The Untold Truth of DiGiorno


The Untold Truth of DiGiorno


If there was one perfect food to pair with pizza, wings would definitely be a strong contender. And boneless wings — or more like glorified nuggets — have been slowing stealing the spotlight from traditional wings. So much so that DiGiorno introduced its Pizza & Boneless Wyngz combo box in 2011.

And DiGiorno's spelling choice of "wyngz" isn't just the marketing department's effort to be cool either. The spelling is actually government-mandated, specifically by the United States Department of Agriculture, because this poultry heavy side doesn't actually contain any meat from the chicken's wing. Uh oh.

According to Mental Floss, wyngz are a chicken fritter product. That means they're made with white-meat chicken, but not necessarily wing-meat chicken. Upon hitting the shelves early last decade, The Colbert Report was quick to feature the zany DiGiorno spinoff on the "Thought For Food" segment.

And in addition to the spelling requirement, DiGiorno had even more rules to follow.

A cutting post from the Quirky Cookery outlined a few more stipulations, including how the chicken product must still contain white meant, and how "wyngz" has to be in the same color font and not hidden inconspicuously on the packaging. And don't overlook that asterisk, it leads to more details on what these wyngz actually contain.

It that wasn't enough, there was also a very short-lived Facebook page dedicated to boycotting Digiorno Wyngz, citing consumer deception.



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