The Best Films Where The Bad Guy Wins


The Best Films Where The Bad Guy Wins


Life is Beautiful is another story that ends with Nazis coming out on top. The Italian film was directed and co-written by the incredibly talented Roberto Benigni, who also played the lead role alongside Nicoletta Braschi, his wife of nearly thirty years. The film has won numerous accolades, including three Academy Awards. The first half of the film is light and comedic as it follows Guido Orefice, a Jewish bookshop owner in Italy who shamelessly pursues the love of his life with some slapstick bits of acting guaranteed to keep audiences rolling out of their seats.

But things take a drastic turn when the narrative jumps forward several years to a Nazi-occupied Italy, where Guido, his wife, and their son are sent to a concentration camp. Once in the camp, the bookshop owner uses his incredibly resilient imagination to tirelessly shield his son from the horrors around them, sheltering him from the knowledge that they're on anything but a holiday. Despite the subject matter, the movie builds toward a happy ending... until, in a gut-wrenching turn at the last moment, Guido is suddenly gunned down by Nazis just as the camp is liberated. An emotional roller coaster, this one may have a deeper subtext of victory in the preservation of a child's innocence, but the loss of the protagonist certainly gives evil the edge as the credits roll.



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