Texel Island Travel Guide & Attractions

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Texel Island Travel Guide & Attractions


Texel: Texel is considered to be the biggest islands of the Wadden Islands. It is one of the most visited of the islands too. This very island lies at the northern side of the Noord Holland. It is a fantastic place. Coming here one will have so many things to see and to do.

There are fantastic luxurious beaches, lush green forests and reserves, and awesome villages. Tourists from different parts of Europe and also from other parts of the world come to this very island to travel.

Attractions: There are fine sandy beaches in the Texel Island. One can easily pass his or her day relaxing at the beach. One can also enjoy sun bathing, swimming and above all kite surfing here. There is a grand lighthouse at De Cocksdrop. It was opened for the general tourists from 2009.

This fantastic red coloured lighthouse is considered to be the most noted land mark here. One can have fine views from the top. There are several things to see in Texel Island. Ecomare is the nature centre or nature reserve where Texel Island’s nature and wildlife are preserved and taken care of.

Earlier it was made for the treatment and as a refuge centre for the sick seals. There are several large aquariums which are filled with marine animals from the Waddenzee. There are sharks, sea skates and different types of colourful fishes.

This particular nature centre has nice display regarding Texel Island’s development from the ice age and also the importance of sea in the lives of the inhabitants of the Texel Island. During the month of June the Texel Island actually is full of fantastic orchids. Though orchids are quite rare in this island, in the month of June one can see their exuberance.

At this very time you can visit the Eureka Orchideeen ans Vogelbush. Here one can see different types of orchids and also different birds. Do not miss the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum.

Here you can see different parts and articles of the broken and drowned ships. Coming here one can gather great amount of knowledge about shipping and its intricacies. It makes a good day out. There are several nice villages to enjoy a day out in Texel.

At the south of Texel is Den Hoon with verdant green beauty and small cottages. At the western part and near the beach is the fascinating De Koog. Here one can enjoy sun bathe, swimming, nice sea food and drinks. Due to diverse landscape one can enjoy here biking and hiking.

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