Tourist Attractions & Sites in Shanghai

Tourist Attractions & Sites in Shanghai


Over a decade, Shanghai has changed into the replica for China in 21st century. Hotels, highways, and office buildings have been constructed exclusively in expectation for the prospect development of the metropolis. The tourists from the west come across a unique place in China that proffers a cosmopolitan ambiance along with a prosperous Chinese culture. The skyline of the city with huge skyscrapers overlooks the ancient pagodas and classical architecture. This intermingle of new and old, proffers tourists with an extensive diversity of experiences, which are memorable.

Given below are sites and tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Peace Hotel

This splendid hotel was constructed around 1929 and continued as one of the few finest hotels across the world. Stroll through the lobby, explore the 8th floor ballroom as well as visit the rooftop for a grand sight of the Nanjing Lu and Bund.

Jin Mao Tower

For a good quality impression of this city, you will come across no other better spot than the summit of Jin Mao Tower sited in Pudong. An abode to the Shanghai Hyatt, the tower is an astonishing place for spending some nights otherwise visit simply to watch the spectacular view.

Xin Tian Di

This is regarded as the  most popular restaurant as well as bar district across Shanghai. Moreover, it is a great exemplar of the accomplishment of the metropolitan restoration effort. Locals and Tourists alike jam-pack the streets 24/7.

Yu Yuan Garden

Placed in the central areas of Old Town, immediately in the southwestern areas of the Bund, Yu Yuan Garden offers a breakaway from the fast rapidity of the neighboring city. By means of 30 pavilions as well as more than 5 acres, the 16th century garden requires few days for completely exploring. Of the numerous temples as well as halls, Grand Rockery is the most well-liked.

Nanjing Lu

Nanjing Road is without a doubt the most fashionable shopping street all across Shanghai. Huge crowds jam-pack the pedestrian pavement for shopping as well as sightseeing throughout the week. During the night hours the neon lights buff similar to Las Vegas strip. By means of hundreds of restaurants and shops there is a little for one and all. It runs from the west to east starting from People’s Park and goes up to the Bund.

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