Television Addiction


Television Addiction


Television Addiction - Effects of Television Addiction - TV Addicted Children - Stop Television Addiction » Ways to Prevent your Child from Becoming a TV AddictDoes your child spend endless and long hours in front of television, switching channels or watching movies, serials and other things? If yes, then you need to stop this habit from becoming an addiction as too much of TV watching is not healthy for the physical and psychological health of a child.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to prevent your child from becoming a couch potato. If a child spends long hours watching television, then he is depriving his body from the much needed physical activity and he is also neglecting his studies and other important tasks.

Thus, your child will not only become overweight and poor in studies, but will also give open invitation to various health problems that occur due to lack of exercise. Not to forget- your child will also get big spectacles very early in his life.

To prevent your child from becoming a TV addict, you must follow some given tips. First of all, you need to be firm from the beginning itself.

Set up TV timings so that your child is disciplined and does not spend more than required time in front of the ‘idiot box’.

Additionally, you should also ensure that your child watches relevant and educational items and shows on the TV as there are quite a lot of amoral stuff that can leave an adverse effect on the child’s mind.

Along with setting up TV timings, you must encourage your child to indulge in some outdoor games and activities.

Help him make friends and set up his schedule in such a way that he devotes adequate time to studies, outdoor activities and even to entertainment and TV watching. This way he will be able to grow up into a healthy and successful person. family

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