowa as well as is a focal point for education and culture. Things to Do: There are numerous things, which will create Iowa City appear similar to a small settlement, however by means


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Things to do in Salt Lake City


The capital city of Utah, Salt Lake City is the perfect gateway to the prominent ski resorts, picturesque national parks as well as recreational areas in the state. Salt Lake is one of the well-known ski destinations in the world. The Olympic Winter Games of the year 2002 were organized here..Skiers visit this city all through the year


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Shopping in Milan, The City of Fashion


Milan is one place that every fashion addict is aware of, and if you are looking for a luxurious vacation with great designer shopping to look forward to, then Milan is the place for a shopaholic princess like you. You name the brand – Nina Ricci, Guccio Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, or Roberto Cavalli – they all started here and you will find their best designer


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Christchurch, The Garden City of New Zealand


Being the second largest city of New Zealand, Christchurch is one of the most picturesque destinations of the country. This beautiful city is also known as Garden City for around 750 parks, which are developed at various places. Situated in the middle of the eastern coastline of the South Island, it is the second largest city of New Zealand.


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Carlyle Hotel, New York City


The Carlyle hotel is a flagship hotel of the Rosewood Group. It is located in the North Eastern corner of the Madison Avenue. It lies in the Upper East Side of New York City, New York. The hotel was built by Moses Ginsberg, and named after the well known Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle. The


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City of Vancouver, Canada Review


Recently Economist Intelligence Unit has come up with the list of ‘most livable cities in the world’ and Canadian city Vancouver has managed to attain the coveted top rank in the list. This spectacular and truly modern city has managed to score a


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Suntec City Mall, Singapore


Suntec City Mall is definitely not a new shopping mall but by any standards it is one of the biggest one in Singapore. The mall is also hugely popular here and it is one of the preferred shopping destinations in Singapore.


Suntec City Mall, Singapore shopping

New York City Travel Guide


New York is one of the most popular global cities in the United States. This densely populated city is located on a large natural harbor on the Atlantic Ocean. New York is situated on the Northeastern side of the United States and had served as its capital earlier..It


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City of the Dead, Cairo, Egypt


City of the dead or Qaraf in Egypt is a nomenclature which brings to mind a sense of foreboding because of its association with the dead in ancient times.  In ancient time necropolis or the city of the dead which was actually a burial ground existed in many lands.  In Egypt it was parallel to the cities beyond



Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore


The Raffles City Shopping Center is located in the Civic District and is very close to the tourist and historic sites. The mall is very popular with tourists who are looking for luxury items. The place where the mall is now situated was home to Raffles Institution previously.


Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore shopping

Vivo City, Singapore, Shopping at VivoCity


Vivo City is Singapore’s latest and largest retail destination. It is situated next to Keppel Harbor at the Harbor Front.  The Vivo City is very popular among locals and foreigners alike and every year it attracts a plethora of visitors. In very quick time it has become a very popular shopping center in Singapore.Shopping is very tiring but Vivo City has the


Vivo City, Singapore, Shopping at VivoCity shopping

The Plaza Hotel, New York City Review


Vibrant New York City is home to several luxurious hotels and accommodations. Among them, the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue at Central Park South Manhattan is both a designated National Historic Landmark as well one of the finest hotels in New York city.Built in 1907


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Insider Travel Tips on New York City


Get the ‘low down’ on where to dine, where to shop and the most happening places when visiting the largest city in the United States. Allow an InterContinental Concierge member lead you on a special tour..#comment>#comment>



Garnd Park City Hall, Singapore


Grand Park City Hall is located in the Civic District of Singapore. Some of the oldest and important landmarks of Singapore are within walking distance of this hotel. The Hotel has already bagged the Architectural Heritage ward for its ten storied


Garnd Park City Hall, Singapore hotels

Travel Back In Time In Alexandria,The Mystic City


Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It was built by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C as Egypt’s new capital. Due to its strategic location on the sea coast, it served as a maritime trade centre and is given the sobriquet:” The Pearl of the Mediterranean”..Alexandria from ancient


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New York City Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


New York is the commercial hub of U.S. and it has all. For anyone who is looking forward to an entertaining vacation, must visit New York. It is the real US with museums, history, important landmark, etc. Here is a guide on how to plan your trip to New York and what all to do and see


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Mexico City Attractions, Nightlife in Mexico


Planning a visit to a place which has some great night life to offer, then look no further simply head to Mexico. This article provides information about the night life in Mexico..Mexico is a country which has a rocking night life all days of the week from Monday to Sunday. There are no rigid rules in


Mexico City Attractions, Nightlife in Mexico night-clubs

Vienna Woods of Vienna city


Flora and fauna have always attracted human from time immemorial. Art and culture of civilizations like Mohenjodaro or Harappa are greatly influenced by nature and this can be easily depicted in their drawings or sculptures..Forests are the best source for getting diversity of flora and fauna at one place. In fact the rich species of both are generously available


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Travel in Dawson, Canada


Dawson city: Dawson city is Canada’s one of the most beautiful historic places. But this description can not aptly catch the essence and the real mood of the city. The colourful culture of the city will simply enchant you with its funky and quirky side while you are visiting it for the first time. In the 1830s this very city was the centre of the Klondike


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Health Benefits Of Dietary supplements & Weight Gain Supplements


If you’re serious about fitness, you’ll probably need to use some depending on your objectives. If you want to gain muscular body weight, it’s a fact that you need to eat every three to four hours for quick results. It’s also true that the foods you eat should be nutritious and help in packing on the muscle..If thought vada pavs,  maharaja macs and



8 Things You Didn't Know About Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash‘s name is one of the most recognizable in the history of the music industry. As the voice behind classic songs such as “Ring of Fire,” “Walk the Line,” and Folsom Prison Blues,” Cash was, and still is incredibly popular with millions of people..Due to his popularity, little


8 Things You Didn movies