The Weirdest Mario Games You Never Knew Existed

The Weirdest Mario Games You Never Knew Existed

Forget the death-defying leaps of faith, the wacky power-ups, and the pixel-perfect platforming challenges. You know what Super Mario fans really love? Real estate investment! That seems to be the thinking behind Itadaki Street DS, anyway. In this 2007 portable title, Mario, Bowser, and the rest of the Super Mario clan set their differences aside to play a board game that's kind of like Monopoly except a whole lot weirder.

For one, in Itadaki Street DS isn't just a Mario game. As per series tradition, it also stars characters from Square Enix's long-lived RPG series, Dragon Quest. From a behind-the-scenes perspective, that makes sense. Yuji Horii, who created Dragon Quest, is also the man responsible for Itadaki Street. Thematically, it's an odd fit: Dragon Quest takes place in a medieval fantasy world, whereas Super Mario Bros. is set in, well, whatever the Mushroom Kingdom is, and neither have much (or anything, really) to do with buying and selling plots of land.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. Given Mario's background, we can see why he might build a wood shop or a circus tent, but a bar where everyone can get drunk? That's not the family-friendly plumber that we know and love. It's also unsettling to see Mario read tarot cards, especially ones adorned with the Grim Reaper, and worry about bank loans. Super Mario Bros. is a wild, adventurous fantasy. Itadaki Street is fun, but it's also mundane. The whole enterprise just feels like a very odd fit.


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The Weirdest Mario Games You Never Knew Existed