The Practice of Silence


The Practice of Silence


The Practice of Silence - The Power of Silence - The Benefits Of Silence - The Art of Silence » How to Practice Silence‘Silence is golden’; but it is not that easy to practice silence. After all, we all are so busy in our materialistic world that we seldom think about the higher realities of life.

To be a good communicator, a good leader, a good friend, and a good life partner, you need to be a good listener and for that you must know the art of practicing silence. Read below and find out ways by which you can practice silence so that you connect with higher positive energies.

Despite your hectic schedule, you must take out at least one hour exclusively for yourself. Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways of practicing silence and connecting with higher energies.

You must choose an appropriate time and place for yoga and the time should be such where-in you can concentrate purely on your inner energies. Morning time is the best time for yoga and meditation.

Indulge in deep breathing exercises as they will help you in gaining control over yourself and over your emotions. This in turn will help you practice silence.

After you start practicing silence, you will be able to convert your wasted energies into positive energies which will provide you the thrust to move ahead in life.

Reading spiritual books will also help you to concentrate on higher realities of life. Thus, you will not only be able to practice silence, but will also be able to transcend your mind to universal energies and realities.

Watching TV and listening to music are not the best ways of practicing silence. To practice silence that will yield positive benefits, you need to ensure that apart from being mute, you also concentrate on eternal truths, rather than focusing on ephemeral materialistic realities.

In addition to the above steps, you should also listen to other person’s views rather than forcing your judgment and opinions on others. Meditate, do yoga and indulge in deep breathing exercises to understand the power of silence and inner energies. health

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