Things to Do in Ayutthaya & Tourist Attractions in Bangkok


Things to Do in Ayutthaya & Tourist Attractions in Bangkok


Place barely at a distance of 45 mins away as of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is with no trouble easy to get to by means of train, bus, or else mini van. The most excellent selection of all of these is the simple mini van since it proffers a traverse that is faster as well as comfortable when compared with the two other options. Moreover the mini vans up to Ayutthaya, Bangkok are accessible from the Victory Monument station. After reaching Ayutthaya, the simplest options of tuk-tuk are easily accessible to take you in the region. Tuk-tuk is hired at a charge of 200 THB for each person for the complete day.Things to Do in Ayutthaya & Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

Few things to do in Ayutthaya:

Wat Phanan Choeng, Ayutthaya

This enormous golden Buddha, which measures almost 90 m in its height as well as 20.17 in its width, was been constructed even prior to the establishment of Ayutthaya kingdom. Wat Phanan Choeng was in the beginning constructed in the focal point of a huge open area where the splendid golden statue could be easily seen as of each and every direction in Ayutthaya. In the present day, an edifice has been built for protecting the Buddha as of natural elements.

The Royal Elephant Kraal

For your information, elephant is known to be the national symbol of Thailand as well as is used in numerous of the country’s royal processions plus celebrations. Get a hold of the ability to ride on an elephant around numerous of the renowned temples in Ayutthaya. The rate of the elephant ride is 200 THB for each person used for 10 mins.

Things to Do in Ayutthaya & Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

Lunch next to the river water

There are numerous Ayutthaya restaurant placed by the side of the river. Subsequent to spending the break of day traveling around the diverse temples in Ayutthaya, recompense yourself by means of a Thai beer in addition to a splendid lunch in Thai restaurant.

Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya

Wat Mahathat is prominent for the head of Buddha that was found amongst the trees roots that was positioned within the complex. Despite the fact that there is by no means much to be observed in the multifaceted in addition to this, Wat Mahathat is even today value the outing for a whole day for the tourists in Ayutthaya.

Apart from the above mentioned tourist destinations there are many more tourist attractions in Bangkok.


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