Top Tourist Attractions In Coorg


Top Tourist Attractions In Coorg


When we are talking about an Indian holiday, you cannot stop considering a visit to Coorg. This beautiful place is situated in the heart of the state of Karnataka and is simply considered as the Scotland of India.

Coorg is also known as Kodagu and is one of the ideal places you can consider visiting. The beauty and exquisiteness of the place will take you off your feet! This is one destination that will compel you to make a visit again and again. The lush greenery of the place is something that attracts millions of tourists every year from all around the globe.

The scenic beauty and the peaceful environment are two of the key elements for which people select Coorg as a holiday destination. The vast coffee plantations and forests and mountain ranges, the entire ambience in Coorg gives you a golden chance to come close to nature. Along with this, the place is totally ideal for those who have a love for adventure and water sports.

There are quite a number of activities that will keep you busy here. However, to list down your priorities here is a simple guide that will help you through-

Must See Places in Coorg, Karnataka

Iruppu Falls

This beautiful waterfall is one of the major attractions in Coorg, Karnataka. Located in the heart of the Bramhagiri ranges, the height of the fall is approximately 170 feet. The natural look of the waterfall is something that will mesmerize you! However, the best time to visit the place is between the months of June and September.

Along with this you just can’t miss out on the striking Rameshwara temple situated on the banks of the river that makes this waterfall. You can definitely spend quality time here at the Iruppu Falls.

Abbi Falls

Another natural waterfall that calls for a must visit when you are in Coorg is the Abbi Falls. One of the interesting parts to note down here is that the waterfall is situated in the center of coffee plantations.

The destination is undoubtedly one of the main sightseeing places for tourists. May to September is the perfect time to make a visit here. The entire place is surrounded by lush greenery and forests and will give you a heavenly feeling!

Omkareshwara Temple

Those who have a heart for religion can make a short visit to the Omkareshwara Temple in Coorg. The temple is a dedication to Vishnu and Shiva and dates back to a couple of centuries.

Along with this, the temple can also be checked out by tourists who have a love for architecture. The beautiful blend of Gothic and Islamic style of art will take you off your feet! A lake surrounding the temple gives a panoramic view to all those who visit the Omkareshwara Temple.

Harangi Dam

A natural beauty that calls for a lot of tourists every year here in Coorg is the Harangi Dam. Stay over options is also available for those who want to extract maximum benefit of the place.

Harangi Dam is an ideal option for those who want to come closer to nature and get a peaceful and relaxed experience from their holiday.

Madikeri Fort

When you are touring Coorg, Madikeri Fort is one of those attractions that is definitely a ‘must see’. Originally the place was built by the use of mud and then finally replaced by concrete stone.

It is one of the historical landmarks of the place and calls for countless tourists annually. The fort is vast and huge and has a lot for your sightseeing purposes.

Raja’s Seat

If you are looking towards exploring the perfection and excellence of Coorg, then add Raja’s Seat to your travel itinerary. The hills and valleys that surround the area are something that is not at all worth missing.

There is a garden here that is open to public and that will give you a natural feel. Another major attraction here is the beautiful sunset. This is one place where kings in the ancient times used to sit and watch the sunsets. One of the favorite places among the kings, it is still a hotspot for a lot of people.

Brahmagiri Hill

One of the highest peaks in the entire area of Karnataka, it is the major sightseeing places among tourists. The hill is more than 5000 feet in height and is one of the main areas for trekking purposes. Don’t forget to have an out of box experience by visiting Brahmagiri Hills.

Nisargadhama Forest

Come closer to wildlife and nature by making a visit to the Nisargadhama Forest in Coorg! You can also very well enjoy the deer and elephant rides here at this destination. There is a simple restaurant here in case you want to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Festivals of Coorg

If you are lucky enough to be in Coorg at the time of the festivals, then make sure you don’t miss out on them! Some of the main ones include Kaveri Sankramana, Puttari, Kailpodu and Madikeri Dasara.

Adventures in Coorg

Cycling, hiking, trekking swimming and photography are some of the activities that you can easily follow here at Coorg. Water rafting and boating facilities are also available for your advantage.

If you want to spend some quality time with yourself, then go fishing! You will no ways feel bored here in this beautiful place called Coorg.

Coffee Plantation Visits

One of the specialties of Coorg is its huge coffee plantations. The plantations are almost centuries old. Therefore, make sure you at least make a visit to one of them. The tag of Coffee land given to Coorg will make you realize the importance of the place.

Almost half of the total area of Coorg is covered by coffee plantations. A lot of variety of coffee is produced here along with many other spice plantations like cardamom, pepper, orange and mango.

Check out these places as well as get a golden opportunity to relax from the hustle bustle life of the city only at the ideal destination called Coorg! You will definitely find it worthy enough!

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