The Best Gaming Memes Of 2021

The Best Gaming Memes Of 2021

Mercy caused a stir in early 2021 when a new Overwatch skin made her look a bit like a pop culture stereotype. Many gamers began discussing Mercy's new hairstyle, an angular black bob that looked similar to a haircut many jokingly associate with bossiness and privilege. Yes, Overwatch developers gave Mercy a "Karen cut."

A limited time character skin for Mercy, titled "Camouflage," depicts her with the aforementioned haircut and a skintight black jumpsuit, black wings floating out behind her. Many gamers connected Mercy's new 'do with the Karen meme/stereotype, which often refers to entitled women who demand special treatment in a variety of situations. 

Karen memes aren't new, but Mercy's inclusion in them is. One player posted a meme saying that Mercy wanted to speak to a manager, while another put an Overwatch twist on the meme by saying Mercy wanted to speak to a "main tank." While Mercy's personality doesn't necessarily fit with the Karen stereotype, her new haircut and the memes that followed provided some much needed laughs in 2021.


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The Best Gaming Memes Of 2021