Things To Know Before Visiting Korea

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Things To Know Before Visiting Korea


Are you planning to make a trip to Korea? Korea is a part of the great Asian continent. Korea is a place that people go to for business trips and also to enjoy the culture of Korea, firsthand.

But this place has its own personal form of features that needs to be kept in knowledge when you are visiting such a place. And of course, rules and regulations are a part of every country or continent, as you visit.

So knowing these particular features, rules and regulations is your duty and responsibility. So if your upcoming destination is Korea, then we are offering you a short theoretical trip to Korea.

The entire peninsular of Korea was divided into two countries after the World War II. The two halves of the peninsular have been divided into two different countries, making them share a boundary in between them. The southern half or South Korea, as it is more popularly known as, is bounded by the sea of Japan and the yellow sea on two sides.

The vastness of the land is about an area of 99, 720 sq km. with such vastness of course, the population of this country is quite high. Economically, the country South Korea is much superior. The money power is huge in this country as high tech gadgets are very much in production demand in here.

The second half of the Korean peninsula is the northern part of Korea or more commonly known as North Korea. This country has been very famous in the news at a particular time as it was having ugly dispute with the international community.

The country North Korea is more commonly known as The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. This country is basically quite unpopular as its features are not too strong. Unlike its brother country, it’s not so densely populated or has increased industrial development. Therefore this country is mostly found in the sufferer’s category.

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We have already mentioned to you the prominent and basic characteristic features of Korea. But we have some further valuable materials about Korea that might interest your nerve. So check out these interesting and undoubtedly crazy facts about the Asian country, Korea. Make you known to all the prevalent customs of Korea.

The very first food norm that is very much practiced by most of the Koreans is that they have the take Kimchi as their side dish. Kimchi is basically sliced cabbage that is always included in the menu of every Korean. This is particularly used as an ingredient for cooking, but it is always used as a side dish in every meal. Mostly people who go to Korea fail to digest Kimchi, but if you can, and then you will surely reside in the hearts of all the Koreans there.

The relationship that Koreans share with their floor is holy and precious. They do not like it if people dirty their homes. They keep their houses very neat and clean as they sit and also sleep on the floor of their house at times. They consider people from the western world to be savages as they wear shoes inside their own house. So always remember, before entering the house of a Korean, always remember to take your shoes off!

A traditional alcoholic drink of Korea is Soju. This drink is basically a drink that is mostly vodka-based. The soju is a drink that is consumed in groups shouting in their togetherness and drinking the soju in one single shot. A very common sight in Korea at night is a group of drunken men, fighting and shouting while coming out of karaoke bars. They puke pools of red vomit on the streets. Beware and surely remember to avoid these pools.

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The most basic part of a Korean meal is rice. The Japanese and the Koreans both eat rice in their every meal. In most of their meals throughout the day, rice is included in almost every meal. The consumption of rice is so common that at times the people greet each other by saying, “Have you eaten rice?” Their food habits are a bit different from the Japanese.

They consume rice with spoons and not with chopsticks. They are very restricted about their food norms too. They do not keep their chopsticks sticking out of their bowls when the bowl is on the table. This is an ill omen as this sign is for the feeding of the dead. Unlike the Japanese people, the Koreans do not take their bowls off the table while eating. The Koreans are much disciplined people and do not consider people who are ill-disciplined. They are also very superstitious.

Most of the Koreans have a pasted scowl on their faces. They are quite generous and happy people in general, but smiles are something you can’t expect from them. The busy streets of Korea sometimes seem like the angriest place in the entire world as none of the places are seen smiling.

Things To Know Before Visiting Korea

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This is because they do not give a show of their emotions in public. The children of Korea however do not maintain this. They smile and say “hello” on seeing new people. So if you are planning to go to Korea, do not get disappointed by the elder Koreans.

Korea is quite a crowded country, so you cannot expect people to move around saying “excuse me”. The country is extremely crowded, and so the people push and move in to places that are crowded. They do not allow you to make way for them or even wait for their turn.

They push in with their shoulders and make their own ways. Do not expect disciplined queues or lines from the Korean people. The older Koreans are the worst, so beware! Try getting used to the basic cultures of Korea if you are planning to visit it. A place like Korea will surely not tolerate any unwanted behavior from a foreigner. So prepare yourself!

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