Things That Happen In Every Transformers Movie


Things That Happen In Every Transformers Movie


Though the movies are called Transformers, the titular robots are never the lead characters in their own films. Instead, live-action humans are the central focus of the proceedings, with characters like Sam Witwicky, Cade Yeagar (Mark Wahlberg), and Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld) being the people who get the spotlight in these films. While the various Autobots and Decepticons still get lots of screen time, it's the flesh-and-blood humans, not metallic aliens, that occupy the role of protagonists. Even supporting human characters like Leo Spitz (Ramon Rodriguez) tend to receive a greater amount of time in the spotlight compared to the robotic characters these movies are supposed to be about.

Like a lot of hallmarks of the Transformers franchise, the decision to make these films so human-focused stems from the original Transformers movie. When talking about the process of making the 2007 film, producer Tom DeSanto explained to Latino Review, "You need a human element in order to have the audience who isn't familiar with Transformers introduce them into the world. That's why Wolverine wasn't a part of the team in the first X-Men. He was the eyes and ears of the audience. ... It's the same things here with the humans." 

DeSanto also noted that providing an audience point-of-view character wasn't the only reason behind making the first movie so human-heavy. Budgetary concerns about doing a film focused exclusively on CGI robots also factored into putting the focus on people. Subsequent Transformers movies have followed suit from this initial entry and chosen to zero in on the human beings.



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