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Tasty Pickles Recipes


Tasty Pickles Recipes - Brinjal Pickle Recipe - Sweet Chili Pickle Recipe - Ginger Pickle Recipe » Tasty pickles for youBrinjal pickle

2 kg brinjals, 200 gm mustard seeds, 200 gm ginger, 1 cup heated mustard oil, 40 gm roasted fenugreek seeds, red chili as needed


Make sure you bring seedless brinjals for preparing this pickle.

Roast the brinjals on the flame, peel it off and mash nicely.

Add chopped ginger and garlic into it.

Crush the fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds together and add to the mashed brinjals.

Heat all the ingredients in pan and stir nicely with wooden spoon.

Take it off the pan from flame after 15-20 minutes to cool don.

Pour into a clean container and add oil to it.

Keep it under the sun for 4 days and then your brinjal pickle is ready to savor.

Sweet chili pickle

1 kg green chilies, 50 gm sugar, 30 gm salt, 40 gm mustard powder, 5 gm amchoor, 40 gm lemon, vinegar and kadoaa oil as needed

Wash the green chilies and dry them with towel. Later make a nice slit in the center of chilies.

Sprinkle lemon juice on the chilies.

Add sugar, salt, mustard and amchoor to the above mixture.

Now pour the whole mixture in a container and seal it.

Keep the container under the sun for 10 days and keep mixing it.

Your sweet and sour chili pickle is ready to eat.

Ginger pickle

500 gm ginger, 500 gm lemon juice, pinch of hing, black pepper, salt to taste

Peel off ginger and chop it into long slices.

Make a nice paste of hing and black pepper. Add both the above ingredients along with salt and mix well with ginger slices.

Pour the lemon juice from the above.

Pour the pickle in container and keep it aside for 15 days under the sun and mix well.

Ginger pickle is ready to eat.

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