The Best And Worst Starter Pokemon

The Best And Worst Starter Pokemon

To say that Pokémon design has always skewed towards cuteness is sort of like saying that rubbing Ghost Pepper hot sauce into your eyes is a bad idea. It's the primary attribute, the driving force of the entire franchise, the reason the words "electric rat" conjure up cheerful feelings rather than sheer, unmitigated horror.

The apotheosis of that design philosophy is Jigglypuff, who is literally just a circle with gigantic eyes, and whose occasional lapses into fury only make it cuter. For the starter Pokémon, though, the champion of cuteness is clearly Piplup, a pastel baby penguin that might as well be made of cotton candy and wishes.

Its rounded, no-sharp-edges appeal is definitely there, but it lacks the appealing edge for a game that's built around combat — at least at first level. By the time it evolves into its final form as an emperor penguin with a face made of golden knives, its gotten all the edges that it needs. A solid choice — especially compared to the unsettling unsavoriness of Chimchar.


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The Best And Worst Starter Pokemon