The Best 'Treehouse of Horror' Tales From 'The Simpsons'

The Best 'Treehouse of Horror' Tales From 'The Simpsons'


"I Know What You Did-Iddly-Did" was a late-'90s Treehouse of Horror installment that parodied the contemporaneous trend of teen horror movies, particularly I Know What You Did Last Summer, which concerns a group of young people who accidentally kill a guy and cover it up, only to be haunted by the dead man. 

"I Know What You Did-Iddly-Did" opens with a misdirect, as the Simpsons drive along a twisty road on a foggy night, having already escaped vampires who'd stolen their Super Sugar Crisp (obviously). But it just so happens that they're driving down the same road where neighborino Ned Flanders is enjoying one of his famous "fog walks," and since Homer forgot to put the fog lights in, Marge doesn't see Ned and runs over him, seemingly killing him. 

Bart discourages calling authorities, as the police will "never believe a Simpsons killed a Flanders by accident." Instead, Homer engages in a twisted round of Weekend at Bernie's re-creation, hauling around Ned's rotten corpse to stage a fake death to take the heat off of Marge. After the funeral (where Homer basically confesses), the family is haunted by a man in a raincoat with a hook, and they flee to a series of spooky horror movie locales until the mysterious stalker reveals himself. It's Ned, of course, but it turns out Marge didn't kill him after all. He was undead, having been turned into a werewolf earlier that night. The moral of the story? Avoid fog walks.

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