Tourist Attractions In Jaipur


Tourist Attractions In Jaipur


Jaipur is one of those beautiful places in India that you just shouldn’t miss out on! Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, this capital city has innumerable opportunities to offer its tourists with. There are millions of visitors visiting this mesmerizing city a.k.a. the Pink City.

In simple terms, it can be tagged as one of the luxurious destinations in the state of Rajasthan. This would be very honest to state that it is next to impossible to get a knack of everything in Jaipur. However, a tour to this place will make sure you have loads of entertainment as well as sightseeing options in hand. From forts to havelis and other historical landmarks like monuments, Jaipur has countless of them for your advantage.

The rich history and heritage of the place is something that will attract you towards the place. You can easily get an idea about the kings of the past, their art, culture and lifestyle here in the city. However, one of the requirements is to plan your trip beforehand.

This will help you extract the best out of the destination. Here is a simple travel guide that will work wonders for you and make it possible for you to short list your priorities. It will also make sure that you don’t waste your time and money on insignificant things and places.

Must See Places in the Pink City

Amber Palace and Amer Fort

A little away from the core of the city approximately 11 kilometers, this is one place that has all the right to be a part of your travel itinerary. The architecture of the fort and the palace is one thing that attracts innumerable tourists to this place. It is a unique blend of Muslim, Persian and Mughal art. The interiors of the place will take you off your feet! The palace is made up of white marble whereas the fort is build from red stone and offers a mesmerizing view.  A couple of hours are all you need to explore the entire place.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Another eye catching attraction in the city of Jaipur is the Jantar Mantar Observatory. It is definitely one of its kind not only in the country of India but worldwide. Just 5-10 minutes from the City Palace this is the ultimate destination if you are interested in the subject of astronomy.

One of the unique structures of this place is the sun dial which is as huge as 89 foot in size! Do not forget to check out the geometric devices here that is quite interesting and fascinating in nature. A guide can help you through the entire landmark in a better and more informative manner.

Hawa Mahal

A rare historical structure, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur is quite famous where tourism is concerned. Not only is it a favorite among the locals but also among tourists. The vastness of the place and the five storey palace will give you all the reasons to feel wow! The entire palace has more than 150 windows along with many hanging balconies all around the semi-octagonal formation.

Another thing that calls for a reason to visit this destination is the fine Rajput architecture of the place. A part of the place has now been transferred into an interesting museum. A minimum entry fee will help you enter the place. Red sandstone is the material used to build this place.

Birla Planetarium

Another landmark in the city that offers a lot where astronomy is concerned is the renowned Birla Planetarium. The audio visual shows are something that will give you a golden chance for entertainment and fun. The latest technologies used for you the shows make it more worthy.

Nahargarh Fort

Tourist Attractions In Jaipur

If you are someone who has great love for art and architecture, then include this popular fort called the Nahargarh in your ‘must see’ list of places in Jaipur. The fine art of the ceiling is not to be missed!

City Palace

Though a lot of modifications have been done from the time this City Palace was created, it is still among hot favorites for the tourists. Where architecture is concerned, you can get to see a reflection of both Rajasthani as well as Mughal styles. Along with this there are a number of beautiful gardens and courtyards within the area of City Palace. You can also pass your time at the museum of the place and the beautiful Shri Govind Temple.

From paintings to exquisite mirror works, there are endless reasons why you should visit the City Palace. The royalty and elegance of the kings and queens can simply be reflected through this landmark.

Jal Mahal

Tourist Attractions In Jaipur

Situated in the center of the Mansagar Lake the picturesque, the beauty and the design of the place are some of the reasons why you should check it out! There is a way that will take you to the palace without any hassle.

Camel Rides As A Fun Activity!

Don’t miss out on camel rides when in Jaipur! It is one experience that will be etched in your mind forever. You don’t have to worry, since your ride will be guided by a trained professional.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

This beautiful garden was built by one of the kings in the past for the love of his queen. From striking gardens and landscapes, there are fountains and fine sculptures that will take your breath away! The peaceful ambience is another benefit of this attraction.

Birla Temple

Birla Temple a.k.a. Laxmi Narayan Temple is not only the ideal place to visit for those who have a religious outlook but also for those who are art fanatics. Take out some time from your tour plan to check out this out of the ordinary place.

Along with all these top major attractions for tourists in Jaipur, there are some significant things that they can do for a complete fun package. These include shopping of traditional stuff like rajasthani textiles and jewelry, footwear, brassware and more. If you are lucky enough, you can also get hold of the colorful festivals of the city held from time to time!


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