The Truth Behind This Gordon Ramsay Tragedy


The Truth Behind This Gordon Ramsay Tragedy


Over the years, Gordon Ramsay's brother Ronnie has endured his own struggles — many of which have had a significant impact on his close family. In an interview with Jonathan Ross (via Hello!), Ramsay opened up about his brother's addiction to heroin. "I don't think there is any easy drug," he said, "but when you stoop to the depths of heroin, it's very rare you get back. We've done everything we can to help him, now he just sort of binges and disappears so that's just a constant reminder and also being a father of four ourselves, you need to be there for them because this stuff is rife."

Ramsay himself has seen the darker side of drugs and addiction first-hand. Years earlier, he had lost a colleague to cocaine. "We had dinner the night before he passed," Ramsay revealed. "I wish I'd seen signs earlier."

Clearly, this has had an effect on Ramsay's professional attitude towards drugs. During his ITV documentary Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, Ramsay tests the restrooms in his restaurant for substances and finds cocaine in both the staff and guest facilities. "I called a meeting," Ramsay told Jonathan Ross. "I didn't throw anyone under the bus, I didn't single anyone out. I just said, 'Look, this is everywhere, it's spotted in the restaurants and it needs to stop.'"

According to Ramsay, hard drugs are rife in the cooking industry. He explained: "I saw cocaine quite early on in my career. I've been served it. I've been given it. I've had my hand shaken and left with little wraps of foil in it. I've been asked to dust cocaine on top of soufflés, to put it on as icing sugar... Coke's everywhere. It's spiraling out of control."



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