The Shady Side of FaZe Clan

The Shady Side of FaZe Clan


FaZe Barker was a longtime editor for FaZe Clan, known especially for creating flashy montages of team wins and events. However, Barker's tenure with FaZe Clan came to an abrupt end in June 2020 when several women came forward with serious allegations against him

According to multiple accounts, Barker had exhibited predatory and aggressive behavior on many occasions. Some claimed that he had sent inappropriate and explicit videos to people who had not asked for them, while at least one woman said that Barker had threatened self-harm as a form of emotional manipulation. Once the first few people had come forward with their stories, several others added that they had experienced similar run-ins with Barker in the past.

When this information came to light, FaZe Clan chose to take a stand and believe those who came forward. In a statement posted on Twitter, FaZe Clan announced, "We have ended our relationship with Barker, one of our former team editors. He no longer has any association with FaZe Clan."

The Shady Side of FaZe Clan



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