The Dark Secrets of the Cast of 'Glee'


The Dark Secrets of the Cast of 'Glee'


In her 2011 memoir, Happy Accidents (via Page Six), Glee's Jane Lynch not only wrote about her addictions, but also gushed about meeting her wife, clinical psychologist Lara Embry. As Lynch wrote, she was "immediately smitten" with Embry after having "only known her a minute."

Just a couple years after the book's publication, however, Lynch and Embry seemed to have lost that loving feeling. By 2013, Lynch released a statement to People revealing that the couple had split: "Lara and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another."

For Lynch, dissolving the marriage was not an inexpensive proposition. As the primary earner in the relationship, per TMZ, the divorce settlement resulted in Lynch giving her ex a $1.2 million lump sum payment, in addition to half of the money in their bank and trust accounts (about $847,485). Embry also received half of their 401K (an additional $315,079) and their 2012 tax refund ($56,810), along with half of Lynch's TV appearance royalties, which included the money she earned from Glee. Thankfully, Lynch wasn't too bothered by the settlement, telling Access Hollywood (via E! News), "It's just money ... [California] is a half and half state, as well as it should be, so that's fine."



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