Tour To Neemarana Fort Palace


Tour To Neemarana Fort Palace


Rajasthan has always been the most preferred destination in north India due to its traditional culture and customary heritage. With a varied of places from Jaipur to Ajmer, travelers have always been inquisitive to explore more and more. Rajasthan has always been in the proximity to Delhi and the adjoining areas, and has become the weekend destination for most of us who need a break to ease out and become stress free.

With Jaipur being just a few hundred kilometers away many people prefer it over tedious and tiring journey’s to the hill stations.

Neemrana- The Royal Treat

In case you have explored almost the whole of Rajasthan and still want to find a much interesting destination, then neemrana is the apt destination for you. The fort was built in the 15th century and is located on the Delhi Jaipur highway. Being just 80 kms from Delhi, neemrana is a perfect weekend excursion for those who need a relaxing yet a royal break. Since the fort is converted into a five star hotel, the property promises a traditional and noble experience.


The fort is on the way to Jaipur and one can easily cover the distance in almost 3-4 hours by road. Being on the lines of the Aravali’s the fort palace becomes a perfect destination for long drives and getaways. Neemarana is one of the prime properties and is centrally located, you can travel along the bus services offered by Rajasthan Tourism. These AC buses are bliss for travelers who do not wish to drive down and relax during the entire journey.

In case, you are an adventure freak, riding your bike for just 80 kms and enjoying the view along is also a good idea.  Once you cross the Delhi border, the road is smooth and congestion free with no red lights and barriers. It is advisable that you carry a route map or understand the way well before departing for the trip.

The Fort & its Ambience

The fort is surely a unique heritage property for its visitors. Its exclusivity makes it fashionable and private. The fort is huge and beautiful. It will surely make you enjoy the Indian heritage and history. Our culture is depicted in an astounding and remarkable manner with every room being named after a mahal. Each mahal has a different theme and portrays the various cultures of our country. Though the fort is on an traditional pattern, still one can avail modern facilities such as spa and swimming while staying on in the palace. The fort looks stunning in the night as it is lit up with bright yellow lights. These lights make the fort even more dazzling due to the darkness of the rocky hills all around it.

You can also enjoy excellent Indian food in the fort. The food is served in a customary manner with the staff dressed in traditional Rajasthan attire. With a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes offered, the rajasthani flavor is well maintained in the restaurant.

The bar at the fort offers all kinds of hard drinks as well as mocktails to its customers. The restaurant at the fort is known for its food and has been listed in many of the reputed food guides in India. Though a bit over prized, the Indian food and beverages become a key attraction for foreign and NRI visitors. They relish the Indian taste and hence enjoy their stay.

Cultural and Other Activities

The fort offers excellent cultural programs in the evening with traditional rajasthani folk singers and dancers making your visit worthwhile. One can enjoy snacks and drinks during the program and make their evenings enjoyable.

Other than cultural programs, one can also enjoy the exclusive spa at the fort palace. The spa is obviously offered at additional charges but surely is bliss for the visitors. The spa is an excellent way to destress yourself and let go off the tensions that might have mounted your mind for a long time now.

Also, another activity that can be enjoyed at the neemrana fort is the flying foxes. They are an adventure sports company providing you with zipping and hot air ballooning facilities. Since the fort is located on the Aravali mountain range, the rope way zipping is an excellent adventure sport located in the vincity of Delhi. Under the care of professional and specialized experts, you can surely make this trip full of adventure and fun.

Trip Cost

Neemrana is a prime property and its vincity to Delhi, makes it fully booked in almost all the seasons. One can book rooms either online or by calling at their call center. The call centers staff will guide you well and let you know the availability of rooms/mahal and its charges. The fort also lets you choose between AC and non AC rooms. On an average, a 2 night’s trip at neemrana might cost you about INR 5000 per person, excluding food, spa and cultural activities. In case, one opts of a Non AC room the cost may come a little more down.


Overall the trip to Neemrana is surely and experience in itself. The royal treatment given by the staff will not only make you feel special but will also help you to destress yourself after having a long week at work. Though a bit over prized, this property of neemrana hotels is surely a delight for foreigners and NRI’s. For them, it is a true way to explore the rich Indian culture and history.

Here, I would like to say that one must get his or her bookings done prior to the visit as the palace is booked round the year. The fort usually caters to the foreign clients and hence you might face difficulties in getting bookings. I would not suggest the neemarana fort to be visited for a long duration, however, one can surely consider this place for weekend excursions and look forward to spend some quality time with your family.

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