Teeth Grinding In Children


Teeth Grinding In Children


Teeth Grinding In Children - Stop Teeth Grinding - Kids and Teeth Clenching » Teeth Grinding in ChildrenMedically referred as bruxism, teeth grinding is the common act of consciously or unconsciously clenching teeth in children. Children can clench their teeth either during the day, or in the night. It is not a healthy habit as it can affect the teeth as well as the dental structure of the child and can hamper his teeth growth in future. To know how to get your child rid from this habit, you need to be aware of the factors which lead to teeth grinding in children.

There are a number of factors which have been associated with the problem of teeth grinding in children. Usually children clench their teeth due to abnormal growth of milk teeth or improper alignment of top and bottom sets of teeth. This implies that the set of babies’ teeth doesn’t match with one another. This problem is not that serious in kids as it is in adults.

This is because children eventually outgrow their baby teeth. However, if teeth grinding continues when permanent set of teeth come out, then it needs to be treated on time to prevent damage to teeth’s enamel. A majority of children display this problem at night during sleeping.

It is believed that stress, anxiety and pressures on children can lead to this problem of bruxism or teeth grinding. While stress is a prime reason for teeth grinding in adults, this factor cannot be ruled out from kids as they too face problem of stress of school, peers and homework. Also, children who are hyperactive by nature tend to grind their teeth more often than their normal counterparts.

While dentists believe that the kids usually outgrow the problem of teeth grinding with the occurrence of permanent teeth, this problem should be treated on time as it can also lead to some major problems like broken dentures, headaches, face sores and sore jaws.

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