Things to do & Attractions in Bermuda Islands

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Things to do & Attractions in Bermuda Islands


We have all heard of Bermuda because of the shorts of similar name in circulation or read about the unfortunate accident-prone Bermuda Triangle; Few may be aware that Bermudas Islands or Somers Islands is a British Colony since 1684 is in the West Atlantic about 600 miles from Cape Hatteras. The island is named subsequent to Spanish Sea Captain Juan de Bermudez who discovered these vacant islands in 1503.Things to do & Attractions in  Bermuda Islands

The Capital is Hamilton since 1815. St. George is also a historical town here. There are about 150 islands of volcanic and coral origin with fringes of coral reef; only the 20 or so largest ones are inhabited. The hinterlands are hilly; the highest peak is 357m tall. The total area is 53 square kilometres supporting English speaking blacks and mulattoes involved in growing of vegetables, bananas, citrus fruit, tobacco, and flowers. In the last five decades tourism has grown into an industry here. The local culture beautifully blends British and African traditions. The tropical subtropical climate attracts many tourists all the year round.

There is connectivity among eight largest islands through bridges and causeways. The shape in connectivity appears like a huge fish-hook. Bermuda is holiday makers’ paradise. The place breaks the hectic speed of life. Sun bathe on the beaches and watch the waves break on the shores, walk around the coastline in the vicinity of gleaming Blue Ocean.

View the most beautiful sun rise and sunset, investigate the wondrous coral reef, go boating or swimming, sit around on pink sand and watch dolphin acrobaticsplay a game of golf, eat drink and relax. Visit partially drowned lime-stones caves and ancient treasure trove museums, churches and forts. Irish pubs for night life offer good music and food. Four wheeler taxis are not available in Bermudas. Most people hire two wheeler moped or bicycle and roam about the island.

Things to do & Attractions in  Bermuda Islands

Horseshoe Bay Beach surrounded by rocks is the destination for snorkeling. Other beaches with similar topology are Tiny Jobson’s Beach, Warwich Long Bay Beach, and Whale infested West Whale Bay Beach. Here the whales migrate to north in the month of April. Astwood Cove is rather deserted some tourists love the place.

The place offers sub-tropical climate; it is comparatively cool in winters and spring. Surprisingly the rivers are conspicuous by their absence. Fresh ground water is the main water source for consumption. Inland marshes and numerous salt water lakes attract tourism.

Bermuda can be reached comfortably from Canada, Britain, and even USA. Online booking facilities for hotel and cruise is possible. The natural gamut package of the island is awesome including the parks and the wild life reserves. Plan a trip to this wonderland.

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