Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh


Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh


Bangladesh may not be in the top list of hot international tourist destinations. But the several tourist attractions in this beautiful country will make you yearn for more when you visit them. There are myriad kinds of destinations in Bangladesh that are fast gaining popularity in many international travel charts. Explore a few of those from the list below and visit the country to experiment and experience further.

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh


If you are a nature lover, then a trip to Rangamati will further heighten your excitement for travel and vacation. Located near the Kaptai Lake, Rangamati is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Bangladesh simply because of its breathtaking landscape, flora and fauna, hanging bridge, tribal culture and homespun textile produce.

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh

Tourists from around the world have several activities to indulge in Rangamati. Some of these include speed boat cruising, hiking, water skiing, experiencing tribal life and fishing. At the end of a busy day, you can just unwind, relax and bask in the sunset like there is no end to tranquility and peace.


For all those adventure and wildlife enthusiasts, Sundarbans near Khulna approximately 320 km to the west of Dhaka has a lot in store. The area is home to the most attractive and largest mangrove forest that is spread over 6000 square kilometer. Several creeks and rivers form a network of sorts in this forest that is also home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh

The wildcat is a pleasure to watch with its dignified style and poise. Wildlife is at its best in this naturally well endowed piece of land. Hyenas, cheetahs, wild bears, pythons, monkeys and spotted deers are all part of the picturesque fauna map of the Sundarbans. You can reach the forest by river and charming guest houses offer ample opportunities to relax and enjoy sights and sounds.


The second largest city in Bangladesh, Chittagong, has an eclectic mix of things to do and see. Blessed with nature’s bounty, the city has sandy beaches, green hills and pleasant climate.

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh

You can reach Chittagong from Dhaka by air, water, road or rail. An idea picnic spot, Foy’s Lake is surrounded by spectacular views. Tribal heritage of Bangladesh can be observed in the Ethnological Museum. Take in a glorious glance of the city’s beautiful night landscape from the Court Building.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular names in Bangladesh tourism. Buddhist temples and shrines, colorful pagodas, soaring cliffs and long stretches of golden sands define this beautiful place. For unparalleled seafood dining options, visit Cox’s Bazar which also doubles up as the country’s tourist capital. 120 km unbroken beach, perhaps the world’s longest ends in the serene waters of Bay of Bengal.

A range of hills and dense forests serve as a remarkable backdrop. Local shopping is at its best at Cox’s Bazar. Local cigars, tribal handloom products and unique souvenirs are some of the items to shop for. Some of the picnic spots here include Teknaf and Himchair.

Tourist attractions in Bangladesh are several. While some are very popular, some others are waiting to be explored. Besides the list above, few other important destinations in Bangladesh include Paharpur (one of the largest Buddhist seats of learning), Rajshai (silk producing township), Mahasthangarh (ancient archaeological site), Kuakata for its beach and the eclectic Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.


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