Things MCU Heroes Can't Live Without

Things MCU Heroes Can't Live Without


It doesn't matter if you're tracing a hero's origins story, watching a middle-of-the-franchise adventure, or crying during their final film, you can rest assured that MCU heroes are going to hit a low point as each and every story unfolds. After all, what fun would it be to watch films that consisted of a perfectly polished hero quickly and easily putting a villain in their place and then heading home in time for supper? No, their penchant for drama makes a smooth execution of justice nearly impossible.

Instead, each hero can and must go through a low point in order to turn things around and eventually come out on top. Consider it a springboard from which they can rise to greater heights. Sometimes this springboard is fairly cut and dry. For example, take Thor's banishment to Earth in his first film. The dude disobeys his father, illegally visits another planet, kills some of their inhabitants, and sparks an interplanetary war. Yep, pretty sure that qualifies as a low point.

At other times, the low points are more nuanced. Thor's brother, Loki, for instance, begins with an extended low point (the dude is a straight-up villain for, like, the entire first phase of the MCU). However, he eventually rises to a redemptive ending. No matter how you slice it, though, these guys really do like the drama of a premature fall, especially if it directly contrasts with a heroic finale.

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