The Biggest Fails in Coca-Cola's History


The Biggest Fails in Coca-Cola's History


New Coke is practically the poster boy for product failures, and according to the article on CNBC's Make It, it's actually the reason Coca-Cola offers its annual Celebrate Failure Award. In 1985, in an effort to boost sales and "refresh" its classic soft drink, Coca-Cola retired its tried-and-true recipe and introduced a new formulation, "New Coke." But according to a CBS News article, what the brand hoped would be met with cheers from fans, was instead met with a public outcry in the form of protests, petitions, and phone calls. Less than three months after New Coke was launched, it was pulled from shelves and replaced, once again, with the classic formulation (hence, the reason Coca-Cola is now Coca-Cola Classic). 

In a lucky twist for Coca-Cola, when New Coke was ditched for the original version, fans rejoiced, flocking to the stores to buy more. Sales, ultimately, received a boost and Coca-Cola returned to being the number one soda brand, ousting PepsiCo, which had taken the top spot temporarily. 



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