Things to Do & Attractions in Vilcabamba


Things to Do & Attractions in Vilcabamba


Vilcabamba: Located at the far south of Ecuador, Vilcabamba is a small village with stunning natural beauty and tranquil ambience. The general temperature of the place is always a bit mild which simply soothes the travellers. For this reason people use to call this small town as the place of ‘eternal spring’. During rainy season the whole area is coloured itself with verdant green colour. Coming to here one will easily have a superb time to relax and rejuvenate.

Attractions: Vilcabamba has a very close knit community many of whom are foreigners who can not leave the place after coming here. This place is famous for hiking and trekking. Those who love hiking and trekking, Vilcabamba is the ideal place for them. One can easily have a horse trip though the hilly region in a good price. While riding the horse you can easily enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of the area. You can also have guide with you, if you want.

Things to Do: You can have a journey up to the Podocarpus National Park. Going there you can see a breath taking waterfalls. Not only that during horse riding you can come over various stunningly beautiful places and you can even watch spectacular sunset with the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

Things to Do & Attractions in Vilcabamba

The tourists who come here used to become fascinated better say obsessed with the beauty of the place. One can also try trekking in the hilly region of this small town. Apart from hiking and trekking you can also try massages here in a very cheap price. People of this village offer massages and facials in very cheap price. Here and there are small cafes, bars and restaurants to cater the tourists.

Speciality: It is said that the people of this verdant valley live for years and some of them are even 100 years old. That’s why this town was named ‘ the valley of Longevity’. It is believed that due to the excellent soothing climate and their simple lifestyle have helped them to live long. Though there is no scientific basis of this statement.

How to go: You can come to Vilcabamba from Loja by bus. Apart from buses there are vans, shared taxies which are available from the terminals of Vilcabamba.


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